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All Kerala Team Fiat Meet May 06th - Updates from Page 10

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Nimish antony, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Who's is that Linea with smoked headlamps and black roof? I mean the monte bianco.. !
  2. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    That's all i can say.. Looking at these pics , I'm almost speechless .
    This is stupendous so many cars... This sight was worth seeing live guys, AMAZING JOB :)

    I particularly liked the "PACE CAR", it looks straight out of F1.. I mean even F1 safety cars are not this flamboyant and sexy, WHAT A CAR :)
    keep up the great job
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  3. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    I agree. has Rahul as stated.. this was first time..and next time we can improve on it.

    This is a new news to me..sorry to hear that. I agree cars behind got slowed down many times because of the traffic signals.. same number of times the safety car in front did pull over and waited for all the cars to catch up..
    I agree the Athirappally route was a nice stretch with wist and turns..
    TFI's who came with their family were extra cautious, they came at a pace they were comfortable with.and did not try to catch the car in front @130km/hr speed...
    just because car #11 was speeding and reckless doesn't mean the cars in front were racing..and no body can blame the organisers for that. and cars did speeds.. but the speeds were limited to the safety car in front.... My speed dint go over 100km/hr...in that stretch..as my speed limit was set at 100.
    I dont knw how stressed you were, but i enjoyed that stretch..
    Soccer, please don't be offended or take it personal..

    And my Special thanks and appreciation to Nimesh and Rahul.. and others who made this a memorable day.

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    thats a mean looking Linea...
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  4. awesome Snaps Bro.!.!
  5. sungoa2010


    How a TATA safari in meet. Is it the safety car(remember a sticker on it)?
    Is it provided by concord?
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Sun it wasn't provided by concorde. It was one of the organiser's friend's vehicle.
  7. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    Lovely pictures guys , can these pics be posted on Fiat india and Fiat facebook page?
  8. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Manu in fact I tried to tag the facebook snaps to Fiat India's facebook page. But I was not able to. I am not sure if I did it the right way. Manu can you help us on this. You can search for All Kerala Fiat meet in facebook & you can try to tag the snaps from there in Fiat India's facebook page
  9. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    meet pictures are not yet uploaded on the TFI page, i think TFI modes will be able to tag FIAT and FIAT india.
    I do not see that option
  10. Hear hear Soccerfan!
    I also thought we will be driving at about 80kmph. But most of the time I had to drive over 90 and sometimes (before Kalamaserry) at more than 120 kmph to be in the line up. I noticed that people with family onboard behind me drove slowly and there was a huge gap of couple of minutes(!) formed between us and the rest.

    During the climb, I (car#15) was second last in the lineup with just Sreenath's car following me. We were catching up with the rest. I was not at all stressed to do that but I am not sure whether everyone would have felt like that.. If safety car and cars in front were driving slowly, how come we tail ended batsmen had to bat with a very high required run rate? :confused: I know it was not a race and we were all free to drive slowly but anyone would love to be in a group rather than driving alone at the end.

    Heard about Car#11, luckily we escaped from being beaten up by the locals - remember, we all had stickers :D It is a learning, group driving dynamics are really different than individual drives. We once had a 'Palio pileup' when a PUG meet & drive through Blr-Mysore road went bad. At least 4 Fiats piled up. Luckily no-one other than PUG members were involved. My car was hit from back and I went and hit the car in front.

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