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acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai ambatt

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by geeash, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    So far, I had visited only Concorde ECR and My Punto being my first and only car, I can't really compare them with other service centers or other ASS. Following is my experience.

    First Visit: Fiat free service camp. (I don’t remember whether it is March or Feb 2010)
    My co-driver side door lock is jammed. I am not able to open it from inside as well as outside. During the camp, they partially fixed. I was able to open and lock from inside and not able to lock from outside using key. Apart from this, they fixed the “common” glove box opening issue and issue with boot open lever.
    Apart from this, the service is okay. Only bitter point is, they made me wait till evening even though I was one among early few in the morning. Door lock issue took lot of time, which is acceptable. They took the car for wash and didn’t return for more than an hour. When I went there, I was really pissed off to see that the car is still not washed. I asked them to return the car as I am late. But they did a quick wash and returned it to me.
    Over all experience is good.
    Second visit: First Free Service. (April 1, 2010)
    I asked them to replace the faulty door lock. Apart from this, I had no other complaint. They fixed the same door lock. They promised to replace it if it is broken again. The fix is good till now (for over a year). I opted for under body rust treatment, which took lot of time. Car wash is slow this time as well. Apart from this, I grabbed a car cover from their accessory department.
    Over all experience is good.
    Third Visit: (Free monsoon check-up camp )
    They offered a car wash, which I denied politely. They completed the checkup within half an hour. Experience is good again.
    Fourth Visit: (Second Service – Dec 2010)
    I have spotted some rust near the co-driver side door handle. They fixed the lock earlier. I reported the same. I opted for paint protection treatment. The car was in service center for 5 days. Delay is caused because; the body paint shop was waiting warranty approval from Fiat for a long time. Over all experience is mixed. I was not actively using my Punto at that time, still I missed her presence at home.
    Fifth Visit: (A/C upgrade Jan 2011)
    They called and fixed the appointment. Car was with them for 2 days. They did the retro-fitting on the first day itself. I was informed that they didn’t receive the “password” for new ECU software and they were not able to reach people in Fiat to get it. They didn’t flash the ECU on second day as well. I took delivery of the car, as I was in need of it badly.
    Sixth Visit (To top-up coolant, a week after last visit)
    I noticed that coolant level of the car is below “min” mark. I went there. There was huge rush to take the car inside. I parked the car outside and reported to them. They topped up the coolant and did a visual inspection for coolant leakage. I left in 10-15 mins.
    For all my visits, my SA is Mr. Samuel Prakash. He is very helpful and at times things will be out of his hand due to rush. My retrofitting is taken care by another SA, Mr. Yuvaraj. He used to service Tata cars only. He attended my car due to the absence of Samuel. He is kind of okay.
    I will be visiting them for following problems.
    1. Flash ECU, if it is available now.
    2. Front co-driver side door is not fixed properly after repainting it during second service. I can feel the door lock lever and power window switch pad is loose.
    3. Front doors are rusted near edges and near hinge. The door beading is coming off.

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