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Adding Bluetooth/USB/AUX functionality to Punto Emotion

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by aditya, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Sathish_UPS

    Sathish_UPS Novizio

    Added AUX cable to my OEM Blaupunkt HU 2 years before.

    Last year added Bluetooth headset to it with 'Bluedio Av890', but its dead within 4 months. Now added Sony Bluetooth Headset SBH20 to it & its working fine as now.

    Advantage of using Bluetooth headset instead of Bluetooth receiver is that it supports call too.

    Reason why I opted AV890/SBH20 over other BT headset is that it has separate charging port where as most other BT headset has same audio port as charging port. So either can listen music or charge it & can't do both same time.
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  2. amitsingh


    Its an aux-in cable for my blaupukt HU. That guy told me that there is no option for USB cable so it can never be installed :(
  3. pandey ji

    pandey ji

    new delhi
    its not working in delhi HU.
  4. zaclancer

    zaclancer Timido

    I have a linea classic plus diesel (jan 2014) model. The car does not have USB or bluetooth. Is there anyway I can fix the HU with some aftermarket device which would enable USB and bluetooth. I was looking through the internet and came across "Denison" gateway. But not sure about it. Could someone help with a way to enable USB and if possible Bluetooth in the car.
  5. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Hi zac,nice to see another Classic owner in our forum,plz open a new thread with ownership & dealership experience & share the cost details when you bought your ride & post loads of pics of your ride
    AFAIK, you can fix HU with some aftermarket device which would enable only USB & not bluetooth i guess coz i have seen aftermarket HU's having USB but not Bluetooth
    Bluetooth comes standard in only OEM HU's of car company's AFAIK,i m not an expert here,if i m wrong members can correct me.
  6. Abh1nav

    Abh1nav Timido

    New Delhi
    Hi guys, I brought home a Fiat Punto Active 1.3 MJD last week, and have been looking to find a work out for adding AUX / USB or Bluetooth functionality. Initially, I had thought of getting a good quality FM Transmitter but now, after a week of searching online, I have almost finalized the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth car kit, that comes with a FM Transmitter as well. Here's the link to the product: Jabra Car Kit Freeway - Jabra: Flipkart.com

    I don't want to change the HU, as I like the look of the stock setup. So this device lets me take calls via the Bluetooth & also, plays my phone's music through the car speakers.

    Has anyone used this product? If yes, any reviews/suggestions about the same?
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  7. rajan2002

    rajan2002 Novizio

    Hello Fiatians,

    Have any body done this kind of setup?

    I have gone through google and found one link fitted Aux input - The FIAT Forum

    2.jpg cover.jpg garage_vehicle-3734-13072548445_full.jpg IMG_20130330_173035.jpg IMG_20130330_173041.jpg

    I am having punto 2014. Will this work with my punto?

    Also i think, if this thing works then streaming devices can also be attached for streaming audio.
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  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Fiat cars in UK come with a Blaupunkt HU in my opinion. Moreover, is that car equipped with Blue&Me?

    In your Punto 90hp Sports variant, you have a Delphi HU with Blue&Me so your HU does not have any free pins at the back as the pins for AUX are used by the Blue&Me.

    So I guess its not possible to add AUX.
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  9. rajan2002

    rajan2002 Novizio

    Is there any kind of extender you know in the market with which both B n M and Aux can be used?
  10. abhishek643

    abhishek643 Novizio


    i want to add AUX/USB in my Emotion. I am in pune. can anyone tell me where can i get it done?


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