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ABS problem in my Linea

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Siddhartha86, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Today I got serviced my Linea 1.4 Emotion Pk.It was its 3rd service.Everything went out smoothly until I was about to take my Linea back.As I was leaving I noticed that ABS light on instrument panel was on. Few hours before I test drove the vehicle and it was all fine.After the test drive the vehicle was sent for washing and after that only I noticed the ABS light switched on.I immediately informed the SA and thereafter the ECU examiner was attached.
    Unfortunately the ECU examiner was faulty and hence the problem could not be diagnosed.I took my car back and on the way CHECK ENGINE light also started blinking(not continuously ON) but it got switched OFF after some time.I felt that the car has lost some pick up and engine knocking has increased(ie at low speeds at higher gears).
    A message saying "ABS is Unavailable" is also appearing on the small LCD.According to me after washing only the ABS light got switched ON.
    What could be the problem experts ?Is it advisable to drive the car in this condition ?
    I am planning to go to another dealer after couple of days.
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Does seem like they've 'washed up' some electronics. But nothing concrete can be said until the ECU examiner tells what the real picture is.

    I hope you drilled the fact into the dealer's brain that this anomaly started because of things happened at the dealer , not outside. Also , do let the other dealer know that this happened at a dealer , so that warranty issues , if any, can be taken care of.

    If the brakes are working , then normal driving w/o ABS shouldn't be a bother till you get the time to take it to the dealer again.


    P.S. If its water related , i hope it goes away itself on drying out. It happened once to a friend's Palio D. Water got into the electronics and the damn thing would'nt even turn off. When it dried, all was ok again!
  3. sashank82


    My Puntos brakes make a weird noise too...

    Gurjinder, your views please...

    my Punto also has the brakes shuddering sometimes (they work fine, and have never had a problem).

    The shuddering happens when i use the brakes at low speeds over a rough patch (sloping ones), and then the next time its absolutely fine!

    Is it that the ABS gets engaged or is it a malfunction?
  4. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I had an opportunity to watch the washing process last time I visited SC. I was surprised to see that they actually keep the engine room open and use water jet to clean the entire engine cabin. I had faced ignition problem with my Siena once when I gave for water wash at a local water service centre where they just sprayed water around the water channels in the bonnet. Siddhartha86, I assume your SC might have also done the same by spraying water all around the engine room, I believe this should be fixed by now.
  5. Yeah the Service Adviser himself knows that the problem cropped up in TASS only.Last year too I faced the issues with the CHECK ENGINE light after driving the car under heavy rainfall and roads full of water.The problem was rectified by ECU examiner and the car became normal again but earlier also it didn't go even the water dried up.
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    @Pran ..I think they do it that way only (may not be the right way...) But they are supposed to use compressed air and blow of the water from all electrical /electronic components.
  7. Yes they use the same methodology to clean the whole engine compartment.I am damn sure this problem has cropped up due insane washing by the people at the TASS.
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sashank, i'd read somewhere long ago that when approaching a section of bad road, potholes etc, it is a good practice to brake early on the smooth road than to brake while going over the rough patches.

    That said, the brakes should not shudder when applied on rough patches. The feel of ABS kicking in is similar to that of loosing braking power for a fraction and then regaining it.

    As for the washing, i'd make a sincere appeal to all - Wash the engine compartmemt only if there is compressed air available to blow the water away from terminals, connectors, fuse boxes,anything electrical/electronic in nature.

    These cars are wholly electronic and the guys washing them may not know the intricacies.

  9. Just checked my Linea, problem is still there "ABS UNAVAILABLE".It means that even after drying up the problem is still present.Tomorrow I might take the car to the TASS.
  10. Finally I got my car back and let me tell you its just 'Butter Smooth' now.All vibrations and all lights(ABS and Check Engine) are now things of the past.Now the problem :
    ABS Light: Wire had a cut and hence ABS was disconnected.
    Check Engine Light: Due to the adulteration of the fuel all the injectors got clogged and hence required a thorough cleaning which the guy did infront of me by opening all the four injectors. Now its high time that I should change my present petrol bunk.

    Total cost :Rs 1499(including tax)
    My beauty is back again to its original form

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