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acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai ambatt

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by geeash, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. geeash


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    From: DR.ASHWINKUMAR <ashwinkumar_m@yahoo.com>
    To: [email]sairaj@concordemotors.com[/email]; [email]customercare@tatamotors.com[/email]; [email]service@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]ceodesk@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]rajeev.kapoor@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Mangesh.Kodalkar@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Ricky.Walter@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]ravi.bhatia@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Ranjit.Pawar@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Tarun.Khanna@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]narendra.sharma@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Pawan.Yadav@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]partshelpindia@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]anand.kumar@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]govardhan.pai@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]amit.shrivastava@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Aashish.Bhardwaj@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Ajay.Bhatnagar@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Deepak.Wagh@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]Sudhir.Bansal@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]marius.dlima@fiapl.com[/email]; [email]m.vickram@tatamotors.com[/email]; [email]natarajan.v@tatamotors.com[/email]; [email]venugopal.reddy@tatamotors.com[/email]; [email]shivakumar@concordemotors.com[/email]; [email]raju@concordemotors.com[/email]; [email]ranganathan.r@tatamotors.com[/email]
    Sent: Sat, December 18, 2010 11:07:53 AM
    Subject: Problem of parts for TN22BE3223-FIAT LINEA at concorde ambattur chennai
    Dear sir,
    This is Dr.Aswinkumar. I am the owner of fiat linea emotion pack petrol vehicle reg no TN-22-BE-3223. I had sent car to Concorde motors  ambattur chennai on last Thursday (9-12-2010) for service  as i had problems with gear slotting , tail light water leakage problem and engine noise problem. The tail light was replaced under insurance cover only on august 21st because of an accident and following which it was not fitted properly and water started to leak inside it because of rains. ( even during that time i was made to wait more than 2 weeks as the required parts were not available in stock). Gear slotting problem was there even during my last service which Concorde tried to rectify and it has come back again. There is a problem of engine noise too.
    The car was diagnosed of the problem on last Friday by the service adviser Mr. muthuvelmurugan and he told me that they don't have the required parts , so they have to order and will be getting it on Monday. It is more than a week now and i find that the parts have not reached the Concorde facility till now and there is no sign of it reaching it in near future too.
    It is worse to hear that even after 2 years after launching the car  the common parts like tail lights are not being stocked at your authorized service center. This same issue has been happening right from the time i had purchased my car. i find that parts are regularly not available at the authorized service outlet.
    Each day it has become a nightmare to hear from the service adviser ( Mr.muthuvel murugan) that parts have not reached.
    As it is authorized service center not stocking parts is a issue and it is even more pathetic that the fiat factory is not able to procure the necessary parts and ship it to the concerned center in due time.
    The service adviser says that they have duly put indent and the fiat facility is not shipping them which clearly means that there is spares problem again haunting fiat owners.
    I tried calling Mr. mangesh on Wednesday someone else picked up and said he will resolve the problem and till now it has not been resolved.
    I tried calling mr.vickram, mr.mangesh kodalkar and loads of other people today but i find them  not responding to my phone call till now.
    i have scheduled a trip out of station tomorrow which i had duely pointed out to mr. muthuvel murugan and told him clearly that i need the car before Saturday.
    I  warn you to make the car ready with all the required repairs done  within today evening.
    i hereby write this mail to tatamotors  and fiat to warn about the legal consequences that i am contemplating for all the mental agony and frustration i am made to bear each time i give the car to service despite the car being in warranty.
    I request the whomsoever concerned to buck up and tie the loose ends before my legal notice turns up to your doorstep
    This is my mail to fiat honchos.

    Each time right from the time i bought my car there have been spares problem in this dealership. You can see my thread in team-bhp "fiat linea periodi felici" for reference. It is totally frustrating for me and a couple of other guys in chennai who own a liena as it has become a nightmare for us to procure the parts.

    Kindly post your comments on how we can sort out this problem

  2. Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    My rear bumper got damaged a month & half back. It was ordered in the first week of November and i havent received the same.

    Twice FIAT despatched the wrong bumper pertaining to Active Variant. Mine is the emotion variant which has holes for the chrome strips.
    I have checked the order details and find that Concorde is indeed perfect in ordering the spares but FIAT is messing up in despatching the parts.

    Rhenius (madhu) too is waiting for the last 2 months for parts for his car from VST motors.

    Looks like all is not well between FIAT and Chennai dealers !! Concorde guys sqaurely put the blame on FIAT for this mismanagement.

    Dont know who is at fault but its the end customer who is suffering. Both parties forget the fact that the end customers are their brand ambassadors and they need to be treated well for increasing their sales.
  3. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Ajay.Bhatnagar@fiapl.com is the person to be contacted for spares. Aswin, I agree that you and your car is in a vary bad state, but I should say Fiat is not alone when it comes to spares supply, Maruti has the same problem too, it is just that most of the owners are not online. It also happened to me once that the TASS said the order was placed but after calling up Ajay he setup a conference call and the SA just mumbled and said sorry for not placing an order.

