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Airbag failure warning!!

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by rajatoswal, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. rajatoswal


    For last few months when i'm starting the car, I get the 'airbag failure, refer to owner's handbook' message. This would remain for a second and go away. I noticed it for the first time probably in August. This used to happen occasionally.

    Once I even had a yellow coloured “car with lock symbol” on for about 20-30 minutes, after which it went away. The next day I went to Fiat Service Station and they told me not to worry as the lights went off by itself. Read the manual and it says that the car is running diagnostic for voltage.
    Both the problem occurred a few more time after which I took the car for third free service at the end of 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] year. The engineer asked me to get the battery checked at Exide center. I later took the car to nearest Exide shop and got the battery examined. They could not the find any problem with the battery. The voltage, water level, gravity all seemed to be normal.

    But the problem kept cropping up regularly and more frequently.

    10 days back I went to Ahmedabad from Baroda and in the evening (after driving approx. 200 Km I parked the car in front of a shop. After 15-20 min when I came back the car wouldn’t just start. All the lights were on, the head light worked, the remote locking, windows all were working but the cranking was very weak and wouldn’t start at all. As a last resort the car was pushed and started. Didn’t stop the car till I reached back to Baroda.

    On the next morning the car started without a fuss. And I stopped using the AC completely. In the next couple of days I would get 'airbag failure, refer to owner's handbook' message, ABS not working whenever I would start the car for a second or two. But without any starting problem.

    After a day or two I had gone to shopping in the evening (the car had run without AC about 30-40 km in the day without starting problem), I used the AC for 10-15 min. I again had parked the car for 15-20 min and then the car just wouldn’t start, no cranking at all. But the display light was on.

    I tried to start a couple of times but no response at all. I kept the car like that, finished the work and came back after 30 min. and the car started in the first try.

    This happened with father again on the very next day. For last couple of days there is no starting problem.

    Yesterday I took the car to FASC and they checked the car and have advised that we will have to send all the details to Puna.
    I am sending this detail to them regarding the problem.

    Their hunch is that the battery is dead and i need to replace it. But i read that another person had similar complain had the AC relay was the culprit.

    I am also suspecting that there might be some problem with the AC as the problem started some time after the update. I dont even know if the ECU was updated at the time of AC kit update.

    Kindly give me your valuable suggestion.
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  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    rajatoswal you don't need to worry about airbag failure or ABS failure message if it disappears after starting the car.
    But surely there seems to be some issue either with some relay or battery health.
    Why don't you remove the AC relay and observe the state of battery. You can do this one by one on all relays present in car to know which one is faulty.
    Or you could change the relays altogether they don't cost much
    If none turns out be faulty the problem would be with battery or alternator not charging the battery properly.

    How old is your battery anyway if more than 2 year old 90% chances are of poor exide battery dieing slowly

    Don't start the car by pushing it, it can damage catalytic converter it is best to jump start the car.
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  3. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Even im facing this same damn problem! My first crank of the day and the Airbag Failure error check handbook error crops up and goes away.Given my car two times to TASS for rectification of the error & all i get an answer is "Sir examiner connect karke humne error ko nikal diya hai ab nahi ayega" But it still crops up after 2 or 3days again.I've learnt to live with it now as long as i dont smash my face unecessarily with the airbag blowing out :-D

    I too suspect a soon to be dead Exide(crap) battery.Will go for Amaron dry cell soon :)
  4. rajatoswal



    Went to FASC, gave them a print out of my complaint which they say they will forward to higher authority. and they have asked me to wait.

    Meanwhile i went to an Exide store and got my battery checked. Got a service battery from them for few days. After changing the battery there seems to be no problems at all. Will try it out for a few days to confirm if the battery is really the culprit.

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    Did you also go for AC update?

