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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by varunrtr, May 30, 2011.

  1. Wen a car is driving at speeds above 160kmph its very hard to judge, maybe the biker made a mistake, and paid with his life..the bmw driver seeing the bike could have slowed down, either way when you are on road stupid things like right to way etc shouldnt stop person from atleast trying to save another person..from what @naughty posted here the person stopped ahead to click pics and post in fb, so it doesnt seem to me he regrets his course of action...

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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Then it's no surprise. Hilarious but disappointing!
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  3. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    Another victim of the accident... Rahul Patel who was severely injured also in this accident, lost his life today in the hospital. He was 21/22 yrs. old...

    R.I.P Rahul Patel and Shivam Dave :(
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Naughty, you are rightly getting sentimental today. We all can fall victim to someone's fast drive or some else could due to ours. A mistake which is not intentional is understandable. Uploading the victim's pic on the facebook was not necessary, it proves that BMW guy is nothing more than a drone/clone in disguise of a human.

    Drive fast but responsibly too respecting other Human & non-Human life forms! He has not murdered a single human being but a whole family & top of that he is making joke of it. I am not able to get this why his father getting into this instead of punishing the guy who has killed his innocent kid. This old man is already dead along with his 25 yr old son.

    A few days back, when we were out to play cricket on sunday, a poor puppy was crossing the road where some drone/clone on a bike ran over his leg. He intentionally didn't brake as it was not worth for according to him. Stopped the car & gave him 2-3 tight slaps. I was insisting on breaking drone's left leg too until my friends rescued him away. I couldn't stand the pain in the eyes of the that poor puppy, the innosense was suffering beyond anything. Got him milk-pouch & left him in bushes where he was trying to go by crawling. After sometime his mother came & let me tell you, they are no different than we humans. Puppy's leg is permanently disabled now & he is on his 3 legs at present, though the pain is over. What is it to be a human!!

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  5. avithe1

    avithe1 Amatore

    (Mira Rd) Thane.
    Linea 1.3
    R.I.P. Rahul and Shivam.
    I was in Ahmadabad (Surat and Udaipur too) a few days back and the way bikers ride over here is pathetic. I am not taking any sides here as I was myself on a bike.
    - No one cares to wear a helmet
    - Bikers keep honking for no reason
    - Triple seat is a common site
    - At junctions bikers will just barge in without checking for vehicles coming from opp side
    - If you want to take a turn to a lane in the right, its like a game, you have to keep inching forward (towards right) but the traffic on the opposite side will not stop. Instead they will make a curve from around you but keep going (they do not stop) nor they make an eye contact for me to understand (nor to see my nod telling them to wait or stop).

    I do not understand the reason for this carelessness , it seems that there are more bikers on the roads than cars in Ahmadabad and Surat and its the car drivers who have to adjust their driving. Street lights were ON, dividers were present but still the unfortunate accident took place. Its just a simple ABC, Always Be Careful, which was missing I believe.
  6. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    When I was riding my bike for the first time, I too was a bit rash but I learnt to be a responsible driver. Now too I curse at least two bikers on my way to office/home for the rash driving and sudden cuts they make into the car. This happened in the first few days of my driving. I was climbing the Agara bridge and there was a biker going in front. I seen he was coming to right and I was on the right side track. I honked him and so he moved left and slowed down and prayed the Anjaneya there. By this time I moved ahead and reached the other end of the fly over. He chased me after that and finger saluted at me and drove away. I didn't curse the guy; simply thought you too will get your salute one day when you buy the car (may be he owns a car and just took the bike as it was new Pulsar 200 NS).

    I seen a lots of bikers and some car drivers don't turn right on junctions just by crossing the circle/post or whatever they put on the middle of junction; they just cut through the right once the median from which side they are traveling from. They don't realize at all that it is great danger to do so.

    The one who drove the BMW also should be punished. We have a story of Manuneethi Chola, a cholan king who put his son under the wheels of his car after he learnt that his son killed a calf while he drives his car. So am eagerly waiting to know what the government and the big-shot's father is going to do now?
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  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Women cheats death. Miracle survival. When these 2 wheely riders learn to follow Traffic :A

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  8. ^^^
    I have no words to curse that lady. I am worried for that Truck Driver who will be blamed and beaten because he drives a bigger vehicle. There is no way he would have seen the Lady cutting in front of his truck. Two wheeler drivers like her are still in the middle of the transition from Monkeys to Human being.
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  9. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    Was the bike driven by her or seems like other person was driving it and she was a pillion.
  10. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Visuals of this incident pained me.
    12 children, school bus driver killed in accident

    I'm usually the last person who'd resort to violence, forget encourage it - but in this case I whole-heartedly salute you.

    Maybe he lacks the real thing, and so stoops so low.
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