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AC and music system go totally "dead" suddenly

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by vivek_lko, May 22, 2011.

  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    AFAIK, The 'H' was not there in the beginning.. they started the H some time later on. I am not sure of the exact time line.
    When I got the car unloaded from the trailer, it showed around 22-23kms. After registration etc, when I took delivery, it showed 48kms which is fine considering the drive to the RTO office and back which is nearly 10kms away from the showroom.
  2. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Hello All,
    I was able to track down the cause after the excellent illustration by Viny. Well the exact fuse, as pointed to by Viny, had blown off. Unfortunately FIAT does not provide any spare fuse along with the car which is very bad considering that a low cost car like Figo has some spare fuses in the Fuse Box :(
    Anyways so took the car to TASS (Oberoi cars) . The guys were pretty busy considering that it was sunday, so I was told they would just see if replacing the fuse sets everything ok , else I need to come on Monday. I guess that was justified since they already had cars lined up for serviicing.
    They changed the fuse and it blew off and they told me to come on Monday.
    It was then that I decided to do some engineering. I bought some spare fuses from TASS(5 Nos costing INR195, 3Nos 10A and 2Nos 7.5A). Got some extra as a safety measure. Actually the guy at the workshop told me that these fuses are actually rare and recently they have got it but he cannot give me more than 5 as the max he had I guess was 10Nos , 10A and 10Nos,7.5A .Now I guess every FIAT owner should keep some spare fuses with them.
    Then I disconnected the Blaupunkt Amplifier , replaced the fuse , restarted the ignition and Voila...All ok AC working , HU switched on except that no sound was there since the Ampli was disconnected. So the problem WAS with the amplifier that I got installed during ICE upgrade .
    Also the ODO blinking which I highlighted was also gone. To test , I again removed the fuse , put the key on OFF position and then back to MAR position . Again the blinking was there . I tried doing the same stuff with few other fuses , but removal of those did not lead to ODO blanking. The ODO blinking was there ONLY when I removed the 10A fuse which Viny had suggested. Maybe this blinking on the removal of fuse is just a side effect and does not convey any information.

    Anyways now that my ampli is gone(lasted for full 2 months :( ) , I would have to think some way of solving it . Am not keen on getting another one , since I think that these Amplis get pretty hot and somehow the ventilation in Cars cabin is not sufficient and this might have damaged the Ampli. Would see if it is possible to operate my current ICE setup directly through the HU. Can anyone feedback on this ?Maybe I should see Johny s thread on ICE installation.

    Another thing that surprises me is that the Fuse on Ampli is rated at 30A while the Ampli is actually connected to the Radio Node , the fuse of which is rated as 10A. So for sure , in case of any problem in the Amplif , the fuse in the fuse box will Blow , while the Ampli Fuse would sit happily !!! BTW is it really possible to power the PnP amplifier from some other node which is rated at 30A or more ? So that the Ampli fuse blows and NOT the internal Fuse of the car .

    my ampli costing 8k has gone :(

    To summarise :
    1. Problem was with the third party installed Blaupunkt amplifier . No problem with the FIAT parts.
    2. ODO blinking will occur when the 10A Radio Node ,specified fuse is removed or is blown off.
  3. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    nice to note that and glad for your ride is back to normal.

    do not always try to replace the blown fuse immediately. check for the cause else chances of cables being burnt,fire hazards or something else get messed cannot be ruled out.

    the reason why fiat do not allows any kind of additional electronics or electrical manipulations (voids the warranty)
  4. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Jayadev , you are absolutely correct. Just as a precaution now I have kept some spare fuses with me , since at the TASC I was told it is not easy to get the fuses. Reluctantly they gave me three spare fuses ; and told me that cannot give me more due to the limited supply . BTW I was reading in some post that there are spare fuses available in FIAT cars . Are you aware of this ? I could not find any.
  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Sorry for you amp and a very delayed reply. If you would have gone through the Blaupunkt THA 555 PNP thread, i have clearly mentioned that one would require to pull a seperate power line. A detailed explanation with images have been provided about the wire guage and power consumption is been shared there. HU 10Amp Fuse was ought to blow out given amp required 30AMP / 40AMP power in peak period. Best was was pulling a direct cable from battery with 40Amp rating and then putting in a line capacitor in between before reaching AMP :) and for DRIVEN : nocomments :p And can you explain me about how you managed to blow off ampli?
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2011
  6. vijay822002


    Hi Vivek,

    Sorry for Your amp. I don't think you have to loose your amp. Its only 2 months old and you can ask for replacement.

    For your information- I also got installed my amp (Blaupunkt) in DRIVEN. Its almost 10 months now. I have not faced any problem with my music system. In fact my amp is more than 7 years old and there is no problem till now.

    The only difference from you is that i got installed my amp in the boot.

  7. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    @Viny..Well may be my wordings are not correct. The ampli actually caused a short in the Power Supply which led to the Blowing of the fuse. This occurred as I detailed in my first post of this thread. The volume was around 6 so I suspect its the bad ventilation as even with the AC the ampli might not have been sufficiently ventilated due to which it malfunctioned and got short. Just my thought.

    @Vijay I really doubt if putting in the boot would make a difference . Actually Driven themselves said that these Amplis are smuggled and there is no warranty about their "health" . In fact a few days back I was going through some thread either on TFI or on Team-BHP , I dont remember ; one other member who got the ampli installed in the Boot from Driven , too suffered from a burnt out stuff. If you want to know I can find it out. Anyways did Driven give you any warranty on the Ampli ?
  8. Dear Vivek,
    i have gone through same problem last week. Do you mean your stereo and a/c becomes dead samiltaniously?
    in my case only music system is dead. i have installed THA 475 PNP and that too from DRIVEN.
    As indicated by viny 10 Amp fuse was blown. are you sure that your amp is gone bad because in my case also 10 Amp fuse was blown once initially. I measured with a multimeter and AMP sometimes demands more than 10 A while getting on. i have blown 10 A fuse once while replacing but it was not because AMP was short.
    I have replaced same fuse with 15 A rating. everything is normal since. i have continuously played for nearly 1 hr and uptill now no problem.
    Just a suggestion to check your amp once.
    and yes i have purchased fuses form maruti dealer. Same fuses used in swift too.


  9. azeet
    revert back to your 10A fuse.
    its dangerous playing with electronics!!!!
    you might have to keep replacing the fuses. its better than something big happening..
    wat say?
  10. thanks for your advice srikant. But i have done a thorough testing before taking this decision. I am trying to power my AMP directly from battery. Right now it is drawing power from same ISO meant for head unit.
    Its is simple : 10 A fuse was meant to protect only HU. now since we have loaded the line with additional AMP , fuse rating must go up. AMPS do demand peak current while turning on.
    on the other hand i will replace my AMP fuse to 12 AMP. existing is 30 A. This way , AMP fuse will blow prior to main harness fuse.
    This is a temp arrangement till i manage to power my AMP directly
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2011

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