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AC vent of Fiat OE Armrest in Punto made functional

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Puntom, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

    Finally, the armrest AC is not dummy anymore. The rear passengers can also be kept cool


    I wouldn't call it a complete success! I do have some limitations. Why? Read on...

    I had ordered the Air ducting parts from 99rpm. It took more than a month to arrive
    They are nothing but two simple tubes. See the below picture. The two parts are mentioned as Air ducting


    Today I went to Pride motors on 17th cross near KR road in Banashankari 2nd stage (Yes, he was open on Gandhi Jayanthi)
    TFIan the black gave me this contact and he told that the guy there by name Harish was experienced with fiat and would do a good job.
    I had called Harish on 30th September and hence there was no need to explain more other than just showing him the ducts.
    He first opened the armrest and the centre console. The below picture is what we saw.


    The two tubes going sideways are for the under seat foot level AC vents.
    They were detachable and we removed the two sideways going tubes and then it looked as shown in the picture below


    There were two rectangular ducts from the centre console. But the air ducting had one single big rectangular opening at the end (as shown below)


    We thought it will cover both the rectangular ducts.
    While we were rights, we observed that the single big rectangle in the air-ducting was way too big for than the 2 rectangular ducts put together.
    That meant that sealing the airflow would be a tough job and it will not be a perfect fit. Sad.

    Second biggest problem was that the single rectangular duct when positioned to fit onto the floor (as per design) would go over the two rectangular vents from the centre console. That meant that the Sir ducting is not going to fit at all. Very sad.

    By this time TFIan theblack had also come there and we looked at all the parts to observe what all other parts I would need from the linea bin.
    Turned out that the flap unit (the unit which diverts the air to foot of face or both or the demister depending on the knob position) was the difference and it was a single piece and that would be too expensive.

    We had hit a roadblock. So I asked Harish to put back everything like how it was earlier and I told him that I would come back with the necessary parts no matter what the cost was.
    But he was not ready to give up. He asked me the cost of the ducting...I told it was approx 500 each and 1000 INR in total.
    His next question was if I was ready for an alternate idea and if I was ready to experiment. I asked him what. He told me that if somehow we could connect the two rectangular ducts to this side of the air ducting, we would succeed. He warned me that it may involve some cutting of the newly ordered parts and if this “fix” (jugaad as many would call it) doesn’t work, we may lose the console side ducting.

    I thought for a while...
    1. The side of the air ducting that would need cutting is cheap (500 INR)
    2. It was readily available if I want to order it again from 99rpm (waiting was a month was not an issue)
    3. The flap unit and other parts from Linea was expensive
    4. And I had no idea if it would be available (checked 99rpm n my mobile and found nothing)
    With all these reasons, I gave a green signal to Harish to go ahead with the fix

    First we had to find a connecting hose or pipe. Harish went to the store room and got two types of rubber Hoses. One was a straight and short corrugated rubber hose.
    And the other one was a CV joint rubber boot that was a rubber corrugated and tapered hose


    CV boot.jpg

    Both hoses were smaller in diameter compared to the air vents. This meant that we had to expand them and fit on to the vents. This was exactly what we needed because that would ensure an air tight seal.
    The smaller end of the CV joint boot wascut to make an opening.

    We tried both and the CV joint boot was the best choice since the other straight hose would need bending and which would constrict the air flow.

    So we positioned the ducting and marked a place to cut the ducting.
    The aim was that the ducting should be cut which is in a straight line with two rectangular tubes so that the custom joining pipe/hose should be straight and not bent to enable neat air flow.
    It was 6 Inches (we measured it) from the big rectangle side.





    This boot was connected. Just be doubly sure, Harish put cable ties to both ends.

    Air tight lock doubly sure

    This is how it looked. I find this very similar to Ferrari F430’s engine :D

    final joint


    After that, it was reassembly time. A small foam cusion around the gear lever was removed away to make way for the new air ducting


    Here we had another minor issue...The Hand brake boot was not fitting because of the new air ducting. Punto’s handbrake boot is a rubber one which is bog and sits on the floor. While the Linea’s hand brake boot is a polyester fabric type which just about the covers the handbrake and sits on the console. It is very similar to the gear lever boot.

