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Alloys Wheels and Seat Covers Query ..

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Ankit Gandhi, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Ankit Gandhi

    Ankit Gandhi Amatore

    Hi all planning to get 14 inch Alloys for my new punto and i was able to find few models which are 98 PCD sold by Alloywheels india .Plese have a look at the pic and let me know how are these and which one to get out of these .

    I have decided to go for Gsport i got quote of 5400 for signet and 7200 for luster..choose any design.. steering wheel wud cost be 350 rs handstiched and gear box 650.. please advice which one to go .. should i go for signet or luster make...within my budget..

    Price 14500 .





  2. Dilip_dmk

    Dilip_dmk Superiore

    Delhi, India
    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.2
    The alloy in the third pic will suit a red Punto :D . Try getting it in a black [nt silver]...

    However , I would recommend you to go on with the present set of wheels , wear the rubber out , and change to 15' alloys and new rubber . ;)

    You have not mentioned the difference between the signet and luster !! :confused:

    BTW , it entirely depends on ur budget .
    However , do get the gear-knob and steering wheel covered while doing the seat covers , since if postponed for later , then it would be never done , and none would be interested in doing small jobs :(
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  3. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    Hi ,

    My take is the fourth one this is what i have put it in my Punto;) and with CPC2 195/55/14 Rubber ..looks good indeed..
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Seat cover and Alloy wheel thread is already discussed on this forum. :)
  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    My picks will be either 3rd or 4th, but in machined black color.

    For seat covers, go for luster material. If you can, see the difference in thickness of both materials and see how they feel to touch. For steering grip, spent some extra and get it done in real leather - It cost me around 600 after discounts, but it is totally worth getting the steering wheel leather wrapped.
  6. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3

    In my opinion only the first one will fit the Punto. The Punto has four wheel nuts. The other alloys are for the five nut configuration. You will have to check if they are also available in four/eight nut config.

  7. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    i vote for the 3rd alloy. next is 4th. its just that the 3rd one will look better on punto. the more the cost the better would be the quality of the seat cover. just make sure it is really good and worth paying extra. cheap leather(so called) will crack over a period of time. so invest wisely
  8. Ankit Gandhi

    Ankit Gandhi Amatore

    Hi.. saifee called me up today and informed that they also have these 2 also in stock... have a look and tell me ur pick :D

    9083149_ALLOYS_3.jpg 9083150_ALLOYS.png
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  9. Ankit Gandhi

    Ankit Gandhi Amatore

    Few more designs

    ALLOYS 3.jpg

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  10. arjunr

    arjunr Amatore

    I am also planning to get 15 inch alloys for my 1.3 MJD Emotion .

    I spoke with Sai Mag wheels and they have more designs than any shop in bangalore . They are willing to ship it for 1000 rs from delhi-bangalore . I have a black Punto and I was going to choose the 4th one. what price are you getting them for ? Are you fitting them with the stock tires or changing the tires as well ?

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