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Acceleration issue in Linea MJD test drive

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Hummer, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Hummer


    I am looking for a pre-owned FIAT LINEA MJD Emotion Pk. After a 5 hours long drive from my home town till Bangalore in my Diesel Hyundai Verna, I called up the Linea owner, who had placed an ad for selling his 2009 Fiat Linea MJD. His place was on the way to my apartment, so I wanted to take a test drive. I saw the car from a distance and was impressed by its exterios & looks, I got into the car and started driving. I was pressing the accelerator hard, but car took ages to reach 80kms/hour (No, I am not comparing with Verna!). Overtaking BMTC buses and Autos was almost impossible with this car. I literally stood on the accelerator in vain, finally I asked about the acceleration issue to the owner and requested him to drive the car. During his driving I felt the car was struggling to pick up speed. He told me all Diesel Lineas behave like this, but I seriously doubt. My Maruti-800 had better pick up than this "particular" car. I suspect some issue with acceleration of this car. Pls tell me it is not common behaviour of all Linea MJDs. I just love the car, but worried about performence. Pls help to decide.
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    2009 Linea used to be built very heavy by FIAT. FIAT cars are built solid and do not have the best power to weight ratio. A 2009 Linea weighs as much as 1291Kg IIRC. To improve the power to weight ratio, weight of the car was reduced twice.

    Still, in gear acceleration of Linea is better than most cars in its segment and comparable to Cedia. A Hyundai Verna is meant for outright acceleration but a Linea trumps it in in gear acceleration. Preferably take a test drive of a Linea in showroom and see if the difference is noticeable in that 2009 car. Also be advised that a FIAT Punto/Linea definitely has a small learning curve with respect to its gear ratios.

    What is the odo reading of that car? Whats the condition in general?
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  3. I am driving Linea MJD 2012 for 4 months now and covered around 9700 KM but never felt Linea is slow. Yes it does take time when RPM is less than 1500-1800 but if RPM is > 1800 I never felt Linea slow. I do not think its normal behaviour of Linea MJD, please get that Linea checked.
  4. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I have 2009 Linea and done 50K. Yes initial acceleration is less but once you are familiar with driving in proper gear in rpm range it will not be a problem. Once past 1800-200 rpm it shows its true power and a king in highways. In City if you are not interested in drag racing then its ok :).
    I have heard that 2009 lineas are tuned differently than the new Lineas which is now better in city driving condition. Someone in this forum (don't remember who) had commented that In highway the old Lineas are even better than the new ones even with less Horses.
    However I have no issues as usually I drive very sedately in city.
  5. The Linea will have a poor acceleration at lower rpm(below 2000)(only MJDs)... but in any gear, after touching 2000 rpm, it's acceleration will be awesome. So, there may be some problem with that "PARTICULAR" Linea as you said.
  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Why don't you take TD some more Lineas on sale and compare with this car?
    Or take the TD from the showroom itself. ;)
  7. Avinash

    Avinash Amatore

    United Kingdom
    Linea 1.3
    It's all about ''taming'' the beast within! The one i drive is the August 2009 model. Has 49k kms in the oddo. The engine opens up past 20k kms.

    Only the first gear is sluggish. Apart from that, it all depends on how you drive. Floor the accelerator, and yeah, smoke will come, but you will see the thrust once past 2000rpm. You can easily reach 40kph in the 2nd gear and 90kph in the 3rd. Use the 1st gear only upto 5-10kph. Slot into 2nd asap.

    If you seriously want to fly, ''floor'' the accelerator in second gear upto max 30kph, a ''quick'' shift to 3rd, floor it again, and slot in the 4th gear at around 50kph, and in no time you will will be flying at 100+kph in 4th!

    The gear shift is rubbery, but, it all depends on your ''skill'', to extract the full potential of the engine! Till this day, i've never felt running short of power while driving with other cars of the same segment.

    But the acceleration in new models is linear. But the ride is little jittery when compared to the old 2009 model. And yes, the progress after 120kph is slow in the new models when compared to the old. But on paper, the old model came in 87bhp state of tune, while the new is 93bhp.

    Personally, I would still prefer the 2009 model anytime over the new 2012 model. Am not saying this since i own a 2009 model. I have extensively driven the 2010 September and 2012 Jan model.

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    I would strongly suggest you to TD a properly maintained 2009 model again. Also TD the 2012 model back to back with 2009 model. You'll definitely feel the difference!

    And don't expect the 2009 Linea MJD to fly as soon as you release the clutch as in case of 1.5 Crdi Verna. ;)
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  8. I have driven my friend's Fiat Linea MJD 2009 model & I don't think the car lacks acceleration, i won't say a Linea is really quick but it's not too bad either. Pickup is a bit slow in the 1st & 2nd gear but 3rd gear has a good pickup, once past 2k rpm the turbo kicks in. U can easily push the car to 90 in the 3rd gear. It all depends upon the driving skills & how well u tackle your car.

    It's better you first take a test drive of a new Linea & compare it yourself with the 2009 model u drove as you will get a good idea. After taking a test drive of the new Linea MJD, if u still feel that this 2009 model Linea lacks acceleration, then there might be a problem with the car (maybe turbocharger problem).
  9. AjayJoshua

    AjayJoshua Timido

    Linea Classic
    I'm also facing a similar problem with Fiat Linea Classic MJD purchased in September 2013 (Km's run: 15,865):

    About few weeks back, when I was overtaking another vehicle, to my astonishment I found it hard to overtake, and it felt as though there was loss in power. Further driving down the road, it felt as though the engine is finding it very hard to go above ~ 2000 RPM (in any gear). Previously, there used to be that awesome surge of power > 2000 RPM. Other than that, the car is perfectly fine.

    I took my car for the third service sine it was due, and they said that there was a problem with the turbo hose and fixed the turbo hose problem and serviced the car (they mentioned something about welding).

    After the service, the car is fine, however, the same power lag is present > 2000 RPM. So when I contacted the people who serviced the vehicle, they said that only after driving for 500 ~ 1000 km, the power lag will fully disappear, due to the carbon deposited.

    I'm not convinced entirely with the explanation, so I've written a mail few days back to Service.india@fcagroup.com and Service.india@fiat.com and waiting for their response.
  10. vtlreja2

    vtlreja2 Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Bro. Just check the turbo hose pipe, clean the egr,intake manifold etc..
    I bet its turbo hose pipe leakage for sure as it is 2009 model...
    Get it check from the experienced Mech, :happy:

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