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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by varunrtr, May 30, 2011.

  1. BoseSuman

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    Very true, do we think a 3.59 crore bentley car not safe and doesn't come with solidity. I don't find the link, but if you search here or Team-BHP accident section, you will find with pics how this car crashed on Hyderabad ORR.

    No Car is safe untill a driver drives it carefully with good control. even 80 KMPH speed also comes to us as disaster.
  2. rohit tunga

    rohit tunga Amatore

    Here are the details of a Fiat Punto whose owner, sadly couldn't make it. It was in this thread itself, although 42 pages behind


    True that !!!! Even more ridiculous would be an Etios guy defending the crash worthiness of his tin box..... Oops, sorry i meant his car :-D
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  3. ramjn

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  4. rudresh

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    my 2 cents, crash tests are done in controlled environment and accidents are random. High crash test rating is good, bt not a guarantee that it will save from all kind of situation.
  5. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

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    Does anyone think that SWIFTs sold in India and those exported to markets like UK are of the same quality? I read somewhere that SWIFTs exported have advanced safety features. I remember seeing a video in which they were demoing the ESP feature in SWIFT-in UK, not in India.

    End of the day, certification is more important when you sell your product to other markets (read outside India). You don't need adherence to any safety standards or certification to sell them in India. Nobody cares about them. Be it TATA, Maruti or any other sub-ten lakhs car.
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  6. Unfortunate incident ,that car did not had Airbags!!
    There might have been people died and not reported here but , if you take example of Mig 21 and Mirage 2000 both these aircraft's crashed and killed people but more by Mig 21 rather than Mirage 2000.
    That was exact reason why i and Arnab coined "Coffins on wheels" for swift/dezire as "flying coffines" is a tag for Mig 21's.
  7. rohit tunga

    rohit tunga Amatore

    No no.. not that. Please don't misunderstand.

    This was just a reply to your statement of not coming across any such unfortunate news with Fiat Cars.
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  8. Of course if they understood that DDiS meant Death Disguised in Swift..
    As some wise man pointed out the most important factor in any accident is proportional to the drivers driving skills and a few other factors ofcourse. .
    Now Maruti took this seriously ofcourse their concern over the safety of the people they made it a point any car you buy from maruti stable will be given to you after 6months only.
    In the mean time boys being boys with no toys for their joys (read a caaar)other than the usual driving lessons in the friendly neighbourhood uncles maruti ofcourse and simulation driving in maruti driving school, by the time D day comes they have matured to Schumacher which can be seen on on the road.

    Jokes apart,most of the guys always ask the same question why people always end up with a maruti inspite of so many drawbacks?
    Some answer good Service Network(no doubt network is too good but well only for weekend tmians meet..wait!! We dont have tmi yet!!), or sime say they great resale value(ofcourse it has, we all know y I guess a marutuian wanting to get rid of the engineering marvel...oops sorry I meant defect, and a noob looking for a caaaar sorry for show purpose only), or some say spare parts are available everywhere(yes ofcourse the last time I was driving from bangalore to kolkata I dropped a few parts enroute, bumper clips, maruti logo fog light cover etc
    And provided thw no. Of marutis in india spare parts shouldnt be a problem).
    But I wonder why nobody ever spoke of build quality, engine(no not the one borrowed from fiat..but they got a few engines k, l, m etc series engine) or atleast the driveabilty(ofcourse other than flying off to heaven great acceleration)

    Inspite of all this they manage to sell over 70k+ every month(now I know why the exponential increase in traffic)

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  9. Ganges

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    May be we don't find more FIAT accidents due to its (sales figures) count. :D.

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  10. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

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    Any car for that matter can meet with an accident. But the probability of owners getting out safe is much higher in the FIAT than the tin boxes or rather the flying coffins. More so the coffins can fly faster with morons behind the wheel.
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