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Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pack

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by prash26np, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. hi,

    Got delivery of the Punto on 31st dec 2010, and onthe very day itself before delivery the ICEing of the punto with stock HU was done by the TATA-FIAT delearship - URS KAR, Mysore.

    Stock HU - Bosch
    Replaced Speaker front - Component JBL-GT5-S265c- Rs 4250
    Replaced Speaker Rear - Co-Axial - JBL-GT5-S205 - Rs 1990
    Added 4 channel Sony Xplod Amp from my old car
    Added 12" Sony Xplod Sub woofer- from my old car with Bass tube
    Boss wiring harness kit - Rs 750
    NOT USED- Scoshe cross over kit Rs 2450

    before getting in to the minute details of the set up. I would like to add, the audio set up sounds good, really good, may not be to the tune of the extra special category. but good enough for most of us, who would love to listen to good music and also enjoy good bass with a Thump.

    The Set up
    The same Stock HU has been used, the wiring has been modified
    the stock HU drives the front and rear speakers
    on a single set that is on the rear speaker wiring
    the front speaker wiring has been connected to the amplifier, as my Sony Amp already has a built in cross over with HPF and LPF and separate sub out, No cross over was required.
    The fader control in HU drives the Sub woofer control.
    the HU also has a Loudness control that does extend the Bass for a little more thump.
    Door damping was not done, but now i seriously feel that it is required
    The system sounds really good,
    The Front JBL are crystal clear, they come with a mid range speaker and a tweeter and a cross over which, diverts incoming audio to the respective speaker based on the frequency.
    My old car had a Sony HU with separate Sub Out and built in sub amp. It still didnt sound as good as the stock HU sounds now.
    For all those who want to keep their HU and yet want a good ICE system. this could be a good option.

    Audio Tuning is still not complete, it does require a few more sessions to fine tune the sound to my liking.

    Will post the details of the setting and tuning, as and when it is done.

  2. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    @prash26np, congrats on your purchase. I too got my punto 90bhp on 31st Dec ::O and would like to upgrade the speakers. But I dont want to install any thing in my parcel tray. Did you replace all the 4 speakers ? How much of the boot area does the Bass tube occupy ? Thanks in advance!!! Did you requre to drill holes anywhere ? I dont want to do that on my punto :cry:
  3. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    dont use high level wiring use high to low converter,
    my last audio setup was same like u but that high level wiring damaged amps 2 channels, use good quality converter it vl gain ur bass too
  4. Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    thanks vivek

    congrats on your new ride too

    yes all the 4 stock speaker were replaced

    The parcel tray at the rear cant hold the speakers, the material used for the tray is fragile and may fold.
    The stock speaker are very tiny good for low quality FM music, surprisingly they had no brand name but just "FIAT" written over then and the speaker were made in spain
    No holes were drilled any where
    the amp was placed below the front left seat
    the bass tube in length occupies about 60% length
    in width occupies 75% width
    in Height occupies 30% height

    A photo would do more justice to explain space allocation
    would be posting one soon

    with regards

  5. Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    Dear pras26np,
    can you give details of : Boss wiring harness kit - Rs 750 mentioned in your article. JBL speakers have different connectors in comparision to factory fitted one. Do you have to cut the wiring ?
  6. mayhemonger


    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    Can you help me understand how you did the connections on the back?

    As far as I know - you need the 3 Pre amp outputs for the amplifier??
  7. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    i guess its done by using a hi-low coverter which gives RCA out or the second option is high level input on the amp if it has any.
  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    Hi Prash are you sure the alloys which you have on your car are 98 PCD. I was searching it on AVA website & they dont have 98 PCD alloys on their website. I was looking for HS 217 model for my car, it is available in 14". Can you please check the availability of those alloys ( HS 217) from where you bought your alloys. Please let me know if you get some information on this. Thanks in Advance. ::T
  9. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    @ prash26np

    You did not changed stock HU. Please tell how is the performance of stock HU after upgrading speakers ?
    Because Iam going to sell out my 75 HP Active & thinking to purchase 90 HP.
  10. Re: Adding Amp and Sub woofer to the Punto 90 hp emotion pac

    Firstly Sorry for the delay in replying


    the performance is good, there are some changes that need to be done in the wiring, it is not the "PnP" kind.
    the doors need padding, or they will develop vibrations as they have in mine
    other wise the performance is good.

    it would be even better if you would go for a mono bloc amp with a JBL Sub woofer


    the alloys are 98 pcd and are a perfect fit to the Fiat
    HS217 model was my first choice, it was not available
    Moreover all models displayed on the web page are not actually available


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