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Ajanta-a pictologue

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by onlymakarand, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    It was one fine monday evening..my in-laws had come to visit,and they had only a day and half in hand! out of that,half day had already gone by when we started this discussion :p
    wife- tomorrow lets go somewhere for a monsoon picnic!
    me-yeah but all the picturesque places around our town are places of worship(temples) and hence we'll experience the customary rush of devotees and accompanying litter around ponds and waterfalls,coz its the month of shravan..
    that got us thinking and for a change,i got a better idea than my better half!!;) i said,okay lets go to ajanta caves!!:car

    The advantages- very near to our town-65 odd kms.., a neat and clean waterfall and the beauty of the surrounding region and caves itself!! here's the map-


    We go there nearly every six months but my bro in law had never been there,and he has a liking to art and poetry..so he got the most excited and our plan was finalized!!
    plan was pretty simple..leave at a leisurely time of around 10-10.30,since its only a 1.5 hrs drive and come back by evening..

    coming up next is an humble attempt to capture our journey and the grandeur of ajanta caves..which is beyond my capacity to describe or picturise,but an honest try nevertheless!!:)
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  2. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    So,thus we started...but instead of the 10'o clock time, started at 11 am because of the all important national matter of feminine make-up routine!!

    my beauty all docked up..

    my linea had her customary fill and checkup here..

    the inviting route presented a nice combo of black tarmac, green fauna and greyish clouds..

    now this was a pleasant sight..cattle grazing in the green fields..

    after a leisurely drive of about hour and half, we approached the Ajanta T- junction..In case you are wondering what the construction is,those are rhe upcoming exact replicas of ajanta caves,developed by govt,apparantly for preservation of the original ones!! the motive here is less footfalls for the original caves which are nestled in a semi-circular mountain carved out of a single stone!!:eek: But nice to see something done to preserve the caves after years of apathy and neglect.. the details about ajanta caves can be seen here.. Ajanta Caves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    My linea in the car park..all the vehicles are allowed only upto this spot at the base of the mountain..From here,MSRTC runs shuttle bus service to ferry visitors to the caves,again a nice initiative to keep the pollution around the caves to a minimum..notice another linea (MH 12 passing) in the left corner right besides the traveller..tried to park my linea right besides her sibling but there was no space :sad: by the time we came back,that linea was gone..

    MTDC has a very nice resort very near to the car park..

    on the way to shuttle service,there's a mini shopping plaza that has all kinds of shops..from restaurants to artifacts to souvenirs to jewellery.. u name it!!


    nicely paved road to bus station that goes through hedges and lawns..

    Map of the caves

    this is the bus that took us to the caves..there are 2 types of buses..AC and non AC..the fare is 20rs for AC and 15rs non AC . its a small distance of 3 kms from the base to caves .

    Maharashtra really has unlimited potential!! from beaches to caves to forts to heritage its a real kaleidoscope of culture!! :clap

    more to come..
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  3. Keep it pouring, nice pictures.
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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Waiting for more pics of Ajanta and your Linea !
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  5. niranjan_81


    nice pictures Makarand.We are also planning to go there in the month of sepetember(last week). Is it worth spending 2 nights for ajanta, ellora?
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  6. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    @niranjan- it is sure worth it!! the beauty and majesty of caves just mesmerize you..and to think that these were built thousands of years ago..:eek:
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    nice!! more pictures please..
  8. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore


    so we boarded the ac bus that took us through nicely kept winding road to the base of caves..sorry no pics of this short but picturesque journey as was too excited to visit the caves again..Although it was my 4th visit in 2 years,one thing that amaze me most is that each time i learn something new from these paintings and sculptures..

    Near the bus terminal there is ticket counter for entry to the caves..charges for indian citizens above 14 yrs are rs 10 per head and a separate light charge of rs 5 is to be paid for viewing certain caves which are the main attractions and are very well maintained and illuminated by small lights.Children below 14 years require no ticket.
    There is also MTDC restaurant cum beer bar and a post office,besides a souvenir shop here.

    we were greeted by these simian friends on arrival!! -


    A nice poster of Padmapani..the 'mascot' of the caves..you will find this pic on all the books describing ajanta caves..


    A well maintained floral patch grabbed out attention-


    managed to capture this bee going about doing its business



    steep steps going up to the caves


    magnificent first look of the cave complex nestled within the mountain..


    This is the viewing point, from which Major Smith rediscovered the caves in 1819 while he was hunting for tigers..


    caves again..


    wonderfully carved entrance to cave no 1.


    coming up are a few snaps taken inside the caves in very low light and camera flash isnt allowed inside the cave..since i had a very basic p & s camera, the clarity is compromised..but i believe no camera in the world is able to capture the wonderful paintings and carvings..you have to go there to see it with your own eyes!!
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  9. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    nice pics how far is it from aurangabad ?
  10. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    @ganges- it is 90 kms from aurangabad along the aurangabad-jalgaon state highway

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