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Advise required - Honda City 2012 ot Fiat Linea MJD emotion

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Arryan, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Well I'am planning to buy a new sedan in the C2 segment and have started checking out the market for the available options.

    I had dreamt of the Honda City since long, hence this was on the top of the list. I have also considered the Vento, Verna and lastly the Linea.

    City was excellent to drive in the city but in bad roads it was bumpy. You don't feel the steering at all. Plush interiors but lacks features.

    Vento was good but the vento diesel at Rs. 11.20 lakhs OTR was out of question.

    Verna was full of features but somehow I did not like the car. Plus the attitude of the dealer was something that I could not stand, though I own a Santro at present.

    Then my wife insisted that I should look at the Linea, though FIAT was never in my plan. I booked online for the test drive of Linea T Jet and started reading the reviews of Linea in the net. I specially liked the thred of Bala and J.Ravi and I have read the full thread. In the meantime I had two test drives of the MJD but the Tjet was never brought for TD.

    I would invite suggestions from the learned fraternity for a good sedan that would suit my purpose. I have a monthly driving of 1300-1400 KMs. I love driving my car and I have done three/ four trips of more than 1000 KMs. (one way) on my Santro. I would therefore love to have a car that would be fun to drive and I would prefer to migrate to diesel. I live in an industrial town and the roads are wide and less crowded. We never have a bumper to bumper traffic in our roads.

    As I have mentioned earlier Honda City was my fascination. I dreamt of this car since I joined service in 1995. At that time City was a sheer luxury for the middle class people. I had almost decided on the City till a few days back, until my wife insisted on the Linea. She loves the car from it's external appearance. She does'nt understand anything about driving or handling and has left that for me to decide. I have driven petrol car since my college days (say for 22 years) and I had neven driven a diesel car except for the two TD of MJD Emotion. I started the TD rather reluctantly and thought that I would obviously find some fault with the MJD Emotion and tell my wife that I did'nt like the car. But I was clearly knocked off by the car and actually I have started loving the Linea MJD after the second TD. I even TD the City immediately after the second TD of the Linea and I have started asking myself what is so special about the City?

    The City V costs around 10.15L OTR and the Linea MJD Emotion costs around 10.4L OTR. I feel on negotiation the cost of Linea might still come down at least at the same level with City. Also, I was offered Linea T Jet (2011 model) at 8.8L OTR. Since the colour of T jet available at the dealer was not to my liking, FIAT even offered to get one as per my choise from the factory at the same price, but obviously 2011 model.

    I am totally confused now between the three. The City seems to be taking a backseat and the Linea is slowly coming to the front. But all my colleagues say that I should go for the City because it is a better package overall and the Honda engine is proven. I do not consider resale value for I intend to use this car for atleast 8-10 years.
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  2. Arryan..
    i am glad to see people like you who atleast see and appreciate the difference between linea and city... May your tribe grow
    i have seen people praising city like anyhting... no doubt it has its own pros and cons..
    for me anything aprt from its ivtec engine is not substantial

    i remeber 5 of us went to shirdi in a new honda city last year and i lost the count the back of the car was hit beneath... and this was a normal case even in potholes which my punto crosses witha slight jerk (with 3 people behind)...

    another annoying thing i had seen in honda city was the stalks used in ac (the ones which allow you to start and stop the air circulation)..... a car coming for 10-11 lakhs and using stalks which maruti guys used in 800's

    MJD is a gem of engine....
    one of the main reasons why i went with my punto was the sheer character this car has...
    MJD engine, built, and the way it handles...

    i will no doubt vote for a Linea... even your driving usage warrants a diesel car for you IMO..
    u may have some initial niggles with the car.... but evberytime you will drive it... it will give you pure bliss...

    P.S- In case you go for a TD of honda city again...just go near the boot and knock on it... you can feel the thin sheet literally... i always do it on city's parked in my office's parking area...!!!!
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  3. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    In my daily commute to office, I had to pass through at least 8 speed (or Car) breakers inside the SEZ itself before I reach my office. I never scraped in those speed breakers in my Linea. Yesterday, we were 4 adults in the car and still the Linea did not scrape. Where as my colleagues who own the Honda City scrape on almost all speed breakers with them driving alone. Point to be noted here is, I am using Linea 2011 which has a GC of 161mm.

    If you are prepared for the Petrol, T-Jet is the best option you can get. If not, MJD is a practical choice. Definitely, I won't recommend City. Except for the engine, it's ride, Steering, handling is pathetic according to me.
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  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Arryan, I think you already know the pluses and minuses of both cars.;)

    • Honda City should be compared to T-Jet only. Both matches on performance.
    • T-Jet will cost much less than City, but you will get old model (2011).
    • City has brand value, but Linea's looks is stunner.
    • City has better interiors, but Linea will give you so many exciting features.

    But having said above, since your driving will be ~1.5K per month, Diesel makes more sense. Fiat 1.3 MultiJet is equally proven engine, like City's.
    I would suggest MJD, if you are happy with power and acceleration. Do TD on some open roads as well, this will convince you more with whatever decision you take.

