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Advice needed - Dealer goof up, not once but TWICE

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by DRIV3R, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Hey FIAT lovers, I had booked a Punto 75HP Diesel Emotion. I was very specific with the dealer that I should be notified while the car is being unloaded from the truck, and that the ODO should not be reset, the car should not be driven, etc.

    But the idiotic dealer did NOT notify me about anything. I was following up with both FIAT and the dealer continuously, and suddenly one evening I got a call saying that my car has arrived.

    I was excited and said that I would come and have a look, do my own PDI and then proceed for delivery and registration.

    To my horror, the ODO was reset and it read a neat '0' kms. Plus, there were scratches on the RH fender and headlamp. The front tyres were not having spikes while the rear tyres were having them. I opened the hood, there was fresh engine oil surrounding the engine.

    I immediately got frustrated and rejected the car and brought the roof of the dealership down. After a lot of drama, morons agreed to invoice a new car to me. They did it and car did not arrive for 20 days or more. I was following up daily with them and FIAT. BTW, FIAT customer care was useless to me. Everytime a sweet talking person would assure a freaking call back, but there was not even one. I would have registered a complaint almost 15 times. Then finally, now, on Friday I got information from transporter's side that my car has arrived.

    I ask him if everything is ok, and if the speedo is not reset, he says yes and also says it has run 16kms only. I say fine, see you on monday for delivery.

    Last evening, I get a call saying, sorry sir, even this car does not have the 'H'. Now it reads 29kms. This blew my top off, and I blasted him on the phone. When questioned why he did not notify this yesterday to me, he did not have an answer. When I again questioned as to why the car has run 13 kms in one day, he did not have an answer. He then said that during PDI we drive the car as we wish and check for defects. This reply even more frustrated me, and I knew that it was a load of bull.

    There was a Dynamic trim lying in their yard the other day, with just 13kms on the ODO, with the 'H' symbol. It had also completed PDI by the way.

    I am now confused as to what should be done. I have the option of choosing from these 2 Puntos, since the other Puntos are Active/Dynamic trims. Or I can even chose a Dynamic trim Linea which has it's ODO intact.

    Please pour in your advice as to what I can do, I am visiting those morons tomorrow.

    I also have the option of transferring the booking to another dealer, given to me by the territory sales manager, but I will be buying the car with the new price tag.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2012
  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    I may not be entirely correct but dealers do drive the car around during PDI. Also the H doesn't mean a lot, You can probably check Speedjet's post on that. I believe you already PDI'd the vehicle right, So I don't see any issue in taking the Punto if it's in Healthy condition.

    BTW which dealer are you talking in Bangalore?
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    The H symbol is a sort of insurance for the new buyer to let the new owner know how much the car has actually travelled since rolling from the factory. ( Unless the dealer disconnects the ODO). Have a read of the TFI PDI thread. The H symbol has been explained there.

    If the car is showing X km's without H, then the maximum the car could've been driven is 199+X km's. Assuming the dealer did not disconnect the ODO somehow.

    I personally feel comfortable when the reading with H is as low as possible. Since we all know how the 'Schumachers' of TASS drive these new cars. E.g. A driver at the local TASS here is never happy unless he can spin the wheels in first gear. :)

    You are under no obligation to choose from the Active/Dynamic trims. If you wanted Emotion, then Emotion it shall be. The dealer is bound to do that. But as you said, it'll be the new price tag ( post duty increase?).

    Else, Linea Dynamic 2012 is one helluva buy and comes loaded to the brim with features. If it fits your budget and needs, go for it.

  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Do the PDI in Day Time, Dont bother much on the 'H'mark.
    If everything is fine as per the PDI and your petrifaction then go ahead and take her home.I think the dealer will not mess with you more as you have already showed the color to them.

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