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AC Issue with my 2010 Punto 1.2

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by marvin patrick gray, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. marvin patrick gray

    marvin patrick gray Amatore

    Hi guys,

    In the past few months, I experienced that the AC of my Punto 1.2 is not cooling efficiently. The thermostat cuts off very frequently. Got it checked at the service-centre and what they did was filled gas and they said it will be fine. It was fine for sometime but after a few weeks the problem started again. Then came May, June and I became impossible to drive the car for a long time. Recently I again went to the service-centre and told them about the problem and specifically about thermostat cutting off frequently. I went for a 10 minute drive with three guys with me and after coming back they told me that this is normal for 1.2 Punto and I have to live with it. I said I cannot live with it and a car's AC is not supposed to behave like this, as in thermostat cutting off in like 1 minute then again on and then again off in the third minute. The technician opened the bonnet and connected two pipes from a machine to somewhere in the engine bay. What he told me was he flushed out the gas, ran the vacuum for around 20 and refilled the gas. We again went for the drive but the problem remained the same. They called up some technician probably with some Marathi or SOuth Indian accent and put the phone on speaker for me to listen. The technician said to check the thermister and then he said 1.2 has this problem. I told the guy with me to let me talk to him but the guy with me refused. Then by going through a couple of threads here, I told them to check the thermostat and cooling coil which they called evaporator(guess I am right). They said for checking it the dashboard will be opened. I gave a green signal but later they found that a cooling coil and thermostat are not available. They noted it down and told me that it will arrive in 10-12 days and they will give me a call when its there and then it will be replaced and checked.

    What could be the problem ?? Hows the AC of 1.2 guys here ??

    My car's AC cuts-off and then on again in a matter of minutes. The cabin is never cooled to optimum level. I have noticed that AC cuts off when RPM falls. This never happened during the last three years of my ownership and though AC was never bone-chilling it was pleasant enough. My car is black in colour and that to probably adds up to the warmth inside it.
  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    ^^ The problem you mentioned is typical AC problem and there in all cars, since Palio/Siena and now with Punto or Linea also. It can develop anytime. Using the fine pollen type (paper type HEPA filter) is recommended, it helps in prolonging life for evaporator. The evaporator in you car could be OK, you should have changed the thermostat once and then if cooling is not at par checked the evaporator.

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