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Accident on 2-Oct

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Yesterday at 1 PM, while coming out of the PFA pet's burial ground near BGS Global hospital My car met with an accident.
    I have whole incident captured in a Car dashboard camera.Below is the link for the same.

    My car's accident capture video from dashboard camera - YouTube

    If you watch video it is evident that he rammed into my stationary car after couple seconds car was stopped.I wish I had the side camera too.

    I have had similar type issues in past , for which i ended up paying from my pocket or insurance. Even with insurance claim i get to loose no claim bonus end up loosing money.
    But,people like the biker who hit my car will continue to drive recklessly endangering others life and property.

    When i visited the police station, I saw three young people there in a room. After inquiring found that they were doing wheeling stunts on bike for which they are arrested, I felt with all the negativity i get hear about cops they still do the duty as good as any one else in different walk of life.

    You can see person in purple shirt talking to me after the incident.

    Me talking to person who rammed into my car - YouTube

    I have given written complaint in Kengeri police station, Posted this on bangalore traffic cops facebook page .

    I will update how drama unfolds.
    Here is actual damage, reason i went to police, this guy initially agreed to pay for the damages and later started arguing it was my fault.
    I had enough hence took the help of the law, not sure how police people will help.Any way it's is a learning.

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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Oh bad sat, I am sure this damage can be corrected easily.
    Good that you took the biker to Police.
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  3. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sat, sorry to read about the incident. It really hurts when one has to suffer for someone's fault. Your dashboard cam has done a good job. As you rightly mentioned, these are learning lessons. Wish people could respect other's belongings much more. Hope your issue is settled soon.

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  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sorry to see this Sat.

    I saw the video but a few things aren't clear yet. You cross the gate and try to get on the main road. On your left is a Indigo and on your right is a Baleno. Both are parked on the road and almost taking up one lane of the road. Due to this, when you get on the main road, you almost end up completely on the other lane. As a result both lanes get blocked due to poor parking of Indica and Baleno.

    Now, two scenarios come up :

    1. Either you did not spot the biker as the Baleno was blocking the view.
    2. The biker failed to spot you coming out in front of the parked Baleno and rammed straight into you as he had no other place to swerve to. As on his left must be the Baleno.

    Not trying to judge anything here. Just trying to recreate the situation from your and the biker's point of view.
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  5. He did not come to police station, I got his bike number and Phone number(using true caller i got his name too). Bike's registered owners name and cell phone numbers registered name is not matching.
    Cops told me that it will take two days and they try to get biker to station.

    You are almost right, there was an auto-rickshaw, due to bad parking I had to move slowly to get the visibility of the road, i sighted the biker stopped the car , he had almost half the space of half portion of the road left, this is evident as you can see the half road's white stripe visible. half of the road is good enough for bus to pass on my car wouldn't take full full road and i was in extreme left position possible in the situation. but, he was coming very fast may be some where at 60-70 kmph.
    His wheels locked up on braking and came and rammed my right fender directly.You can see there few seconds gap between me stopping the car and car getting the hit. If biker was driving in normal speed this would not have happened at all.braking at 30 or 40 kmph will not drag the bike for more than 20 mts to come and hit my car.
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  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    In all fairness Sat, this is a mishap due to circumstances of traffic and poor road manners of guys who park anywhere they like. Blaming the biker is just not the right thing to do, in my humblest of opinions. I'm sure the biker didn't intend this to happen. Whenever we get on main roads from side lanes, the onus is on us to make sure the road is completely clear.

    Let it go.

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  7. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Sorry to see the damage Sat. Hope you can get it repaired easily.
    There was an accident couple of days back in Kerala in which two bikers collide and the one on the pillion fell on the road only to be run over by a bus. The bikers had plenty of space left on the road to deflect and avoid the accident.
    And yes, parking where the wheel takes them to needs to be blamed.
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  8. If you see the video, I let two pedestrians and an auto-rickshaw pass before i got into the road, at that moment this biker wasn't even in the picture. Only after i took a turn i heard creeping noise of tire and saw the biker at the distance of 20-25 mts, I waited for him to pass but he turned left and rammed into my car.

    His wheels had locked up which he agreed too.All the while I was expecting him to gain control and pass in his path. if you observe he hit the car in right fender if i had moved car and occupied the entire road he should have been hitting me in drivers or rear door. if he was in right speed bike should have stopped and wouldn't have caused that much damage to my car.

    His front wheel was stuck in the wheel well of my car that was impact.

    Imagine if he had hit two wheeler or a pedestrian at these speeds, what would have been their condition? He claimed to be student but ...

    I would have let him go, I offered him to pay only 50% of the repair cost or come to police station. to which agreed to pay the money but later when i called him started talking all nonsense.Now his phone is switched off.
    Why would he do that if he wasn't having any guilt and not come to police station?
    Only then i complained to the police station. road before the pet symmetry has nothing but bgs global hospital and road ends there.
    Why one would drive so fast from the next building on a narrow road as though he is participating in a F1 race from pitstop ?
    I had my car DRL's on.I did not honk because it was clam place and burial ground.
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  9. Also watch the video from 1:55 onwards, i stop for pedestrians at that time.
    i take couple of seconds to watch the road sight an auto-rickshaw at 2:00, after two seconds on auto-rickshaw passes my car , i move only to hear a tire sound at 2:05 (five seconds after i sighted an auto)and sight of biker coming too fast. still I stop my car at 2:05 expecting biker to take right side of the road and pass and 2:06 car gets hit.
    I took good good 2 minutes get out of the burial ground and more than 12 seconds to watch the road and move.
    Who is at fault one who was watchful and moving slowly given all constraints or one who was not intending hit my car but was care less and over speeding on bike.
    I felt like I shouldn't have stopped the car but moved on may be he would have hit rear fender or rear bumper, then loss would have been lot less for me due to angle contact. but Biker should have lost control might have hit the divider.
    Any way let me see how this unfolds.
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  10. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    I am soo sorry on the mishap happened to you Sat. What a sad day for you. The courtesy should have been of that guy to atleast get things straight of the mishap than just shutting down the phone. Trying to escape is sick and utter stupidity.

    Since you had mentioned about you having a dashcam in your car which i think is very helpful, requesting you to open up a thread on that some time. I am googling for long time about this not seen a good one or a helpful write up. Looks like not much people are using it.
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