    The procedure I followed to procure spares twice follows.
    1. Visit TASS
    2. Make them place an order
    3. Get the order number.
    4. Call up Ajay.Bhatnagar@fiapl.com 09923752421 and give him the order number.
    5. Ajay will give you the consignment number by evening
    6. 2 days later the parts will reach the TASS.

    Hope this helps.
  4. geeash


    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Thanks pran for the mail and phone number. I have already sent the mail to ajay bhatnagar. tried calling him but no one picks up. may be its saturday they dont work.

    as for the spares issue this is not the first time this has happened. it has been happening to me since the time i bought the car . just see this ownership thread

    just for quoting last time i had a bad accident in august they didnt have the bumper and the tail lights for replacement . i had a agonising wait for 3 weeks before the shipment came .

    Imagine tail light and bumpers are common parts which are to be in ready stock with all the authorised dealers as they are the parts which are commonly damaged in accidents.

    If this is the plight for common parts then imagine my plight if the blue and me ( which has to be imported) conks off.

    Right from day 1 me and my friend bnz jon have been writing mails about this issue to fiat and concorde repeatedly to resolve this issue.

    even after 2 years after the launch they are saying the same excuse they were saying to me when the car was launched.

    I have tried escalating this problem with mangesh and co. each time they try to ship the parts and give my car back.

    but do i have to fight each time? do i have to write mails to mangesh and ajay each time i want a part?. what regulations fiat has ensure in making parts readily available at all the authorised dealerships?

    why cant tata/fiat serve a ultimatum to concorde or vice versa?

    it is because the fault lies with fiat. they have been repeatedly making mistakes in sending the wrong parts again and again. tata too are lazy in indenting parts from fiat. so the problem lies with both and not one.

    honestly my friend bnz jon has been contemplating to sell his 1 year old vehicle just because of this problem. no wonder.

    what can be done from our side is just to send mails and make calls and blast them. what else can be done?

    Is it the responsibility of the owners to get the indent no. each time and fax it to ajay bhatnagar? and follow up the parts? why cant fiat rectify their and their JV mistakes?

    i see no point in doing this.
  5. Rajen

    Rajen Regolare

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Reading the experience of old timer like you, it is scary to think about the availability of parts for my T Jet incase if it is required, though most of parts are same as Linea except the imported engine. Fiat need to do something on a war footing to resolve these issues. But seeing the response not much is being done on this front.
  6. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Yes, as you mentioned the dealer and Fiat is to be blamed. Dealer is to be blamed for not stocking common accident parts and Fiat is to be blamed for not responding to orders placed by the dealer. But one thing that I felt from my experience is, at least we have the mail id and phone numbers of people who can, and are ready, to help us.

    My neighbor waited for a month for the lower arm of his M800 to arrive, now that should be the worst case scenario, M800 is more common than an engineer or a doctor in India, the part should definitely be in stock and it should not take such a long time for one to arrive from Manesar either. And the highest level point of contact responsible for this was the service manager for him, can he do anything is out of question. I know a HC owner who had similar experience and I know someone who used to worked at Honda A$$ who have given me the most horrified service stories at Honda, to the extend of returning a washed car without servicing.

    Now am I supporting Fiat for the non-availability of parts, definitely not, it high time Fiat and TASS becomes proactive in the spares dispatch and stocking. All we can say is we are not alone, but since we Fiat owners are more expressive and passionate about our cars, we get to know such issues more.

    Ajay should be available on Monday, I would request you to try him on weekdays, and do keep us posted, there are many here in TFI who have better contacts at Fiat after the factory visit. I am sure you can see your car with you soon.
  7. geeash


    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Lucky that ajay called me back now and i briefed him about the problem. He asked me for the order number.

    But this time it is not the fault of Concorde as Mr.shivakumar has promptly given me the order number when i asked him and it is vor no 1428501 dated 10/12/2010. He said he will revert back to me.

    You can very well see how i am struggling to get the parts shipped here each time. I have to send the car and then sit with them to put the indent and raise the order number ad then fax it to the factory and then wait and check for the parts to come and the goad them to fit it and then wash and send me the car.

    Is it my job?. i never had any problems with my ikon or with my verna which i own now.

    Ok atleast we have the numbers whom we can call and check, but why should i do that?

    i have owned a fiat premier padmini, maruti omni, tata sumo, ford ikopn , hyundai verna and now linea. i have never faced such problems with any of the other cars except linea. may be a odd 1 or 2 times delay in delivering the car after service would have happened in this 20 years of ownership in other cars . and with my linea it has happened consecutively each time i have sent the car for service.

