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Airbag failure warning!!

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by rajatoswal, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. OnWheels

    OnWheels Timido

    Hello Friends,

    The problem with the airbag failure warning in my car was due to the faulty combination switch. The wire inside cut which could be due to rat entry which caused a short circuit and the burned the combination switch. They had to open the dashboard to locate the problem. Though I was not present at the service center to see through the process but instructed the service manager to take photos of the process which he did. The total cost of the faulty part and the labor charge came to 14K.

  2. AndyRKett

    AndyRKett Timido

    United Kingdom
    Grande Punto 1.4
    Many air bag faults on fiats are caused by loose wiring/poor connection in the plugs under the front seats, these carry the connections for the side impact airbags in the seats, if the lights it going on and off then this is the likely cause.

    The airbag ecu does not like low voltages so a weak or old batter can cause errors but these usually leave the airbag light on constantly.

    Any problems with the dashboard airbags or wiring usually require the car to be plugged into a computer to reset the errors. Obviously fiat service centres can do this for you but if you have a persistent problem then you can cheaply buy a cable and download free software to a laptop to fix or investigate the errors yourself
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  3. DOT

    DOT Timido

    Can you please provide which cable and free software would be useful for these kind of job.
  4. AndyRKett

    AndyRKett Timido

    United Kingdom
    Grande Punto 1.4
    You'll need one of these http://goo.gl/Misojk vag com kkl cables to connect between laptop and ecu
    (This cable has a switch to avoid the need for adaptor cables)

    And the visit http://www.multiecuscan.net to download the free software

    I did a video a couple of year back on resetting airbag,warning lights, it's for the mk2b punto but it will give you the general idea of how the software works

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  5. Santosh Pandey

    Santosh Pandey Novizio

    Linea 1.3
    I'm wondering if I should start a new thread or just post here. My 2010 Linea has been battling the airbag warning light problem for over two months. Let me get the obvious out of the way:

    1. No, it s not the battery. The battery was fine but I was so fed up, I replaced the bugger anyway.
    2. No, it is not any earth wire.
    3. No it is not the BCM.
    4. No, it is not the airbag ECM.
    5. No, it is not the pretensioner wires under the seat.
    6. No, it is not a fuse.
    7. No it is not a writing error - the entire dashboard was taken out along with the front cross beam and each element of the wiring was checked both front and back of the dashboard in front of my own eyes - it is an agonising sight to see your car being taken apart, bit by bit. Two random screws are still lying in my door pocket! x-(
    8. No there is NO warning error of any bloody sort that the airbag ECU is showing. All values and actuators are functioning normally. Airbag ressistance, battery voltage everything good and solid.
    9. There are no errors that the CAN network is showing.
    10. The only error that is persistent is an W Lamp Error in the Instrument Panel segment of the analyser. Fiat did not have a spare Instrument Cluster for the emotion pack so they could not swap it but when I performed the actuator test for airbag failure lights - the tests were positive giving me an indication that it is not a faulty light.

    Symptoms: Immediately after starting the car, usually, there is no failure message. After about 40-50 seconds. The Airbag failure beep and message appear and the red main airbag light comes on and the yellow passenger airbag light starts blinking. Now after about 20 minutes of driving (sometimes less) the main airbag red light goes off - indicating, I think, that the driver airbag is online. However the passenger airbag continues to blink. When the passenger airbag is blinking (yellow warning light), you cannot enable it from the menu. Sometimes after driving around or a while, the yellow light also becomes stable (indicating the airbag is online but switched off) and in this scenario, you can switch it on from the menu and none of the warning lights appear - all systems online no problem whatsoever.

    Sometimes this disappearance of symptoms lasts days. Sometimes, it comes back after two days. No pattern, really. even when there are no symptoms, I keep wondering if the airbag will actually deploy in case it is needed. Who knows?

    Suggestions? Help? Please? I am quite sick of this now. My car is is top shape in every way and all systems have been meticulously maintained, routine service and replacements carried out as per the schedule - sometimes sooner! Any help would be appreciated.

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