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All-new small hatch for Brazil ready: FIAT project name 'X1H'

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by prabhjot, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    The all-new/refreshed model and engine attack has truly been launched by FIAT (and Jeep) in Brazil too, not just Europe or the USA. Radically renewed Nuvo Uno...with the all-new 1l and 1.3l GSE (global small engine) family, which will replace the twinair, the fire AND its turbo-ed version will replace the t-jet/multiair one too. For early 2017.

    MOBI just launching. Toro pickup is a HIT: in its first month of sales it has nearly equalled the Toyota Hilux aka Fortuner (new one) for sales, and is seeing HUGE order backlog. The (expensive, high-margin) locally-made Jeep Renegade is already a HIT.

    2017 will see the all-new Palio+all-new Punto+all-new Grand Sienna (this last will be made in argentina where they've restarted new investments of 600million$ very recently). 2017/2018 will also see an SUV derivative of the Toro (badged a Fiat, very probably closely related to next-gen Dodge Journey/Fiat Freemont for the usa and europe, also due in end-2017). And in late 2016: FCA will launch the locally-made-alongside-Jeep Renegade C-suv/new Compass. btw, the renegade goes into production China within a month, and in mexico for the usa market in september.

    Meanwhile Brazil is in an economic slump of the most severe sort.....and yet FCA (sales of whose old, aging/dated models have slumped more than most, since FCA is the biggest manufacturer in brazil) is profitable there. Uniquely so!

    And is using the opportunity to launch a barrage of all-new models, each of which will be bigger, better, and more equipped than their (aging) predescessors. And will, more importantly, be premiumizing the overall FCA offering by using the Toro pickup+suv, plus the 2 Jeeps: Renagade and new C-suv/Compass, plus the emerging-market-special sub-Renegade small Jeep junior to

    enter the much-higher-priced segments (quite large in Brazil/LatAm, even in recession) in which FIAT has never hitherto played. Moreover Brazil is a huge export-base for FCA, even for r&d services and engines etc, let alone these new fully-built Fiats and Jeeps. Also, serious efforts are being put in to also 'premiumize' (affordably) the dealership and aftersales experiences in brazil too (because of Jeep...).

    India is twinned to Brazil, as far as FCA is concerned. Why else would FCA have 'delayed' all-new launches of say the Punto+Linea, if not for the fact that neither FCA Brazil nor Fiat Europe had yet felt the need for such models in the first place?

    ergo: india will like Brazil (and Europe) see a model-launch onslaught from FCA (new avventura, new punto, new grand sienna, new Jeep c-suv+ 1 more localized small-Jeep?) starting mid-2017 through to end-2018? Surely: Yes! or not?! ;-)

    They need ONLY to make up for their fatefully-low-sales-volumes here via ensuring export-target markets for these indian-made models. Something Kevin Flynn has clearly stated as their main concern.

    Whether that means exporting rhd new Punto-s to japan, australia and britain or even lhd ones to some/all european countries, and/or only exporting, but in large numbers, its Jeep sub-Renagde small EM-special twin....FCA in India will be good-to-go through 2017 and 2018?!

    Whether they'll be given a second-look in this imo-perversely-overcautious and ignorantly opiniated marketplace undergoing a slowdown of its own since 2012 is

    ANOTHER matter altogether! ;-)

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    The MOBI has great presence and a certain standout-ness, despite being FCA's cheapest entry-level model. Way ahead of the likes of the KWID, imo, which is also launching in Brazil later in the year, albeit likely even-cheaper than the MOBI, with a smaller-engine, as-light-build as the indian Kwid, etc.

    Launching the MOBI in India seems particularly hard: the huge scale-economies required would necessitate double or treble the number of dealerships AND a trebling of the trust-factor for the FIAT brand in India. NOT happenning.

    However, IF they find export demand for an Indian-made MOBI version (back to europe), then sure, truly perfect for India. If built tough with proper tyres+brakes+steering+1.3 mjd+amt....perhaps they could/should ALSO offer it to Tata for sale under THEIR brand through their dealers?

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  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    (use translation add-on?)

    Nice pics of the new MOBI. Nice.

