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Afterburner for the T-Jet.

Discussion in 'Modifications & Tuning' started by Linea-Lover, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Might be! But as far as i know, the turbo only kicks in from 2nd gear..

    Actually some mechanical engineer said that...so said! BTW no offense! :)
  2. Nothing offensive about it dude :).
    As I said earlier, the turbo starts to spool as the engine rpm increases. Now that is not based upon which gear the car is in, correct?. If I revv the engine to 5000 rpm in first gear, why wouldn't the turbo kick in, it sure will.
  3. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    OK... Some details on the spares used , any after market parts that need to go in...
  4. The whole Air intake is new. The stock air intake system is out.
    The parts included are 1) Air Intake Hose made of silicone 2) Air Filter.
  5. Is it a cotton gauze air filter? if yes , it will allow minute micron dust.
    paper filter may be restrictive but it's primary job is to filter and provide air later.
    but most of the after market filters do it inversely, allow air and do little filtration later.
    Me and my friend went in two directions , one was foam another was K&N cotton filter, we both learnt it in a hard-way that our hard earned money went in drain after seeing dirt accumulation in MAF sensor in with in 3 days or 200kms drive.

    I might get flamed for this note but choice is yours, if you wait for your car to complete it's second service with an oil change you will find most of the issues you mention doesn't exist with stock filter it self.

  6. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Great addition to your jet, linea lover.

    I use peters AIR on my 1.4 , ofcourse with a remap too.

    Just for the monsoon, I am playing safe and am back to stock filter.

    Can't wait to fit it back.

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  7. I'll keep that in mind.

    Brilliant. I will be coming to Mumbai soon and would like to meet you.
    How does the car feel now after the remap?
  8. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    nice addition. however dont go by any of the claims of the air filter manufacturers. they are all bullshit as they dont know indian conditions. its good to have AIR outside india in a safer way.

    i am using k&n filter and my cousins car is fittes with cosworth. these airfilters dont trap much dust and your throttle body is a mess and needs frequent cleaning. MAF is always flooded with oily dusty goo.

    the performance is better but obviously, but its too unsafe in indian dusty and hot climate.
  9. I had done the 0~100 and 1/4mile runs using Dynolicious. I didn't have Dynolicious before the AIR so I can't compare the two and post the improvement.

    The results post AIR are as follows:

    0-10 km/h: 1.01 sec
    0-20 km/h: 1.63 sec
    0-30 km/h: 2.38 sec
    0-40 km/h: 3.08 sec
    0-50 km/h: 3.86 sec
    0-60 km/h: 5.29 sec
    0-70 km/h: 6.35 sec
    0-80 km/h: 7.45 sec
    0-90 km/h: 8.80 sec
    0-100 km/h: 10.47 sec
    0-110 km/h: 12.65 sec
    0-120 km/h: 14.46 sec
    0-130 km/h: 16.63 sec

  10. Finally got to the time for a weekend trip. Headed towards the closest hill station and the watering hole for us Gujjus, Mt. Abu. The roads as usual are brilliant especially after Palanpur as there is hardly any traffic from there. The ride was brilliant and planted. We were out for a bread so didn't hit the pedal to metal but were cruising at around 100~110 kmph. Top speed reached was 120.

    The response of the engine was brilliant especially after 1700 rpm and the engine is now extremely eager to lunge forward. It feels as if its on some kinda steroids and is extremely willing and begging to be pushed hard. I had an extremely tough time keeping myself in control and not to do what it was begging for .

    Some places I read that people ended up stalling their T-Jets on inclines and hill climbs. If some of you guys are reading this, you're definitely making some mistake which is trying to pull the engine in a higher gear. Just select a lower gear. The climbs were a breeze and amazing due to the engine and the handling.

    Other Bits and Pieces.. nothing else has fallen off yet except for the rear AC vent, other than that whole car and the engine is still intact :p.

    Well, it was 15.2 kmpl for the return trip. I can't say about others but I was very much impressed with the figures.


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