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Absolute Emotion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by pdydeva, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Speed breakers never caused me this kind of trouble, whatsoever be it's size. It's a road reworked after laying water pipes. This road is off old airport road towards BEML gate. The contractor simply dumped the pits with mud and they got washed off during the recent rains which exposed all manholes in a dangerous way.
    If anyone wants to test their vehicle's ground clearance, I definitely recommend this road :evilsmile

    Whether the car is strong or not, it hurts me a lot when the car gets hurt. Was off for the whole day.

    Now the rear doors are totally OK except the rear LHS power window which rolls down/up very slowly with noise.
  2. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    How its ok now ?? Are changed/repaired lock ?
  3. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    As it happens to be with every mechanical part, frequent usage of rear doors made it easier to operate after few days.
    No repairs till now.
  4. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    But this problem was in ur punto's every door...whereas this problem is in my punto's Left rear door only.....but this problem is in all door's then no problem for me...but its just for one door...therefor i going to checking !!
  5. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    ownership report at 12K

    It's been very long since I touched my own thread. Yes, there is a need now :)

    Before that, a little history:
    Current odo reading : ~12.3K kms
    Age: ~7 months

    1. 3M under body coat with 5 years warranty
    2. Got Cerwin Vega components for the front alone with normal damping material. No sub or amp. (Total cost : 7K)
    3. Reversing sensors with BNW paint (Total cost: 2.8K)

    1. 5-6 drives between Bangalore and Pondicherry
    2. Bangalore to Ooty via Bandhipur and Gudalur
    3. Bangalore to Pune (for factory visit)
    4. Bangalore to Murudeshwara via Kukke, Dharmastala, Mangalore, Udupi and Kollur
    5. Bangalore to Mullayangiri (chikamagalur)

    Issues faced
    1. Water bubbles on the LHS running board's paint. Gotta fix it under warranty during 2nd free service (15K service)
    2. Slow winding of Rear LHS window glass. Gotta fix it under warranty during 2nd free service (15K service)
    3. Got a "Low oil pressure, Low Fuel warning and Airbag failure" one after another when I started the car after a night long rest in Ooty's 5-6 degree temperature. Nothing after that.
    4. FR LHS window refused to come up after rolling it down with mist droplets. Had to give some pull force to roll up back again. No issues after that.

    1. Regular service at 5K with wheel alignment and balancing and fluid top ups. Cost me 90 rupees (planning for posting service record shortly)
    1. Wheel alignment and Road force balance at Madhu's
    2. Cleaning of Air filter for every 2-3k kms
    3. Cleaning of AC filter (mesh type) whenever cooling is compromised
    4. One puncture on the FR Apollo acelere. Happy with it's performance :)

    Fuel efficiency:
    Based on the MID calculation:
    Highway: 17-18 kms (while keeping 120 as top speed)
    City: 15-16 kms (in Bangalore traffic)

    So far the drive is trouble free. Planned to change the Oil and air filter before 15K service itself as both are at their end of life.
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  6. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Next time try A1 car care near Mallige hospital , Ashoka pillar road.

    I did get my car aligned and balanced at madhus and they didn't do a good job i then went to A1 and after that been going there every since.
  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Ohh.. but general opinion on Madhu's is good. May I know the problem you have encountered?

    I had been there to get a feel of the new Hunter's Road Force wheel balance system (which they claim first in India). It's quite complicated machine. As I had no issues specifically before going for it, I can't rate it's effectiveness.
  8. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    Made a visit to Vecto motors for fixing an accidental damage (more info at http://www.teamfiat.co.in/exteriors-body/9704-reversing-lamp-dislodged-reflector-broken.html).

    Also thought of changing the oil+oil filter along with air filter. But the SA advised me to stick to FIAT recommended oil change intervals as they may reject warranty claims if it is not done during regular service. It didn't make sense as I wanted an oil change at FASS only. But the SA said, Fiat will take the service record only and not running repair records. I had to believe his argument and asked him to change the air filter at-least as I was able to see small leaves and twigs inside the air filter box.

