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'Allo folks - Punto 90/Adventure 1.6

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Emsworth, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Emsworth

    Emsworth Timido

    A big hello all Team Fiat members. I finally took the plunge and joined the forum, but have lurking for quite a while now.

    In short, I'm a Fiat fan. (Though earlier, it was a love-hate relationship)

    Moved up to a Tuscan Wine Punto 90 EP in December 2010. (From a Baleno) Rather satisfied with it, barring an incident where the intercooler pipe came off within the first 1,000 km. After the Baleno, this car does feel like a big jump. Though the Suzi has a lot better acceleration and reliability, the Punto's remarkable road-holding capabilities and diesel in-gear acceleration have seduced me. It's not perfect, but of all the cars I could afford, the Punto fit the bill perfectly. (A Punto/Linea 1.6 MJD would be almost-nirvana)

    We also have an Adventure 1.6 in the family. That car's sheer presence and near-rally-car abilities in the dirt can put a smile on your face any time of the day.... (The electrical are however, not the most reliable)

    I've always wondered what drives people like us to buy 'unconventional' (in terms of the Indian market's perception) cars such as Fiats. Simple, a passion - nay, a lust - for life. When we say, 'Damn it, I will not let life grind me down into submission and make me just another grey person who's forgotten what it means to be in love'. Our Fiats may be temperamental, but hey, we have to make allowances for Italian supermodels.

    So, happy motoring folks!

    Mods so far? Just an ICE upgrade: Rainbow components front and rear (door inserts) and a Blaupunkt THA 475 4 channel amp. Perhaps a small sealed subwoofer after a few months...

    Pics? - sorry, haven't taken any nice ones so far, but a road trip might be coming up soon. There'll be plenty then...
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    A warm welcome Emsworth. Great views you've given about us FIAT'ians.

  3. ManUTDian

    ManUTDian Amatore

    New Delhi
    Welcome to TFI, Emsworth.
  4. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    welcome on-board emsworth,awesome write up........

    ofcourse welcome to abnormal group...............'unconventional' (in terms of the Indian market's perception)

    actually we are normal people.......down to earth.....simple love in heart..........we use mind as foot wear........using as and when required

    monthly sales of fiat shows only that much people left with love..............others were bullish and bearish.........

    we enjoy the drive.......we were total like a child.............living that moment

    so called conventional people..........they were physically behind the wheel......mentally absent.......sensex in the mind......they are split schizophrenic.....
  5. R Alavandar

    R Alavandar

    Welcome to Fiat family Emsworth. What draws people to Fiat? Rather, what kind of people are drawn to Fiat? Its the kind of people who are not bothered about market perceptions and herd mentality but believe in shaping their own destiny. They do not believe in what others say but say what they believe in.
  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    welcome Home dear, Hope you will have a wonderful time,
    We the gang are really soft people but turn red when needed, we enjoy the beauty of nature with the Italian stile, And think now the people are well aware of the facts of FIAT, simple thing why buy the car with other brands engine in it????????
    Do post the pictures of Both the mean machines.
  7. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Hi Emsworth

    Welcome to the forum and you gave a entry with a sixer. A short and sweet writeup, reflecting your love towards FIAT. Enjoyed reading every sentence.

    Wish you happy miles ahead.

    I have upgraded from Palio to TJet, and it is a fantastic product. FIAT should have released it as Linea Sports !
    Driving Jet at 150+ is a thrilling experience with no rise in the pulse.

    Take care and good luck
  8. Hi Emsworth, welcome to TFI and congrats on your Punto.
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Hay Emsworth, welcome to Team Fiat India & congratulations for your new horse. Awaiting for the pics of the car & mods done.
  10. Emsworth

    Emsworth Timido

    Thanks for the warm welcome, folks!

    Don't have any good pics to put up but there's a road trip coming up next month. Will definitely post pics then!


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