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Adding Bluetooth/USB/AUX functionality to Punto Emotion

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by aditya, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    ^^ Parrot MKi9200 will cost you upwards of 10,500/- INR.
    I have seen online prices from 10.5k to around 18K. I am not sure if these are available locally.
    Parrot has various other models cheapest being around 4K.
  2. neil_jericho

    neil_jericho Timido

    Bangalore / Cochin
    After getting tired of writing CDs for the first couple of months I took my car to Sachins autoshop, Koramangala to get the aux-in feature added and after a few attempts they gave up and I have had to settle for the the wireless modulator to play songs off my phone. Annoying !
  3. Nikhil Goel

    Nikhil Goel Amatore

    Aux/USB interface for new BOSCH HU in Punto Emotion


    As mentioned I guess you are talking about the "Blaupukt->Accessories->Bluetooth/USB-Interface" device. I called up the Blaupunkt dealer in Delhi i.e. LMC enterprise but the guy over there replied that nothing can be installed in new BOSCH systems. However there is a AUX option in HU when CD is pressed twice.
    Guys please advice if I can get a AUX or USB or Bluetooth kit installed in my punt's.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Rolling ice, you mentioned that you instaleld an AUX cable on May 6th 2011. Did you buy this punto on May 6th 2011 ?
  5. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Nikhil..it will definetly work if you are getting the 'AUX' option provided you get the apt cable. Which make is your punto (month & year)
  6. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    i have a dynamic pk 1.4 2010 linea with blaupunkt unit. where can i get the aux wire in mumbai?? will the aux wire work on my car?? which one??
  7. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  8. Nikhil Goel

    Nikhil Goel Amatore

    I got a sad news for all.
    I tried connecting Blaupunkt USB/Bluetooth Interface with the help of Balupunkt dealer in Delhi. HU was not reading the device nothing (USB, Bluetooth).
    The executive at the dealer location told me sir AUX cable may work in this but this interface is not for this HU.

    AUX cable is out of stock right now so I have to wait, If anyone know the availability of AUX cable please let me know.
  9. HI Nikhil

    which version of punto you have ...2011 or 2010???

    you have blaukpaunt stereo or a delhi one. ????

    I own may 2011 punto emotion and also looking to get aux functionality added but has proved elusive so far . let us know incase you are able to add AUX to your stereo . will appreciate the contact details where u get this done.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2011
  10. Nikhil Goel

    Nikhil Goel Amatore

    I got a punto 2010 model with BOSCH HU.
    when i press CD button twice it shows AUX on the display. I will post the contact details once I get AUX cable for it.

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