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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by varunrtr, May 30, 2011.

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    This occured on 26th,jun 2012 while we were travelling from Bangalore to kolkata.(me,my wife,and our two pugs were with us).Moved out the on 22nd@7am and reached Vizag at 1:30 am.(30 kms before vizag).We didnt want to enter the city,as the roads which pass through AP starts getting busy by 5am.So we wanted to bypass all this mess and start our journey at 4 am.In our previous trips we took a night halt on a roadside dhaba,which is pretty big and has all facilities(washroom for gents,ladies,medicine shop,petrol pump,and a security guard).

    As planned we woke up early,freshened up and left after packing some nice aloo parathas for on the way.We were on the the highway by 5:30 am,we crossed vizag city,and crossed a few small cities.We were cruising at 140 kmph as the roads are excellent to drive on,just as we crossed a small town suddenly a bus which was standing at extreme left(they say its a bus stand)suddenly turned right without any indication.I honked,used dipper whatever i could,stood on the brakes,tried to swerve the car towards right but still could not avert the accident.The bus driver didnt even try to stop the bus,when my swift collided with the bus I thought we are dead,it took me a minute to regain sense and decide the next course of action.I got out of the car and punched and slapped the driver(was so angry could have killed him),many people from the bus started saying something in telegu(i guess),couldnt make out anything though.Just opposite the road was a traffic checkpost,so traffic police came immediately and started accusing us.Traffic police were insisting to park the vehicle on the opposite side of the road and they proceed with negotiations.The car was not in a driving condition,the impact was so much the LHS front tyre got pushed inwards and the strut assembly got bent and was resting on the tyre,when i tried to move the car the power steering was fully rotating on its own.I was really scared thought the axle is broken,and moreover our car had an insurance lapse(we planned on selling this car,and go for punto.So i thought why to waste money.:sad:).It was really very very stupid of me:uh.

    The local police station was nearby,so they were informed and were very prompt to reach the accident scene within 5 mins.I thought if the authorities are so prompt,maybe they will help me.But that was not to be,even they started accusing and abusing me,they were saying that this route bus goes to some xyz place and it has to take a right turn go the xyz place,I was loosing my cool,how on earth would we know which bus goes where,they were not listening to me nor to what I had to say(I have very short temper).My wife seeing this jumped in the scene and explained them with logic,and the skid marks on the road,there was a video camera on the traffic signal,we saw the video and it was very clear in the video that the bus driver was at fault,they had to accept that it was the drivers fault but they said they cant help me as this is involving APSRTC(government bus),they cant do anything.I need to file an FIR and then fight a case etc etc.We knew there was no hope,and driving the car to the to police station was not possible given its condition.The driver paid 1000 rs as the damage charges(before this the cops took the driver and the conductor to a corner and maybe took a bribe).The only help the cops did was inform us that a car garage is some 10 kms away from the place we came.It was really very scary as the tyre was rubbing against the metal,the car was vibrating.It was really very difficult to drive,the power steering was acting funny,I had to see to it that I had to keep speed below 10kmph,as there were high possibilities that the tyre might get heated up and get burst.After every 5 mins we had to stop for 2 mins to cool down the tyre,and I got down every now and then to see if the strut is getting more bent or not.
    We took 2 hrs to reach the garage,we had to cross the road,and that was scary again,seeing speeding cars coming from opposite side,but I cant cross the road fast even if I wanted to.Reached the garage at 10:30.

    There was a cab driver who understood a little english and hindi,and hand jestures aswell,he helped us communicate with the mechanics.The mechanics were busy with other cars,but they started sorting out our problem,after opening the LHS tyre saw the bent strut bar.He said he can get me the strut bar from the city,but it will charge more.We didnt have any option,had to agree.The work was almost done by 6 pm,the mechanic took me for a test drive and it was fine,and the alignment was also good even after the impact(didnt expect that).

    The damages done to the car:::the LHS headlight assembly was broken,indicator broken,side orvm with indicator broken,alloy bent,left door got jammed couldnt open it,and the front bumper,rear bumper broken,front lhs sponder cracked,damages to the fuel tank.....:confused

    Paid him for his work and give him some tips,he was very happy and wished us best of luck for our journey.
    We had two options either to return to vizag and rest for the night and move towards kolkata the next day or to go to bhubaneshwar and take rest there.
    Obviously we chose the 2nd option,and reached Bhubaneshwar by 5 am,as there was Rath-yatra ceremony going on so decided to stay that night.

    we are lucky to be alive...
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  3. punto_emotion

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    Phew! It would have been hell of an experience! Thank god the mishap wasnt fatal. When will these people learn basic road sense atleast :A
  4. @ wolverine arnab glad to know that you and the family are safe...

    This means you had no third party isnurance as well?? road trips without proper papers is something not advisable and you did it from bagalore to Kolkata

    ...PUC and others are fine but without insurance:shocked

    Imagine what would have happened had u hit some pedestrian or your car would have caused some fatal injury to someone..
    it gives me a shock even to imagine such a situation...

    But anyways i guess you learnt your lesson and thank your stars...
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  5. varunrtr

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    arnab.. Its surprising that you were able to stop the swift within this distance from this speeds and escape with such minor hit!! you should ve had the premonition that these vehicles may turn to any direction and pass all of them with utmost caution. In tamil nadu, small tvs50 mopeds are the biggest danger, they may pop out from any by lanes suddenly !!
    One of my friends also had a similar accident near hyd when a bus took a U turn (like here) suddenly without any indication, but he couldnt mange to stop n hit it and finally succumbed to injuries even though he was in full gear. (he was in hayabusa).
  6. Arnab , so sorry to hear about the accident.

    I too had a similar experience while i was travelling at 160+ in my punto on NH4 . Suddenly a lorry came from opposite direction and crossed through front of me to a pocket road on my left side . Wish these people do these circus against some tanks or bulldozers rather than against cars .Thanks to great breaks of punto ..We were able to slow down ..
    This is the reason i always look for cars that reaches 100-0 faster than admiring cars that goes from 0 -100 .

    Happy to read that your family was safe ..

    Also one request .. never lapse the car insurance. .Even if you are planning to sell it , most of the buyers will not opt for a car which is not having a insurance ..

  7. thanks for your concern,even today i wonder if I could have done better to minimise that accident

    Yea I did learn my lesson but in a very hard way.The insurance just lapsed seven days back before the accident occured,we were supposed to leave a fortnight before but got delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances.I thought I am selling the car so why to waste 8-9k.But it was really not worth the money we saved.
    In all my cars all papers starting from pollution to tax everything remains in order.As I always drive safe,I took my luck for granted..:uh:A

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    I really agree with you regarding punto's braking ability.Even I had a scary moment in my punto,but it made it all look so easier.

    I really am very sorry,this mistake with the insurance will never happen again.I really learnt it the hard way.

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    thanks for your concern buddy,but after this incident I really feel scared to drive above 80 kmph,and I always am very scared that someone will come and hit my car.:cry:

    Really sorry to hear what happened to your friend,may his soul RIP.
  8. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    +1 for that ::T. Seldom does people consider this factor. A car becomes good only if it is also able to bring it to a stand still in the minimal time.
  9. bak

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    Sad to hear about the incident. Was in a similar situation, lorry suddenly took a right turn from a line of stopped lorries, insptie of me honking and dipper (@3:30). Came to standsill from 100kmph. Speeds anything above 90kmph would be dangerous with current driving manners.
    It is against law to drive a vehicle without insurance.
  10. yeah that is why i bought punto...

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