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All Hail Crusoe! Story of my T-jet+ (38K Kms done)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Biraj, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Biraj

    Biraj Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Hello everyone, this is my first thread on this forum so please excuse any mistakes that I might make. I have been lurking around this forum for a long time but (blame it on my laziness) never posted anything. Yesterday I was searching for a possible reason of the rattle in my car and suddenly I realized that while I share the experience of ownership on a different forum, I usually find the answers here. Moreover, I don’t need to tone down the fact that I am a Fiat fan. :-D

    Anyway let me get to the more important point i.e. Introduce Crusoe! Crusoe is my wonderful Bronzo Scuro Linea T-jet+. Crusoe and I have spent 1.5 years together and have travelled a little over 20,000 KMs in this time. We have been to Himalayas, sped on Yamuna Expressway, and also enjoyed the track-day at Buddh International Circuit. Here’s the story of Crusoe:

    I had been driving a Santro Xing for over 8 years. It’s an extremely special car for me not just for its capabilities, but also the fact that I received it as a b’day gift on my 19th b’day. The plan to purchase a new car started in early 2010 and the cars that were shortlisted were i20 (1.2 Asta) and Punto. A change in job along with location delayed my plans by almost 18 months. My search began again around June 2011 and this time I was looking for an entry level sedan or a premium hatch with a budget of ~7 lacs. I wasn’t too inclined towards diesel as my monthly usage is ~1500 KMs. Moreover, I believe a petrol car is more suitable to my style of driving. The cars shortlisted were:

    • Polo 1.6
    • Fabia 1.6
    • Punto 90 HP
    • Tata Manza (for a brief period)
    • Linea Multijet Active (after stretching the budget)
    • Fiesta 1.6
    • Hyundai Verna 1.6

    I did test drive SX4 but (with all due respect to Maruti) I could never convince myself for a Maruti.

    • Polo 1.6 just didn’t feel value for money and the dealer too, didn’t seem interested in selling the car. Somehow, their dealers suffer from the complacency that the brand is enough to sell the cars. For the same reason, I didn’t even consider Vento. Snooty attitude of VW dealers is what I will blame for my not considering their cars.
    • Fabia 1.6 was a very capable car and with the amazing discount on offer it made a very strong case for itself. It's design didn't help much. Though I personally couldn’t find a fault in the design of Fabia but no one in the family was convinced. Moreover, there were friends that considered it a girly car (no offense) because of Chitrangada's ad and Fabia's fab ad with earrings, etc. So, Fabia was out.
    • Punto 90 HP I love the ride and handling of Fiat cars. If I would have taken a hatchback then Punto 90 HP would have been my choice.
    • Tata Manza Amazing VFM and parents loved the back seat comfort. Still the Tata badge and Indica type facia wasn’t too inspiring.
    • Fiesta 1.6 Fiesta classic looked dated and New Fiesta isn’t priced correctly. So, decided to let them go.
    • Hyundai Verna I am a big fan of Hyundai (because of my Santro). I really wanted to take this car but the electronic steering and soft suspension weren’t suitable to my style of driving. I learnt driving on my dad’s Premier padmini and then graduated on Cielo.
    • Linea Multijet: I was a big fan of Linea’s styling, as were my parents. Multijet is a very capable engine too so, everything seemed fine with the car and I almost finalized the car. The display car at Oberoi Motors (Noida) was a T-jet+ and I requested for a test drive which they promptly arranged. One test drive of T-jet on Noida expressway and I knew what I wanted.

    Higher EMI and higher fuel costs were staring at me but heart had overpowered the brain. I fell for the temptation and decided to go-ahead with T-jet. An important office assignment kept me away from the city for a longer duration and the booking process got delayed. Around end of December, I got a call from Oberoi motors that they have a Bronzo Scuro Tjet+ available and wanted to discuss the costs in a meeting. Met them and negotiated as much as possible (being a research buyer, negotiation is part of my role) and finally closed the deal at almost 2 lacs below on road price. Now, it was value for money too. Finally, Crusoe was booked and we took delivery on Feb 26, 2012. What followed was Linea's tagline to the T. "Admiration Guaranteed".

    Crusoe was one of the first Fiats, definitely the first T-jet to be delivered from Oberoi Motors at Sector 63, Noida. Special mention for Rehman (Sales rep at Oberoi), he was extremely patient during my extra-long decision making process. I test drove almost all options available in Fiat before finalising T-jet.

