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Advise on buying pre-owned 2011 Linea MJD Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by ndkamath, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. One thing that I cant understand is the owner has moved abroad,thats ok as long as he has cleared the loan a signed the transfer papers.without his signature and money ofcrs how can the loan be closed??if the owner comes down to India for a week and gets all formalities,or atleast if he can get the formalities done somehow then I think this a deal worth taking.As you will fetch more resale on the 2011 model compared to 2010.And the 2011 car definitely will have improvements over 2010.Note:::buying cars/bikes which are on finance are very tricky,please choose wisely.
  2. ndkamath


    My understanding is 2012 emotion = 2012 Dynamic with Leather seats, 16 inch alloys including spare and some cosmetic enhancement. I am not sure but I think 2012 Dynamic features are similar to 2012 emotion pack features minus few cosmetic enhancement like chrome. Can somebody correct me if I am wrong?

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    This is exactly my concern. I was told by his friend that the loan is not yet closed but he has signed all the transfer papers. I think I will get more clarity on Sunday.
    Checked the service records through Tata service center system, it is clean!
  3. If you like the car,pay some token amount and say him to hold it,while you get other clarifications done.Deals of these kind are hard to find that too of a good car.Best of luck buddy,hope you become its proud owner soon...
  4. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Rs. 7 lakhs for May 2011 Emotion pack is pretty good. But since the owner is under some pressure to sell-off the car you can always bargain.
    You have already got the car checked through TASS service guy, hope you are fully satisfied with the history and the present condition of the car.
    Talk to the bank manager clearly about the transfer of the loan in your name, the procedures and any queries that you have regarding the issue.
    Check whether the servicing has been done in time. First service at 5000KM/six months (maybe 3000KM in 2011 model, I'm not sure) and second service at 15000KM/one year, whichever is earlier. Warranty maybe in trouble if the servicing is not done in time.

    Best of luck.
  5. ndkamath


    Bad luck friends , the car is gone. Somebody just bought it. Guess I gave it much deserved publicity! Now I am thinking of new, but concerned about fiat's future service, spare parts, etc also looking at ertiga, duster. Will decide in sometime.
  6. :eek::eek: Bad luck mate,this is why i asked you last time to atleast pay some token amount and hold on to the car..I had this experience and well after that bought a new car:dance...Hope the same happens with you...Best of luck!!!!
  7. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Don't worry of Fiat's Future.Its very secured as of now and you can go ahead with Fiat Linea 2012.

    BTW Bad luck for that 2011 car!
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