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Adding Bluetooth/USB/AUX functionality to Punto Emotion

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by aditya, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    Car Model and Make - Punto Emotion, July 2009 (bought in August 2009)
  2. varoon9999

    varoon9999 Superiore

    New Delhi,HP 48
    New Delhi,HP 48
    Grande Punto 1.3
    varin its 7 pin am not sure about that,but its the yellow socket doing the task for my fon and for ipod....

    quality is the same as cd.so am loving it....................
  3. so still the hunt to get usb working in emotion continues . i have just bought a emotion this month and i am also looking for options . has a apple store nearby , if nothing worked, that's the only solace ..:A:A
  4. neil_jericho

    neil_jericho Timido

    Bangalore / Cochin
    Sushil, I didnt really understand how the apple store could help. Could you elaborate?

    Disappointing to note that Fiat has diabled aux-in facility for the new Puntos. I have a Jan 11 Punto Emotion & I guess I have to settle for burning CDs till we find a good solution. I dont want to buy a new HU just for the aux-in facility.
  5. madhavnarayanan

    madhavnarayanan Novizio

    Neil, Apple has an FM transmitter, Sushil is probably talking about it.
    here is a link:
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  6. Hello Madhavji,

    Pleasant Greetings to you...

    I am Dipesh From Mumbai and have recently bought a Fiat Punto 1.2 Petrol, and I love my car for its looks and performance. the only issue i have is 1.2 variants dont have facility of a USB / auxiliary port. can you please advice if we can get externally installed the ports so that music could be played in via pen drive.
    appreciate you help and prompt response.

    Hello Cinju, I have a collaborated music system in my 1.2 punto petrol how do I add a USB/auxiliary port to my music system can you advice.
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  7. madhavnarayanan

    madhavnarayanan Novizio

    Hello Dipesh, if you have bought the 2011 model Punto, it might not have the blaupunkt HU. Cinju has tried connecting external wire to it, but the AUX funtionality has been disable in the firmware. The options you have is to get a good FM transmitter or get a new HU.
  8. thanks for replying madav .

    between, i got below from blauk paunt's website


    IMO, some body has already suggested this previously. is there anyway i can get this in india ..below is quote and a installation instruction from manual

  9. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Hi Dipesh..I am sorry to say that aux function is less likely to work on the present HU that you are having. Even it doesn't work on mine. It seems FIAT has disabled this functionality. We are still struggling to find a solution.
  10. HI Cinju

    Can we think of some hack to HU firmware. I guess hardware is there , they have just disabled the functionality software wise....may be a delphi dealer can help

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