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AC compressor

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by r2d2, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    Would changing the AC/alternator belt make the compressor/alternator run more efficiently and put less burden on the engine.My 2009, Linea MJD has done 75000 kms, .The SA at FASS inspected and saying belt has no issues and no noise.
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  2. venky1957

    venky1957 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Gopikish, I had taken my car to Ramkay, Perungudi today. Earlier I spoke to Magesh, SA (DRIV3R gave me his contact details. In fact I referred it). He advised to bring the vehicle after 12 noon. I reached by that time, Magesh attended my vehicle and got it checked. A cut in the sealing gasket of condensor led to leakage of gas. The job was completed satisfactorily. They are good. In fact they are new and under development. Total bill including labour charges are Rs 2273/- only. Job done - two gaskets and one O ring replaced and gas charged. Thats it..
  3. Cool..seems good that they dint charge you much. Probably I would be visiting the Service station tomorrow, it's gonna be a casual visit. Thanks for sharing your experience Venky.

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  4. amitparmar4

    amitparmar4 Timido

    I have Fiat MJD 1.3 Punto, In last few days my car ac performing very poor, very less cooling effect.
    Yesterday, I filled/recharged the Cooling gas R134a in My Car.

    Now, After filling the gas, Ice deposited near compressor pipe. mechanic said ac cut-off switch is not working.
    & Told if you continuously use the ac will blast the compressor pipe. & also compressor is not getting turn off after reaching the desired temp.
    pl suggest.
  5. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Our compressor are belt driven and I guess there is no cut off. The temeperature control is done by mixing hot air with cold air.
    Pls correct me if I am wrong.
  6. amitparmar4

    amitparmar4 Timido

    AC Gas filled yesterday due to low cooling,
    Now chill effect feel, but ice deposited on compressor pipe.
    and compressor isnt cut off after reaching the desired temp.
    - AC mechanic said , faulty cut-off switch and it leads to burst the compressor pipe..

    pl suggest, is it normal to deposit the ice on compressor pipe,
    And compressor is getting turn off after reaching the set temp..

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    There is mangetic coil on compressor pully which engage the compressor when we Switch ON the AC.
    I just want to know that, Is compressor doing ON-OFF function to cool down the cabin Temp or it Continuouly ON.
    And it is normal that ice deposited on compressor Pipe.
  7. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    Did you test how much temperature was there at the fins ? i recently checked for my 2012 may month filled gas punto mjd and the temperature went up to 2.5 degrees at the evaporator side. please check using a external temperature gauge one that will be available in a/c repair shops with long wire and temp sensor that you can push into the air fins.
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  8. amitparmar4

    amitparmar4 Timido

    i havnt check , but it must be below 0 degree because ice deposition.
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    What should be the ideal temperature at the vents
    The last time i checked it was holding true at 5c.
    Is it ok or less or more?
    Mine is 09 model mjd

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  10. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Fiat MJD have variable flow AC compressor which works full time but lower its speed as the load decreases. High side ac pipe have a sensor fitted onto it and if it goes outside a certain range ECU cuts off compressor but MJD doesn't have any temp based cut off like present in other manufacturer cars as variable capacity compressors doesn't require them as they prevent ac coil ice formation by lowering their capacity automatically. They almost work like home inverter AC or commercial VRF systems.
    Ice does get deposited on ac pipes in engine bay when temp outside is not very hot but its very less around 1mm thick if its more in your car get ac charged again at FASS. Outside garages fill gas looking at pressure reading of low and high side but its not accurate and gas filling machine should be used in cars which have variable capacity compressor as they are highly sensitive to gas present in system.
    AC grill temp goes as low as 2.5 C in MJD's depending upon temp outside and how much time AC have been on, any reading below 7 C is considered good.
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