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Air Crash Investigation

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by saharsh, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Guys, are you watching Air crash investigation series? its an awesome show! it comes at 11:00 pm at national geography. here is the list of episodes-

    Season 1 (2003)

    1- "Racing the Storm-On 1 June 1999, American Airlines Flight 1420 tried to land at the Little Rock National Airport during a storm but overran the runway killing eleven people. The crash was caused by the crew not arming the spoilers during their pre-landing checks.

    2-"Unlocking Disaster"-On 24 February 1989, United Airlines Flight 811 was flying above the Pacific Ocean when part of the right-side fuselage was ripped off, ejecting nine people from the aircraft and causing explosive decompression. The flight later landed safely at Honolulu without any more loss of life. An electrical short circuit caused the cargo door to open, creating the explosive decompression.

    3-"Flying On Empty"-On 24 August 2001, Air Transat Flight 236 ran out of fuel while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The pilots of the Airbus 330 safely glided and landed the aircraft at a naval base in the island of Azores. The fuel starvation was caused by improper maintenance work which allowed a hydraulic oil pipe and a fuel pipe to rub together resulting in the fracture of the fuel pipe and resulting leak.

    season 3 continued-

    4-Fire on Board"-On 2 September 1998, a fire broke out on Swissair Flight 111 while in-flight, damaging vital systems and causing the aircraft to crash into the sea off Peggy's Cove with no survivors. The fire was caused by faulty wiring.

    5-"Flying Blind"-On 2 October 1996, shortly after take off the crew of Aeroperú Flight 603 were confused by false speed and altitude readings and contradictory warnings from the aircraft's air data system. In preparation for an emergency landing the crew descended the aircraft, but relying on false readings the crew went too far causing the aircraft to crash into the water, killing everyone on board. The false readings and contradictory warnings were caused by duct tape over the static ports, the duct tape was used to protect the ports during maintenance but was not removed afterwards.

    6-"Cutting Corners"-On 31 January 2000, Alaska Airlines Flight 261's trimmable horizontal stabilizer jammed and broke free from its control system and the aircraft dove inverted into the Pacific Ocean, causing the death of all on board. The stabilizer failed due to an improperly maintained jack-screw assembly.

    will post season 2 tomorrow.
    watch all these episodes in youtube or on nat geo, and don't forget to watch today's episode. these sources are from wikipedia.

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  2. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Yea i do watch it everyday!! It's just awesome! Love it..:)
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Amazing series it is.

    And another which i quite like is ' Seconds before disaster'. Absolutely amazing.
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Even I am also fan of most of the shows of National Geography. In last episode of AIR Crash Investigation they showed AIR INDIA's flight crash/bomb blast in AIR in 1985. I was not aware of this.
  5. Nikhil Goel

    Nikhil Goel Amatore

    Even I love almost all shows of NG, Specially Air Crash Investigations & Mega Factories...
  6. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    In some countries they call it mayday and in some they call it air crash investigation. did you watch yesterday's episode? the lokerberie disaster????
    BTW here are more episodes-

    Season 2 (2004)
    1-Blow Out"- On 10 June 1990, on British Airways Flight 5390 the cockpit window blew out, sucking the captain partially through the hole. A member of the cabin crew clung to the pilot's legs as the co-pilot completed an emergency landing. The captain was found to be still alive after being outside the cockpit for 21 minutes. The blow out was caused by a maintenance worker installing the incorrect sized screws during maintenance work.

    2-"A Wounded Bird"-On 21 August 1995, the left-side engine on Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 529 partly tore itself from its mounting creating excessive drag which caused the aircraft to fall out of the sky killing nine people. A propeller, damaged by metal fatigue, caused the initial engine failure.

    3-"Killing Machine"-On 24 December 1994, Air France Flight 8969 was hijacked on the ground at Algiers Airport. The terrorists demanded the aircraft be allowed to depart for Paris so they could crash the aircraft into the Eiffel Tower, but since they did not know how to fly the aircraft and Algerian Army refused to give them a pilot they were unable to carry out their plans. Instead, over two days they killed three passengers. The aircraft was then cleared to take off but the crew diverted to Marseille Provence Airport. The Hostage rescue team of the French Gendarmerie stormed the aircraft and after a gun battle in the cabin the hijackers were killed and everyone else was evacuated.e

    4-"lost!"-On 20 December 1995, American Airlines Flight 965 headed for Cali, Colombia. The crew was asked if they would like to do a straight-in approach to Cali. The pilots agreed and inadvertently removed the waypoints from the flight plan in their Flight management system (FMS), causing them to become unsure of their exact position. Their mistakes caused them to crash into a 9,000 foot mountain near Buga. Only four passengers survived.

    5-"Missing Over New York"-On 25 January 1990, Avianca Flight 52, a flight to New York from Colombia, was delayed numerous times by weather en route and was dangerously low on fuel as it attempted landing. Wind shear forced the crew to abort the approach just 1 mile from the runway. They initiated a go-around, but were mishandled back into a holding pattern by air traffic controllers unaware of the low-fuel situation. The plane then ran out of fuel causing it to crash in Long Island near New York.

    6-"Deadly Crossroads: Überlingen Crash"-On 1 July 2002, the Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 collided with the DHL Flight 611 in German airspace near Überlingen. BTC Flight 2937 was destroyed instantly and DHL Flight 611 crashed shortly afterwards, killing all 71 people in the two aircraft. The crew of Flight 611 followed the TCAS instructions to initiate a descent while the crew of Flight 2937 listened to the air traffic controller over their TCAS and initiated a descent as well. The air traffic controller was later murdered by the father of one of the families onboard the passenger plane.
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