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All new XUV 500 W8 :)

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by kailasmenon2000, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Happy to inform you all about the newly purchased XUV 500. Always had plans to buy a SUV. After test driving XUV 500, Renault Duster & Ford Eco Sport, finally decided XUV W8.

    1. My Italian beauty Linea will be with me. She is my first love :)
    2. This is not a complete review.

    Buying Decision

    Wanted to have a car to be used whenever I'm in Kerala. Parents have a Honda City. But as my mother use it most of the time, I had to bring my Linea whenever I come to Kerala. Though I love solo long drives, the idea of a new car was always in mind. And this time I thought it should be a SUV as the roads in Kerala is horrible. Also Im planning to set up a working atmosphere in Cochin too.

    Cars Test Driven

    Renault Duster -


    3.Seating position


    I found cons more than pros. 1st impression of opening the door itself was bad. The door handle is made of cheap plastic.

    1. Cheap interiors.
    2. Heavy clutch!
    3. Gave a badly maintained car for test drive.
    4. Less features.
    5. Not value for money.

    Ford Eco Sport


    1. Looks
    2. Good seating position
    3. 1st & 2nd gears are good.
    4. Ease of ride in both city & highways.
    5. Good features
    6. Good interiors.
    7. Good ride quality.


    1. Didn't feel like a mini SUV. More like a hatchback
    2. Lifeless steering
    3. 3rd & 4th gear doesn't have enough punch. Especially when you are a Linea owner.
    4. Personally not a fan of Ford brand after watching the movie 'Flash of Genius'
    5. Not value for money.

    XUV 500 W8

    Driven my cousin's XUV for more than 1000km few months back. So didn't take a test drive from the dealer.


    1. Super powerful!
    2. Loaded with heavy features like Hill hold control, in built navigation, electronically foldable mirrors, Cruise control, Engine switch off during traffic signals etc.
    3. Aggressive Looks
    4. Built quality
    5. Great road dominance
    6. Good steering (Not as good as Linea though)
    7. Spacious interiors.
    8. Low cost of Mahindra spares.


    1. High body roll. Even in plain straight roads, the body roll is high. Back seat passengers suffer more especially if the road condition is bad.
    2. The plastic quality in the interior is cheap though looks good.
    3. Niggles.
    4. Steering rod touches the leg when the clutch is fully depressed.
    5. Not a great car to ride in small roads due to its size.

    Though there are few considerable cons in XUV, decided to go for it as its the only real SUV in the category. Also I just loved the attention it gets in the road, also the road dominance.

    Initial Ownership Experience

    Loving the power of XUV 500. Gear shifts are less. In love with the features. As I've mentioned above the body roll is too much. Got to adjust with it. One thing I must say is whenever I drive my Linea immediately after driving XUV 500, I simply feel great!! The ride & handling of Linea or Punto can't be compared with XUV at all. Anyone planning to buy a XUV selling Linea or Punto, please rethink many times. You'll love the power,looks,road presence etc, but you'll hate the ride & handling for sure. Suspension of XUV is also not that good. Esp when you compare it with Fiat cars.

    Planning to take the extended warranty. Mahindra is offering 5yrs, 1.5 lakh km extended warranty for around 20k.

    Here are some pics. Car is already dirty due to the heavy rains in Kerala.






    06.JPG 07.JPG 08.JPG 09.JPG
    11.JPG XUV 01.jpg XUV 02.jpg
    XUV 03.jpg
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  2. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats on your Xuv Kailas.
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  3. puneet mehra

    puneet mehra Amatore

    :pThats a great news kailas bhai. Heartly Congratulatoin for the Cheetaah.. Wish you more miles and happy miles with this beast.
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  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Wow!!! Best of both the worlds!! congratulations :smug::smuggrin:
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  5. Sailer_Punter

    Sailer_Punter Amatore

    This is something which i dream of, keeping my Punto and owning a XUV 500 as well. Nice writeup, sums up well my situation as well:D (only missing part is owning both:)). Congrats!!

    Offtopic, since you have driven Duster as well, how do you compare ride of Duster and Linea?
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  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Heartiest congratulations Kailash on the Cheetah. The SUV has some real road presence, looks menancing when seen in the Rear view mirror. You only compared Duster and XUV, why not Storme, Ecosport etcs. Believe me I just sat in the Storme few days back and was blown off by the dynamics.

    Enjoy taming the cheetah
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  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Isnt this the same as ignition off on our cars? Sorry for stupid QS.

    Congrats btw. Have fun.
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  8. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Thanks a lot everyone :)
  9. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    I've heard very good opinion about Duster. But sadly the impression it gave me during my test drive was negative. The one big mistake the dealer did is that he gave me a 2013 model badly maintained test drive car. It had really really hard clutch & bad gear shift. That really made my ride bad. One good thing compared to Linea was that the power delivery was more linear. And I just loved the road view. Handling was not bad too. But the real problem is that, after the test drive when you drive back your Linea to home, you feel like wowww, why should you downgrade when you have such a beautiful car. Linea's ride, handling premium feel can't be compared with the Duster. Atleast Duster should have a high end varient which has better interiors, features, door handles etc. If you are upgrading from a normal hatchback like Beat,A Star, Micra, Wagon R etc, you will find Duster okay. But when you have a Punto or Linea, its tough to buy a Duster. Thats where XUV scored. You feel like you are buying a next segment car :)
  10. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Thank you Ghodlur. I've test driven Ecosport & has mentioned it above. And about Storme. Two reasons for not even considering Storme is-

    1. I simply hate the new design of Storme. Liked the old one better.
    2. I don't like Tata cars. I've always felt they make cheap cars. Cant even imagine me buying a Tata car how much ever good it is.

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