    Total cost for air filter: 340 (incl VAT)
  9. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    2nd free service experience

    2nd service/15000 kms service
    FASS: Vecto Motors, Bangalore
    Mileage: 14486

    Issues reported:
    * Rear LHS window glass slow rolling
    * Boot door hard to shut
    * Inner side of the Rear LHS door filled with oil dirt

    Service drop experience:
    Initial experience while handing over the car for service today morning was pretty good. Had to wait less than 2 minutes before the SA attended my car. Requested not to change the air filter as I changed it recently. Instructed the SA repeatedly to clean the oil mucks from the Rear LHS door, as it was dripping and spoiling the door itself.

    Also, mailed the CRM after going to office requesting her to see to that they clean it properly. Got a response that my car would be taken proper care.
    Checked regarding the free shuttle service to drop customers. Got to know that they don't have adequate drivers for providing that service.

    Delivery experience:
    Was waiting for a call till 5.30 pm. Reached service center at around 6pm to see that my car is ready for delivery. Had to wait for more than 30 mins as the SA was busy in invoicing all the cars he attended for the day. Checked the rear LHS window rolling issue.. voila !! it's gone now. Happiness didn't last long when I saw the oil stains all over the seat fabrics. Seat wasn't covered properly with the polythene sheet. It's just for name sake. Checked if they cleaned the oil muck, NO.. got irritated to see the oil stains in-spite of so many reminders.

    Asked the SA to get these issues fixed. It took another 15-20 mins for him to put someone to get them cleaned. I felt they never opened the door panel to clean the oil muck. Asked them to remove the panel in front of me. One of the screw head got blunt and the mechanic was unable to remove it. He struggled for almost 30 mins and said "sir, it doesn't come off". I had nothing else to respond but "So??". He understood my anger and brought in more experts to remove. After some more tries, I had to suggest them to drill the screw and break it. Then the cleaning got over at last by 8pm.

    Oil drip and muck

    Oil marks all over the seat fabric and glove box handle
    20130613_183419.jpg 20130613_183450.jpg 20130613_183505.jpg

    Overfilled fluids

    Invoice time: Saw the bill and shocked to see that 2 glow plugs were replaced and I was billed for that. SA apologized and blamed someone else for the goof up. He went to meet the manager for cancelling the invoice and get them billed under warranty. Another 30 mins passed (had the good chance to see the new T-JET). He came back with a fresh invoice and said that only one glow plug was changed actually but that other person has entered it wrongly as 2.


    Some of the other things I saw during these 2 hours stay:
    * SA trying to reverse a Linea into the service bay while trying to do something (trying to call / SMS someone) with his mobile phone in one hand
    * another service personnel trying to get out of a Punto by pushing the door even after seeing that it's hitting another car's front fender
    * Lots and lots of negligence in everything people do
    * doesn't look like a complete DMS migration has happened yet. SAs are referring the TATA DMS database often. An overhead in logging in and out. Part codes are not clear yet.

    Overall time spent: I would rate my experience as 3 out of 10. I was there for 2 hours to drive the mechanic to get all the work done. After all it's my car and I don't want to see her frowning with issues.

    Overall cleaning: Again the cleaning is nothing remarkable. My apartment security guy cleans the glasses much better. Interior cleaning I'll definitely rate 0 out of 10. They spoiled the interiors. Gotta do it myself over the weekend.

    Finally at invoice time, the SA has given me the feedback form and I told straight on his face that it's going to be negative. But, he politely agreed that and said it'll definitely help them in correcting themselves. I definitely have to appreciate this part .

    From this service experience, I very well feel that setting up exclusive FASS didn't make a difference. Atlast, finished off all the formalities by 8.40 pm and got into the car. Forgot all the miseries when I heard the engine roar
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  10. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Waiting to collect the car from 6pm to 8.40pm itself is ridiculous and frustrating considering the fact that it was a regular service and no major issues reported. Hopefully Vecto learns from customer feedback and improve. One thing which surprises me is the fact that these guys aren't new in auto servicing. Wonder why its taking so long for them to settle down!!
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