    No place for handbrake boot

    So I asked Harish to remove the boot and I will now have to buy that part.

    The Boot(lying on the seat) removed and everything assembled

    Another view

    Other than this, everything was a perfect fit.
    The centre console and the armrest was put back in place.
    the rear half of the passenger cabin can be cooled fast.

    As was known, the rear AC will now work when the direction knob is set to foot level. I’ll use the face and foot position for optimum cooling

    1. The Armrest AC can be made functional
    2. The foot level airvents below the front seats will be gone
    3. If you are not willing to spend much money on it, it’s not a perfect fit and you’ll have to make a custom fix
    4. If you want a perfect fit and if you are willing to spend more, buy linea’s flap unit (so that the armrest AC works even in “face” position)
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    Grande Punto 1.3
    Awesome work. Thanks for the Detailed Narration. So What would be cost of linea’s flap unit??
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Great work Hemanth (and of course Harish).
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  4. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Big DIY.
    Thanks for sharing.
  5. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Are the Foot level AC working after this mod? The Linea has two such ducts, one for the rear AC vents and teh other for the Foot level AC. Either way, its a good to have mod you have done. ::T
  6. Wonderful narration. Also you found a right man to do that Job.


    What is diverted here is below the seats vent to arm rest, so foot-well vents would still work fine for front seat(driver and passenger) but not rear seats occupants.
    Any way need cool air for the rest of body more than rear foot well.
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  7. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

    Krishna, answer to your question is quoted below from my earlier post.
    And yes, you are right linea has both foot level and armrest AC
    That's the reason why the Air ducting is different.
    The flap unit in Linea diverts cool air to the under seat vents when the knob is turned to "foot" position and it diverts to the Armrest ducting when it is turned to the "face" position.
    Now in my mod, The armrest AC works when the knob is turned to the "foot" position and there is no cool air in the arm rest vent when the knob is turned to the "face" position.

    So I'll have to use the "face and foot" position to keep all passengers happy

    Front foot well vents work fine and krishna didn't ask about that I guess. He has mentioned foot level vents and he enquired about the under the seat vents

    To clear the confusion:
    "Foot well" vents are directed towards front passengers' feet
    "Foot level" vents are under the front seat directed towards rear passengers' feet
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  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3

    10 out of 10 for attempt man! you rock dude! :D Now since this is for sure the dream of so many Fiatians what is the cost of an actual OEM Fiat parts for this same, rear ac and armrest etc. including ducting ? Thanks for the post man, that gives me a lot of hope for my Linea MJD Dynamic.
  9. Puntoed

    Puntoed Amatore

    Austin / Blr
    I tried to search what your referring " Flap unit " could you please post the link or image.

    it would be great if you post the pics of OEM parts how it looks or from where we can source them it will help the others , so that they can order in one shot and try it :)

    When you buy the linea hand rest it will come as set right ? as per the images you have posted for linea arm rest. ?? or i am confused !!!
    again link for this please.

    before posting the question i searched in 99rpm site , didn't exactly the get the things , or i might have not understood. so please don't mind for my noob questions
  10. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

    The "Flap unit" was just a term that I used. don't know the exact name for that.
    It is a big single piece. Its almost the complete HVAC unit
    It looks something like the picture below. I exactly don't know the cost


    Replacements for the air ducting in this case are avilable on www.99rpm.com. That's where I got the parts from.
    The picture is in the first picture of my first post on this thread

    Nothing comes as a set. Armrest was installed after buying all necessary individual parts.
    Armrest installation is explained in the other thread very neatly.
    Here I have not put pictures of the armrest and related parts.

    Thank you asimpleson
    I got the armrest installed 2 years ago. at that time all the parts necessary costed me 3700INR
    Currently I read somewhere that it will cost 7200INR

    These AC ducts are not included in that cost
    These AC ducts will cost you ~1100 INR (two pieces both ~550 each)

    All these are exclusive of labour..It varies depending on the mechanic or its zero if you do a DIY
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