    May be if i have to do that ordeal again i might better post my resume for the job of the manager of concorde and get myself posted there.

    then what is the point.?

    I agree there are a few people who are commited to work like mr.shivakumar of concorde who each time promptly has picked up my car for service and reverted back to me or like mr.ajay bhatnagar who seems to get down to the point of error occurence. but rest of the people who are working in tata, i strongly believe dont have commitments towards a fiat car or their owner.

    everytime i ask i get a reply that they are yet to acclimatize to the situation. how long? will it take a couple of millennium?.

    or is it that having bought the fiat care despite all the angry looks at my home we are destined to suffer the fate of service fallacies for life?.

    it is not only me , bnz jon is waiting for his bumper for the past 1 month, mr madhu ( rhenius) is waiting for his car to be delivered to him after accident for the past 3 months at TAFE .

    Imagine 3 people at teamfiat from chenai having such issues there might be 100 who are not reporting

    who is to be blamed?

  8. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Who is to be blamed ?

    Both : Fiat & Tata. Their supply chain logistics is completely messed up.

    Fiat cannot directly dispatch parts. Parts go to Tata first and then they are dispatched to the dealers. At least that is what I am being told. I may be completely wrong.

    I know one owner from Pune whose left rear door was sent from Ranjangaon to Mumbai and then to Pune !! Reason ? because the parts are first sent to some "centralised" ware house which is near Mumbai. Absolutely dumb considering ranjangaon is just 50 kms from Pune.
  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Oh my God,is Mr.Madhu waiting for more than 3 months after an accident,after giving the car to TAFE??,even I have given the car to the same dealer after an accident,it's 10 days now and even the survey is not over and they are discovering expensive spares every day to be replaced to cook up a huge bill.
  10. geeash


    Re: acute shortage off all fiat parts in concorde chennai am

    Ok There is an update.

    Mr. Ajay Bhatnagar called me and asked for the order number. I called up concorde and asked them for the order number and part numbers. To my surprise I was given a order number VOR 1428501 dated 10.12.10. So they have indeed put the order on 10th.

    Called up mr.ajay again and asked him to check out the order. He called back saying there were 21 parts ordered under the order number and asked him which one is mine. I gave him the part number then

    Part number was for the left tail light and another was a 77364946 which was for the air duct system kit.

    He checked up again and called back. the tail light has been invoiced on 13th and despatched on 14th of dec only by road and the airduct system kit has been invoiced only yesterday and today being a sunday it will be despatched only tomorrow !!!!! and that too only by surface transport

    I asked him why was the air duct not despatched on 13th just like the tail light?? he had no reply!!!!.he has still not given me a reply!!

    the order was on 10th and only on 20th they are despatching one of the parts in ththe order!!. what a ridiculous proposition!!

    I asked him why it is sent by road and not by air?

    he says the dealer has opted for a normal despatch and not a priority despatch. so it will take minimum of 5-7 days for the parts to be recieved by the dealer!!

    What the crap!!

    My car is already standing there for 1 week now it looks like it will take another 1 week for me to get the car.

    Now you guys see the problem----

    service centre side

    The dealer despite indenting the order on 10th has opted for normal despatch which he knows that will take a weeks time. despite knowing why did he promise me that he will deliver up the car in 3 days??? why did he not opt for priority despatch through air when he knows that my car is not a accident car but a regular service car for which he has given commitment to deliver in 3 days?

    factory side

    why was the part not despatched the very next day after order ? why have they still not sent the air duct system kit? why was not both the air duct and the tail light sent on the same day on 13th?. why after me fighting with them all throughout the day yesterday they are still insisting the part to be sent by road transport???

    i feel something fishy is still there and more is yet to come..............

    i have already started my round of phone calls today morning as soon as i got up. i will hunt to see when i can get the car today and will keep you guys posted

    till then please pour in your views!!!


    This is the mail i got from partshelpindia@fiapl.com which i am enclosing
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your communication.
    We are sincerely apologized for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Please refer our today’s discussion with Mr. Ajay Bhatnagar .
    Dealer has placed Normal Order # 1428501 on 10.12.10, Purchase order no. 9800044528.
    Part no. 59064540- TAIL LAMP LH released from Fiat on 13.12.10.
    Part Tail Lamp Dispatched through Safe Express and Docket No. 25007892 by road transport.
    Total Order item is twenty one. Most of the parts are released from Fiat on 13.12.10.
    Part ELCTROFAN ASSY DSL BEHR MAKE released on 17.12.10.
    Part # 77364946-AIR DUCT SYSTEM KIT released today and will dispatch to dealer on 20.12.10.
    For further any query please feel free to contact under singed.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rita Singh
    Customer Support
    Fiat India Automobiles Ltd
    So what am i supposed to do? if fiat itself sends the parts only a week later than the order

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