    Right from the first drive, Crusoe has been able to attract admiration from one and all. A unique colour (Bronzo Scuro) makes it even more attractive. I have received compliments for Crusoe from people I don't know at petrol pumps to people I don't want to know at office. The friendly chowkidaar/car cleaner also loves Crusoe especially because I gifted him 2 microfibre cloths. The number of intelligent features that Fiat has packed in this car despite the budgetary constraints is phenomenal (Maruti guys should learn this art from Fiat). Some of the features I love bragging about to friends are:

    • The fantastic Blue&me. A colleague that drives Civic was in love with the seamless connection of Blue&me. I am not much of an audiophile and spend most of the time either on conference calls or talking to friends with whom I don't get time to talk to, once I enter office. So, Blue&me is a boon for me.
    • The 16" alloys: The fact that they are of same size as BMW and MERC makes it even more special. I love the simplistic design of alloys.
    • Follow-me lamps: I stay in Ghaziabad and electricity supply here is as regular as (I can't think of a metaphor as everything else seems more regular). This feature really comes in handy as the parking area (basement) doesn't have power back-up and reaching till exit based on cell-phone's display had always been tough.
    • Speed sensing volume: For me, music is the turbo whine and the magnificent note that the engine makes while accelerating. Still, whenever I use the music system or even during calls I like the way HU adjusts with speed/wind noise.
    • Independent reading lamps even at the front: I really like this as many times the co-passenger wants to read something e.g. CD label and the light becomes an irritant for the driver if the lamp is not independent. I wonder why it is not like this in every car.
    • MID: Which door is open and which light has failed is really useful. These are minor features that really improve the experience of using a well thought out product.

    Moving on to Crusoe's real abilities i.e. performance and dynamics, it can only be felt when one drives a T-jet or gets overtaken by it. I have seen the reaction of some people moving in much more expensive and powerful cars than T-jet after being overwhelmed by this 1.4 L engine. The turbo kick is addictive and the smile that it puts to one's face is difficult to explain in words.

    This car gives a confidence at high speeds that very few cars can match. I don't think any car in this price bracket even comes close. Crusoe's extra weight and brilliant dynamics keeps it grounded at speeds and roads where some of the other better selling sedans will give you the feeling that you might be launched into space any moment.

    On a philosophical note, T-jet also teaches that popularity or higher numbers on the sales chart do not always ascertain the capability of a product. IMHO, I find T-jet as capable a product as Civic, if not better. It was disheartening to see T-jet production being stalled. I am glad it’s back and being a proud T-jet owner I feel this product deserves more success than it receives.

    Summarising my experience with Crusoe till date, I would say I do not regret my decision. Yes, my fuel budget is much higher than what it used to be still, it gives me happiness that I couldn't have found legally with that sum of money.

    Over the next few days, I will post details about the first and second service and other running repairs. I will also try to post details of all the travelling that Crusoe has done especially the Kalatop and Khajjiar part.

    Here are some pic of Crusoe :)

    Meet Crusoe (too much editing spoiled the colours) :)

    Oberoi allowed to test-drive during PDI

    Mom and Dad unveiling Crusoe

    Puja being done

    Contrary to what's posted elsewhere, I like the interiors

    Lovely wheels but crappy tyres

    The Key-chain

    Petrol + Eco-drive = Green Crusoe :D

    On the way to Dalhousie

    Inside Kalatop forrest

    Here's a video of drive to Kalatop

    At Khajjiar

    Crusoe at Buddh International Circuit

    Crusoe on NDTV :evilsmile

    Final pic - Me and Crusoe:ugeek:
  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi Biraj,

    Welcome to you and Crusoe on TFI.
    Driving the Jet @ BIC might have been a great opportunity and i totally agree with your point that numbers/popularity always dont justify the product capability.
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  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Awesome Ownership Review (If i can call it that) and congratulations on owning the T-Jet.
  4. mayurshah

    mayurshah Amatore

    Congrats nice colour

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  5. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Used to follow both your threads on the other forum :) . welcome to TFI now ..
    Another guy with a T jet and punto, right? :)
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  6. Biraj

    Biraj Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Thanks Raj, BIC was a terrific experience. I went there with very clear objectives of knowing my and Crusoe's limits, and I can confidently say that I understand both the factors much better now. I never though that driving on a Formula1 track can feel so intimidating.

    Thanks VJ, I know it isn't as exhaustive a ownership review should be but there's so much written about the features and technicalities elsewhere that I wanted to focus just on Crusoe. The connection b/w car and machine that only a Fiat fan can understand. :D

    Thanks Mayur!

    Hey Varun - Indeed, I am that guy. :) The Punto is called Neil, who just Did the Diu. :D I plan to write the Diu travelogue from Neil's perspective (the way I wrote the Kalatop travelogue on the other forum) and post it here. That shall be a good introduction for Neil here.
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  7. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Welcome to TFI Biraj.i too have been following ur ownership review on T-Jet on the other forum.Bronzo Scuro looks Classy on Linea which is now discontinued.Driving T-Jet on BIC Circuit is fun,full of enthusiasm and thrilling.:p
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  8. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    Great pics and I also wish I could drive on the BIC one day :)
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    awesome man.
    Also for the less fortunate, can you write a detailed review of your time at the F1 Circuit ? . It would be really nice to see what lap times you manage and how the car feels in the bends at really high speeds
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  10. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Good to see you here Biraj and welcome!!

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