    OT - Bear in mind most of us are biased towards Fiat, so make decision based on what you like.
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  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Look no further than the Linea Emotion Multijet.


    - You intend to keep the car for 8-10 years. One "supposed" disadvantage that the resale value of FIAT is less just disappears.

    - The engine of the Linea is even more proven than the City one. Diesels will always outlast petrol engines, in general.

    - Although i don't believe in mathematics in the battle between Petrol and Diesel, but here even Mathematics favours the Linea Emotion Multijet.

    -Take it on the highway and see the 1.3 Multijet shine like no other. Plus, you can't go wrong when you'll see the Linea returning 22+kmpl on the highway. The Linea is a champ on the highway , even more than city driving. It is easily India's budget Grand Tourer.

    -16" alloys, meatier tires.

    - The Ground Clearance of the 2012 Linea blows away the City.

    This was an objective comparison between them. ;)

    As for a subjective comparison - Park the Linea Emotion in Oceanic Blue near the City. You'll make an instant decision and grab the FIAT's key.

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  6. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    man you are asking FIAT fans what to choose between city and Linea...I think no one here would say City..I have driven it. I like the spacious interiors and rear seat comfort. Even I had to decide on whether to buy city or T-Jet or Vento or Verna. After taking TD i think you would not like any other car. And i can proudly say no city or even civic can stand in front of my T-Jet.
    Your driving is more MJD is best option for you..
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  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Aryan, Congrats on joining TFI. You are inclined towards Linea & what better proof than inquiring about Linea on a FIAT enthusiast site:mrgreen:. Man, don't suppress your heart & go for Linea MJD/Tjet whatever your priority is. Both cars are heck of cars! It's not like you are excusing yourself, Linea is only choice available as a C-segment sedan with good economy/power/stability/safety/looks/features/value for money anything at present. No other car has all these traits in one. If it's powerful & feature-full, you can't cruise it because it is scary above 100km/hr n bla bla. If it stable, it doesn't run. If it is powerful/stable, it will charge 12 lacs+ with features of B segment.

    Most of them over hyped by media. Majority buy them so it has become standard for them. They realize it by chance & take a back whenever they experience cars like FIAT/VW/Skoda. Linea is complete car and value for money with after sales service on par with anything else in the market today.

    The only thing Linea lacks is favor from media. I think personally Linea will remain in-tact after 10 yrs & will go strong no matter what aspect you talk. For other cars, i think they are meant to survive 5 yrs in Indian conditions their built quality. 80% of the stuff has to go to scrap yard which was bought 6 yrs back. Thanks to per capita income of India that keeps them running on road. So Where the hell is reliability??? Only car i notice which still moves with guts & glory is palio. it can still take on new cars, despite being battered in Indian condition for many yrs. Whenever they move, no sign of aging what so ever. Notice from here on!

    Yes, media won't tell you that but when you use everyday & dig it, it's so so obvious. If you are inclined towards FIAT, you have got reasons. The reason is you are capable of understanding the car better which majority isn't. So don't be discouraged by anything -ve said or heard, its not your mistake. Let's incline towards the things which majority generally ignore. That is called "Hidden" & "Hidden" has to be under-rated but best:mrgreen:!!
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  8. sungoa2010


    City's vtec is a fun loving engine. It is tested and trusted engine. It runs on almost all the Honda vehicle worldwide. It is a car that can own with a mental because of their strict quality check. But the car's dynamics are not match for its engine capabilities. Body is not strong. It is light weight car. If we see the accord is a well built car. look at the mass. But city is not a solid built car. Interior of city is good, but not a match for Germans. The new city has sunroof for top variant and also the availability automatic gear box. City is a workhorse a fun loving engine at higher notes(I used "engine" not "car").
    Linea's is a classic car. It is a piece of art. With the 16" wide tyres of Tjet+ avatar it rocks. It dominate city in looks. The Tjet is a equally smooth engine as city. On performance it is miles ahead of city. city's light weight help city to come close to Tjet in 0-100, but on higher speeds, with it's super dynamics it is miles ahead than city.
    Also the Vtec in honda works in higher rpms, but the turbo of Tjet gives massive torque at lower rpms. More practical than city. with the increased ground clearance the 2012
    is also a more practical car than honda. Honda needs a frequent service and each service is costly. Fiat service interval is more. So if we take a 5 year period both cars will be having comparable cost of ownerships. FE of both the vehicles are comparable. Honda due to its vtec implementation will have slightly more mileage in higher speeds. I compared Honda and Tjet since both are petrol cars and have comparable BHPs. Linea MJD, one of the most underrated car, is also a good alternative. It has phenomenal FE and a performer in all practical situation, unless one need to race the car in lower(1st and 2nd gear). Depreciation of a Honda vehicle is very less compared to Fiat.

    Test drive both vehicles and decide.My choice will be Linea.
  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Since you have mentioned about the TJet (your color choice not available), my vote goes for the TJet+ (assuming that going for a petrol car is not an issue for you). Only thing is that you shall get a 2011 model and your choice of color is not available
  10. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    My choice would be the Linea MJD simply because it's a class apart in ride, handling, stability, features, looks and Fuel Efficiency.
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