    Could come to India? Who knows? Guess the new Jeep c-suv, the new Punto, new grand Sienna and new emerging-market-Punto-twin Jeep small-suv will come first by 2018+. No MOBI for India for at least 2-3 years, if at all. Despite being ideal for this market as-a-car. But not for the FIAT brand and its dealers, i guess? Not yet, not for a fair while i suppose?
  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Interior pic: nice, youthful, without being too-funky. Well-equipped. The car's 3.56 metres long: decent rear bench space, limited boot.

    The european Panda had been twinned (with higher-order chassis+suspension architecture) to the Brazilian Nuvo Uno.

    It has been speculated in europe that the next-gen Panda (2018) will be similarly twinned to this MOBI. Well, the Panda just had its greatest-ever sales month in March this year, so the MOBI for europe seems unlikely before then, at the earliest. Guess that means the MOBI for India in 2018 is all-the-more unlikely, since european export demand is essential?
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    The larger Uno Sporting cuv is getting a major makeover too, and the 1litre and 1.4litre new engines too.This is how it will look, like more or less:


    Even more 'young' with funk: a tad cartoonish? In a good way, of course.

    The question for the indian 'New Avventura' b-cuv then is whether it will go-beyond new Punto-with-claddings+a suspension-lift, and adopt either this styling of the Uno Sporting or that of the MOBI?

    OR: that of the 500/500X (sized-, engineered- and priced-down)? Just as the small Brazil/India-special sub-renegade new punto-based small suv is going to be very similar to the renegade in its styling language and structure?

    I suspect that will depend less on India-market-strategy of product-planning, and more on what export markets (to the likes of turkey, iran, parts of europe, australia, japan etc) want at such (sub-500X, sub-Renegade, european-low-b-segment) price points.
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  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Fiat MOBI brazil launch music-video.

    They're offering it also with a Fiat app-loaded smartphone connectivity-docking-station.

    Nice. Though a bit too un-cute, imo.

    Seems totally unlikely for India: will cost 4-6lakhs+ (judging from previous brazil versus india costing of models) i.e., required, necessary economies-of-scale would be entirely missing, given the state of the Fiat brand+dealer trust/coverage/confidence issue in india. A rhd indian MOBI can hardly be exported, either, apart from a piffling-few to say S Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. This model or one like it will not be offered in europe, either, until maybe the next-gen Panda in post-2018, and that car will be too-expensively-engineered to sell (for its size) in India.

    i.e., perfect as it would be for Fiat in India, i guess they'll just have to follow the launch sequence of the Jeeps first, the new Punto+new Avventura+new Grand Sienna following (by end-2018, hopefully? more like 2019.)

    Unless they're willing to do a Carlos Ghosn (Renault-Nissan-Datsun) and deliberately settle for large losses-accumulating....in order to sell-enough for brand-ownership spread, and viable-dealers-in-larger-numbers? MOST unlikely, imo, their focus will be mostly on the localized Jeeps (high-margins+exports) through 2018 if not even later.

    However, perhaps if Tata were to take-on the MOBI under its own brand, then yes, it would seem an interesting proposition for the indian car-baazar. But they already have the Nano, and that has gone terribly!

    @Raj_pol You found the cute, best-selling Panda ugly when you saw it in europe, is this better? Am certain this micro-cuv/tall-hatch is much-better engineered than the smaller and dirt-cheap Kwid but mefinds the KWID a bit more affectionately styled than the admittedly much-more "characterful", striking-looking MOBI.

    btw, the KWID launches in Brazil too later in the year. The kwid is a so-called 'frugal engineering or r&d' project, using indian-low-costs to develop a series of models for renault+datsun in poor, emerging-markets. It is a huge project whose profitability for Renault-Nissan is a rather long-term prospect. They know this, it is deliberate.

    FIAT has no such markets. EVEN brazil is seeing Fiat 'premiumize', rather than like Renault-Nissan go further down-market. And even the brazil, argentina, mexico etc markets are much more weighted towards higher-priced models than india is. FIAT has no intention of going-after markets like cambodia, uzbekistan, iran, laos, and africa, unlike Renault-Nissan-Datsun, which is already present in such markets. THAT is how the kwid will, in the long-run, make money for them. NOT with the excitingly high-seeming sales figures in India. It is far harder to make money with such low-cost cars, because of the low margins and ultra-high scale of the investments AND sales +risk required/entailed. FCA does not take such financial risks under Marchionne. And so my sense is the MOBI will, if at all, come to india only way-after the Jeeps+new Punto etc, if at all.

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