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Adding Bluetooth/USB/AUX functionality to Punto Emotion

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by aditya, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. RAAM


    Navi Mumbai
    Having gone through the discussions in this and other threads and other forums as well, looks like the only option left out to maintain the stock looks and enable Aux-in functionality in the Emotion models from September 2010 onwards is to swap the Current (Delhpi) HU with the older BP HU (preferably name written on it as in the older HUs with the secure code) :A.

    1. Can anyone of the ICE gurus confirm that, if I do the above, whether the BP Bluetooth / USB kit that is suggested will also be compatible with the older BP HUs?

    2. Is there any audiophiles in the forum (pre May 2010 Punto / Linea owners) who anyways want to change their HUs (BP) or already changed and in possession of their old HUs (again BP Hus) who wish to help fellow members like us by selling their old HUs (am i asking for too much :confused)

    I tried the easier way of FM Modulator, but the quality of the output is pathetic as the Delphi HUs themselves are horrible. Though the unit is supposed to play mp3s, it doenst work well and the tracks are skipped even if the car goes over a miniscule bump / pothole.

    If some holy soul is willing to part with their older BU HUs, I would like to change my HU (as i am very particular in keeping the OE looks), install Aux-in Cable and change the stock speakers as well (only the 4 door speakers) and my budget is strictly 5 - 6 K. Speaker suggestions are also welcome.

    If somebody would confirm the compatibility of the Bluetooth / USB kit, I may try that as well. All would depend on the BP HU availablity :)
  2. RDR


    can you post a photo of the cable or how the setup looks like..thanks in advance
  3. zive


    Hi I bought a Fiat Punto Emotion 1.2 in March 2011. It came with a factory fitted audio system/HU.

    But does not have USB or even AUX. Before buying I was aware of this issue but another 90 for the Emotion Pack which has USB port.
    Before buying the it when I did some research, I found that there was a possibility to add AUX cable through it’s back and selecting AUX in the menu. But Later I heard that with the updated firmware that possibility was gone.

    So I didn’t try to fiddle around much after I bought my Punto and so far I have been managing with CDs!

    Now I would like to know if there is any new possibility of connecting USB or AUX to the factory fitted audio system?
  4. azeet_kumar


    New Delhi
    Yes , There are some products for F199 HU. They use CD changer port. I have not used any of these. All depends on whether Delphi F199 IN accepts cd ahanger inputs or not. There are some refurb Delphi F199 HU available on ebay uk which confirms Delphi F199 supports CD changer. Also i have done some research which shows that until cd changer is connected to HU , cd changer option will not be activated.
    refer these links :

    Fiat - Compatible Vehicles | Cushie Audio
    Yatour-Digital CD Changer,Digital Music Changer,iPod Adapter,Intelligent Parking Assist,AMI,KVW - Products - Yatour Car Digital CD Changer
    Car digital music cd changer(DMC) for V.W AUDI ISO-8Pin | eBay

    you can try second or third option as it is much cheaper. I have not tested it personally since i am planning to replace the HU itself but it is worth giving a try.
  5. davinder2011


    hello sir,

    In these pictures you are just changing your system & installed the BLUPUNKT system. Is this only soloution to get bluetooth in punto emotion. I have purchased punto emotion 3 months before but i m very disappointed to see that there is a DELPHI system in my punto. And in market there is no bluetooth compatible device for this DELPHI system. please suggest BLUEPUNKT system is only soloution for getting bluetooth & USB.

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    Hello dear,

    I have also purchased fiat punto 3 months before & facing same problem. BP bluetooth kit is not compatabile in DELPHI system i have checked it personlay. so, i m also finding some another way to get bluetooth + USB. if you will get AUX cable system then please inform me also.


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    hi viny,

    Please confirm this C1 cable will work in punto emotion with (DELPHI HU). I have purchased punto 3 months before & i m stuck with cd & want to get a realiable solution like this.

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    Please suggest MINI ISO C1 (With blue pointer) cable will work in DELPHI system also.
  6. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    wont work on delphi units.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I stumbled upon this post and I own a 2009 Dec model Punto. I verified by pressing the CD button twice and AUX came up online.
    As I understand here there is no AUX port that is enabled by default from FIAT(losers) Can you(or anyone living in blr) please tell me where in Bangalore I can go to get this fixed.
    Or should i blast the FIAT guys and ask them to put in an AUX in as in my case it would be a fault with the company itself :)
    Please advice.

  8. Drive_drift

    Drive_drift Amatore

    @Theblack:- if you can see AUX in come online then, just go to any car accessory shop and tell them you need AUX cable, i think it won`t be costing more then 200Rs(its on upper side i know).
    and remove the HU and directly put the cable as the diagram shows on the HU for AUX. its done. :)

    Enjoy Music,
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    FInally my '09 punto AUX'ed (Stock stereo itself)

    Hi Guys,

    I"m extremely happy to share this post and finally I managed to get AUX on my "Default stereo".
    Here are some pics.


    This whole process was just a 5 min job and now I have AUX in my car

    The place where i got it done is called "HiFi cars" in Jayanagar T-block area.(PM me for contact info and further address).
    This man was extremely professional. I would urge you to go .


    If you're punto is a "2009" or before "June-2010" model then you can get this change done.
    Apparently newer versions of the blaupunkt has a firmware change that does not facilitate this.

    Secondly FIAT ships 2 brands of stereos,
    1.) Blaupunkt
    2.) Delphi
    (This mod will not work if you have the latter).

    How to check if your HU supports AUX?
    Press the CD button "twice", if it changes to AUX then you have AUX support and only need to get an AUX-in otherwise bad luck.
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  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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