    Is it possible that the new AC kit put up an increased load on the battery?
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  5. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    Buddy i've to got the ac update done 1yr back.It was fine and performed well.This issue never cropped up that time.It has recently started 6-8months back.I also get dead starts sometimes.On cranking the rpm needle rises and dies down immediately.I know its 100% battery problem.Im just waiting for another 2-3months to dump it and go for Amarom Dry cell.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    rajatoswal/ aaron,

    Join the party ! Though I suffered more than you guys. I just had this issue for last 1 week, endedup changing the battery, issue again cropping up, found the solution & got it done thro' TASC. More details --> http://www.teamfiat.co.in/linea-1-4-fire/25-fiat-linea-1-4-fire-emotion-pack-47.html#post80627

    As Vijay mentioned, the issue is either of the 2 things - 1) Battery needs replacement OR 2) Issue with AC compressor Relay or some other Electrical leakage.

    Before replacing battery, I suggest you ask TASC to check if AC compressor relay is alright. If it has gone, then AC would drain your battery even if the car is OFF & AC is OFF. Once that happens, there is very short window of time before battery completely drains & car would not start.

    Actually, you yourself can check. When you open the bonnet, on the right hand side of the battery, there is a fuse box. Pull out the fuse box cover. The bottom most fuse is AC compressor relay. Pull it out. If there is a "tak" noise when you pull it out or plug in again, then the AC relay has gone kaput.
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  7. rajatoswal


    One day completed with the service battery. So far there seems to be no problem.

    Vahanpujari ; Sir i tried to check the relay by pulling the relay but could not appreciate any tak sound. I even asked the FASC guys to check the same for me. But they refused saying that the complain has been escalated to higher authorities and would now be handled according to their advice. meanwhile i thought it would be best to check with a service battery for next couple of days or more.

    The exide store gave me the following rates for new exide battery:

    1. Exide Din 44L Rs 6498 Total 60 mth warranty
    Rs 4505 Total 24 mth warranty
    2. Exide Din 55L Rs 7538 Total 60 mth warranty
    Rs 5429 Total 24 mth warranty

    He told me that SF sonic batteries are basically Exide batteries but will cost 500-1000 less.

    Another thing he recommended was to go for 55 ah battery. On asking whether it could do any damage. He replied that the voltage remains 12 V so there is no question of damage and it would basically give better result.

    Another thing he told was to go for lesser warranty period models as it would cost less. And the batteries with more warranty would mean that you would have to purchase the same model after say 2 1/2 years and they would give rebate on prorata basis.

    Please give your suggestions.
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  8. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    Buddy plz dont go for Exide.Exide's die after 2yrs.It's seems to be worst battery around.Why dont u go for Amaron dry cell??


    Buddy My AC is working fine.Dead cranks are no more cuz TASS cleaned the battery connectors and applied battery gel.As far for the Airbag issue it hasn't cropped up in the past 3days.I checked the AC comp relay fuse too.Didnt get any 'TAK' sound on plugin out and in :) Now i can rest in peace thats its the battery for sure.Battery is kinda ok for now.Will dump it in another 2-3months.
  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    This is true. My Pulsar had Amaron zero maintanence sealed battery, which had 5 years warranty. It died in the 31st month. When I asked for a replacement because it has 5 years warranty, what they said was replacement warrantly is only for 2.5 years, for remaining 2.5 years it's free service/repair or replacement at a discounted price. The discount comes to somewhere at 50% if I remember correcctly. I had to pay some Rs.900 or so to get a new battery again with 5 years warranty . It's a vicious circle.

    The original Exide battery that came with the bike lasted for 5 years, though people comaplain exide is worst and doesn't last!
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  10. anish_707


    Hey buddy ...nothin to worry ...its a battery problem....i had this same problem....this happens with din batteries.the problem will keep comin regularly with time..i mean the frequency will increase...i changged the battery ,,,,exide matrix din44.cost 5400 after givin away old one..culprit is the battery..nothin to do with ac.
    Dont crank it repeatedly ,rather keep the key in cranked position in first/second crank itself..it will do kr-krr and will start.
    Dont wait to change the battery since delaying may damage some other expensive part.
    If u are still doutfull...borrow the same configuration battery for some time and try ..u will see that the problem will fade away.
    Tass in delhi here explained to me that this is the way fiat cars do when battery gets weak...ppl are not familiar with the same(they expect it to behave as marutis and hyundais)

    all da best

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