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AC Magnetic Clutch

Discussion in 'Technical' started by kawal, May 23, 2012.

  1. kawal


    This is regarding my Fiat Punto Diesel who's AC is not working fromt he last 1 week and i have tired completely being sorting out the issue.
    The problem starts from here, in the mornings and evening AC use to work fine, but then started tripping in the afternoon above 40 degrees. I can able to hear the compressor clutch sound tripping off.

    The clutch was nto working, and i was being told by the company that I had to replace the AC compressor which was not available at that time in company. Tehys aid to wait for 10-15 days, which was impossible for me. Then i took to an AC expert where I managed to get Clutch magnet changed and AC started workign fine. btu only for few minutes. Magnet which i replaced got short again. I did this 2 times and it didnt worked.

    Then i was told by the AC guy that yoru compressor seems to be weak so you need to replace the compressor. I asked comapny guy and he advised teh same thing, but ac was not available in the fiat/tata workshop. Finally I bought compressor from kashmere gate market - same make and model with FIAT stanped on it brand new for 14000 rs. Fitted that from new AC guy with complete cleaning of Nitrogen Gas and new Gas filling and everything single thing which needed.

    The AC went well for just 1 day and again the same problem - the magnet short problem in a brand new compressor. I changed almost a dozen of magnets int hsi last 4 days and the problem is not getting solved. When i went to company they said you need to replace the compressor again and if problem persists it will be under warranty and they will replace. but againt hey dont have compressor - have to wait for 10 days minimum.

    There is no wiring problem as per workshop guys. teh reason to put all this here is can somebody help me as I am very frustrated at this time due to car and its service centre people.

    It is such a good car but here in India, its customer are suffereing because of unavailablity of spare parts and lac of knowledge of service guys.

    They all have a hit and trial method and no value for customer's time and money.

  2. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    Why dont u email to higher authorities about this . See following the dealer does not help even a bit in case of FIAT . Just shoot an email to concerned people from Fiat and you would be surprised to see the response .
    Try these 2 email addresses : rajeev.kapoor 'at' fiat.com , Mangesh.Kodalkar 'at' fiapl.com .
  3. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    was the receiver drier/accumulator replaced when the compressor was changed? it absorbs moisture when any component is removed from system and have to be changed or it causes acid to form in ac system
    How much gas was put in your system. Ideally the AC takes 460+- 20gm(R134a) gas and 125+- 15gm oil (SP10) after flushing the system.
    Have you checked the tension of the belt which runs compressor
    Have they checked the working of AC pressure switch?
    Have they checked if AC relay is sticking when temp is rising

    How old is your car, model, year ? Is it under company warranty or extended warranty
    Last edited: May 24, 2012
  4. rajatoswal


    I had problems with Punto 1.4 petrol AC from the beginning. I had bought the car in early winter. As soon as summer arrived the AC would not work at all after keeping the car in sunlight especially in the afternoon (even the fan wouldnt start). The AC would work perfectly in the mornings and evenings but would just not start in the afternoon. At times it would just start after driving for 15-20 minutes.

    I went to TASS for atleast a dozen times.

    Initially they wouldnt just admit that there was a problem. Even after they admitted that there indeed was a problem they could not offer any solution and I also tried to keep the car parked in shades all the time which would prevent the problem. They said that the high temp was causing the AC to trip. They changed some part related to the fan (resistant or something like that) but with no result.

    Later they tried to put on a flimsy insulation pipe and some other material the next year when FIAT started accepting that the AC indeed had a problem and later i came to know about the AC upgrade and went for it. But the problem with the AC persisted.

    Later around 8 months back they changed the AC fan after my persistence and now there seems to be no problem with the AC.

    It is very possible that this problem is not similar to yours but i wanted to highlight two points. First that these guys at TASS have poor knowledge about the car and simple problems are not handled professionally and allow the problem to linger. Secondly we need to persistantly follow up with them otherwise they dont care and we can definitely learn from each others problems/experiences.
    Last edited: May 24, 2012
  5. kawal


    These workshop ppl are useless, they have only 1 solution to everything that is to replace without finding a proper solution. Yesterday I went to workshop agai. Regarding my problem and there I met 1 Linea owner facing the same ac trip problem. The company changed its compressor but again the problem remain same - I called up that guy personally to know if the problem is solved by changing the compressor through company. He said after few minutes only ac started tripping.

    I went to my local AC guy again and he tried testing wirings by doing direct circuiting of AC. By doing this ac stopped tripping but my condensor blasted making a whole in it. The guy confirmed that it blasted because it was choked and that was the reason ac was tripping from day 1
    today I was not able to find condensor locally - make of condensor KALE in old model punto 2009.

    Lets hope tomm we will change the condensor and all the problem should go off.

    Everyone here in India work on hit and trial method.

    Waiting for pure Fiat service centre, I hope they could do some better management.
  6. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    51785227,59116447 and 51831829 are the part nos for new condensers. You can install anyone which is available. You don't have to install KALE only.
    Last edited: May 25, 2012
  7. kawal


    Any idea where I can get condensor of fiat punto in pinto. Checked out kashmere gate, nobody has it.
    Help me please.
  8. Suraj Dhillon

    Suraj Dhillon Novizio

    Hi, i want to know then from where u get KALE branded condenser? I m facing same problem.
  9. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

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