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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by varunrtr, May 30, 2011.

  1. ramjn

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  2. fiatlover

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    Yes, accidents can happen to anyone anytime. A lot depends on the driving skill +presence of mind and the car itself. The bold part because, while a quick maneuvering keeps a FIAT still on the road, many others lose control and go off the road. Again, a lot depends on the driver.
    Isn't a ridiculous situation to get the steering locked when the car is in motion?
  3. rudresh

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    Hyderabad, India
    Today Morning while coming to office, i was going a in relatively narrow(1 Up, 1 down with squeeze one lane for aggressive overtaking but not safe) road, it has quite fast moving traffic though. I was maintaining little left side of the road due to heavy incoming traffic during peak office hours but no way a car can overtake me from right due to lack of space. Suddenly a Verna tried to squueze past me from right very dangerously and almost forcing me off the road on the left, I braked hard to avoid collision and with tire screeching and hands from ABS car slowed without a glitch.

    I had another option, to be aggressive and push him to right side of incoming traffic or hit him on the side if he tries to push me more. But, I didn't because it was driven by a driver, not owner. He passed the Skoda ahead of me like the same. I thought of picking up a argument when be both slowed down due to heavy traffic ahead but My wife said that its just time waste and I cannot change that guy's driving style. I let it go and decided to save my car and his car from accident.

    Now we always encounter this kind of morons on road. and often ends up as accident where ego comes to play than sanity. Its about being practical and aware of situation and outcome than being stupid on road.

    Its about loving your life and car too. :-D
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  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    For EURO NCAP,

    Frontal impact crash tests are done at 64 kmph
    Side impact crash tests are done at 50 kmph

    Most of the fatal accidents happen at speeds higher than these!
  5. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    I agree to most of your view. The reason behind many deaths on road is primarily because of the driver's irresponsible driving etiquettes and the lack of car's safety features.

    Few reasons why I think Fiat drivers are safe:
    Many deaths are due to the occupants not wearing seat belts. Most Fiat owners know why they bought their car and such a person will not be careless by not buckling up. The awareness of seat belt is mostly there in city limits, again only in cities you could see many Fiats, so less or NO death rate. I'm not generalizing that rural/small town citizens are not aware of seat belts. But, I have received many alien kind of looks at small towns from cab drivers, who live with the wrong impression that they don't need seat belts because they are experienced. I have personally seen people buying sophisticated cars driven by paid drivers and the very first thing they do is remove the seat belt connection to avoid warning sound.

    Why do everyone boast about Fiat in this forum as a safe car when compared to Swift? You will have the answer the moment you step on the brakes of Swift/Dzire. I didn't have a Punto equivalent braking confidence in Swift/old Dzire/new Dzire. I had strongly suggested one of my friend to stay away from those cars for the very same reason.
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^ perhaps a better statement would be "Few reasons why I think Fiat drivers are safer"
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  7. As a matter of fact I feel adrenaline rush when I drive my punto on the highways..guys anybody felt like this? ?

    Btw this happens when I see a swift/swift dezire almost at my back braking at panic situations.

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  8. Same happens to me when I see an indica taxi trailing me due to accident involving my GP and Indica.
    Other day I was on the way to office near Jayanagar 9th block,there were several speed breakers so, i used slow down after watching the rear view mirror.
    There was one Blue VW Vento guy coming as close as few inches to my car during that time, same story continued for another 3-4 speed breakers but,every time he was doing more hard braking.What if had to stop the car due to some reason as it it not uncommon in our roads.
    I just went extreme left and allowed him to pass, I just did not want repeat of Indica incident again.
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