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acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai ambatt

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by geeash, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Doesnt Fiat have a system like ERP where they can monitor the spare stock available with the dealer ? If not they better do something of that sort. In a way the slow sales of FIAT is a blessing in disguise. Just imagine what will happen if they sell in the 3000 nos range a month. It will be chaos without doubt. I hope this gives them the breather till they sort out their JV issues.

  2. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Just got a call from FIAT (Ajay Bhatnagar). The mistake was at FIAT's end that they despatched the wrong spares.
    Since the inventory unit is closed for maintenance this week, they are arranging the bumper from the neighbouring states (no stock with any of the chennai dealers).

    Appreciate the swift action from FIAT upon escalation ::T
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Why we need to knock the Fiat doors for even small things :hit .
  4. arian

    arian Amatore

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    My linea met with an accident last week ( a truck banged in to my stationry car). The front RHS door has to be replaced and the survey is finished. BUt the SC says FIAT is not accepting any orders till the end of the month & none of the SCs in mumbai have RHS door in their spares. My brother is getting married at the end of this month. Needed the car badly and dont even know when they are going to dispatch the door.

  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Arian: I think factory in under maintenance mode as of now I guess, so probably the spare section is also down (ideally it should not), you could shoot the mail to mangesh, he might arrange the spare from some other location.

    When did you ordered the parts, i got parts dispatched on 17/12, though order was give in 1st week of december.
  6. arian

    arian Amatore

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    I understand that the factory is under maintenance mode but I seriously needed the car at this juncture. I m ready to write to Mr. Mangesh but it really is irritating to keeping shooting mails for such things. If it was a small dent I would ve carried on with it but the issue is that the car cant be driven without the door replacement & so is totally unuseable. SO till the door comes I have no other choice but to wait. On top of that none are ready to commit to a date.
  7. geeash


    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am


    I have finally got my car back. The parts are yet to reach the Service station. I bet the parts put in my car is from a new car or from some other car in the service station.

    The problem with fiat is that now that my car has come back, they will forget all about what has happened. They will not retrospect and take action on what has happened . I have seen this about a half a dozen times. Fiat will neither try to find out why dealer has not put a priority order. Nor the officials at fiat question the factory why the parts which was put to order on 10th was not shipped until 20th. and they will project a image as if aal isss wellll.

    Is there something we can do that will prompt them to take action?

    Yeah bnz jon. ajay told me that the factory is on a shut down for 10 days. Getting if from another state is a option but what happens when they too run out of stock?? But what happens to any car in mean time?.

    Ideally if the factory is on maintenance then they should have made sure that most of the required parts which are common for damage and wear and tear are readily stocked at authorized service centers, so that there will not be any hunting for spares from the SC side

    I bet that has not happened!!

    Amit (VahanPujari) and mods , Is there something you guys can do about this spare thingy before it becomes worse and pricks us in our own butt!! ?

    One thing for sure i am selling this car after my loan tenure ends. I will definitely not get another fiat car in india. though i have been passionate about the brand from my kiddie days passion doesnt take you anywhere. reality check is definitely the thing for the day

  8. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    :A :A FIAT - are you listening ? :A :A
  9. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    I think it was a bad day for you Ashwin that you got your service manager as Muthuvelmurugan. Below is my story:

    I got my linea delivered on 31/Dec/2010 and in the first week of Jan, my friend who usually sits in the co-passenger seat complained about the door opening lever not working properly. I then demonstrated him how to open it correctly since it has to be opened in 2 stages with the lock still on. On 08/Jan/2011, during our trip to Pondicherry, my friend told that the lever would not open the door at all. I got pertrified as I did not expect an issue like this in my first week of ownership.

    A little bit of googling helped me understand that this issue is common especially when the sun film guys do not seat the door opening latch properly while putting on the door panel after their task is complete. I was so relieved.

    Being very disturbed, I called the TASS on ECR who confirmed that the service stations work on Sundays too and that I can take my car to Ambattur which is closer to my place as compared to ECR. Following day, I took my car to Ambattur and went straight into the reception where I met this clown called Muthuvelmurugan. Not knowing about him, I explained the problem in my car. Pat he replied that if I have not done the booking, my car will not be looked into, how much ever minor the issue may be. Without even looking at my car he told that the problem with the door is a serious issue which needs chaging the whole lock set and that he was not sure if they had one in the stores. He explained many rules and regulations to me by which time I lost my patience and stared at me with cold eyes and raised my voice a bit. He understood my mood and told, "Sir, I am on Holiday today so I cannot help". I and my friend could not help but laugh as this guy was sitting in the service centre and claims he is on a Holiday!!!!

    I approached another service manager and explained my situation to him, to which he was surprised that I had only a minor issue. Within next 20 minutes another serivice manager came looking for me, checked the car, drove it inside the service area, opened the door panel and put the latch in its right place and thats all!!!

    Next time I am cancelling my appointment if it is scheduled to this jackass.

    I have heard that the Concorde service station on ECR is much efficient that the Ambattur one. Any experiences?
  10. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    There are 2 SA's at Concorde Ambattur. Customers are divided between these two.
    One is Pechi Muthu and other Muthuvel Murugun (i would have preferred a Quickgun Murugun who showed some urgency).

    This guy Murugun is new to the Job as the earlier service advisor 'Senthil' left Concorde and joined Wipro (dont know what has wipro and automobiles got to do !).

    These guys handle Tata Cars as well and they have too many things to take care of. The volumes are so high that they are not able to do justice to all the cars they handle. 75 percent of their customers are Indica drivers, 20% drivers of politicians and the rest tata personal car owners & FIATians.

    They speak to us the same way they handle the Indica drivers !!!

    Me too heard ECR is better off than Ambattur. Reason being less cars come to ECR when compared to the Ambattur centre.

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