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A weekend trip to Kolli Malai(Hills)

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by pv_krish, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    A start-up photo, will give a detailed write up about the trip


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  2. zaclancer

    zaclancer Timido

    Hi Krish, could you please update more details about the trip and the hairpin bends drive.
  3. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @zaclancer, sorry, will do it this weekend. Have been in travel for the past 2 weekend. Thanks for the interest shown.
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I am looking forward for this travelogue. Kolli Hills has always been in my list but never really made it there even though it is so close to my home town. :)
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  5. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    It had been quite a long time since I did some exciting trip. Was itching for a drive and punto had done only the highways.

    One evening on a casual call from my ex-colleague he mentioned that they were planning for a place called Kollimalai. I had heard of this place, but never visited. I just pounced on him and asked him if I could join?
    He confirmed my joining in the next couple of days and I volunteered to bring in my beauty :).

    It was planned to leave Chennai at 4AM on Nov 29th and return back by 30th night.

    This was the plan:

    Total persons : 9
    Total cars : 2
    Starting time : 4 AM
    Pick-up points : I was to pick up one of my friend at a near by place from my house. Rest were on the way or at Tambaram Station and start by 5 from the station.
    Breakfast at a hotel in Ulundurpet
    Lunch at Nallathambi resort booked in Kolli malai
    Enjoy the near by places, falls and temples
    Evening (What do guys do when they get together and that too in a resort ;))
    30th morning, have breakfast at resort, visit another falls, finish temple visit, back to resort, have lunch, check out room and back to Chennai

    As planned, I started by 4, picked my friend on time and then proceeded towards Tambaram. But do we stick to timings ;), but thats the fun of a group trip and the advantage of having a car, plan anytime and leave any time.

    We reached the station at around 4:40 AM. The other friend who had to come picking up some guys on the way was delayed. In the mean time the first batch of couple of guys came to the station. Since I was meeting them after a long time, was chit chatting with them. After about 10-15 mins later the the other car came with the guys he had to pick on the way. We got together, talking, took a couple of snaps. 2 more guys were yet to arrive, since I had to fill fuel, I told that that I would start with the first batch of 4 guys including me. We started and stopped at a COCO BP bunk near a place called Kattankulathur. We filled the tank and came out and the other car arrived. From here it was non-stop until breakfast.

    All the way it was continuously drizzling, so stopping and taking photos was out of question.

    We took our own sweet time eating, finished, took the right from Ulundurpet toward Salem and I felt sleepy :p. Called up the other car and told them that I am going to pull over and have a nap. Me and one friend of mine pushed back the front seat and dozed off. 10-15 mins later we again set to leave. Was fresh all through the drive after this nap.

    Some photos we took in the morning:




    Note: Once we take the right towards Salem, the road is beautiful, but one has to restrain caution that the road is not 4 lane all through. It shifts between 2 and 4 lanes.

    We crossed 2 tolls and took a diversion which led us to the roads through towns and villages. While returning we came completely via the highway, but we were fortunate enough to take this route as with the drizzle the countryside was delightful.
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  6. vamsi

    vamsi Novizio

    I appreciate your call to take a quick knap.
  7. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Once we took the diversion into the town and village road, we stopped over a diversion to check for the routes. In the mean time, one of my friend got out of the car

    to buy playing cards as it was raining continuously and we all felt if we are not able to go out then we can at least spend time playing cards. The guys from the other

    car got down and started having a smoke.

    The 4 in my car, we decided to start with the other car catching up once they were done. Now the thrill starts.

    As the roads were twisting and turning, it was fun to drive with the Punto. The roads were also scenic as it was lush green on either side and it was continuously

    drizzling. The other car, was not in sight though we were speaking to them now and then and at certain places we did not have network coverage.

    We went and halted at a particular place for the other car to catch up. There was no sign of the car. We started enquiring the way to kolli malai and many gave

    numerous directions. There was no sign of the other car. One of the guys told that the route we were planning to take had 74 hairpin bends and the other route was a new one and it would be easy to climb that. We informed the other party and they said they would wait for us. Little did we know that the route that was recommended to us was the other side of the hills.

    The other car had taken the traditional route to climb the hill, we came to know that only later. They were waiting for us and we said we are in the first hairpin bend. They kept on waiting for us and we were like saying we were not able to see them and they also were wondering where we were. How can we see, when we were in completely different poles.

    We asked them to start and move on. We started enquiring about the way to kolli malai and all gave us directions. The roads and the climb was superb. Photos on the way that we took.












    The route we took was a blessing in disguise, we covered the entire stretch of hills from this end to the other end, as while on the way back we returned through the traditional route of 74 hairpin bends

    This route that we took, we came to know after reaching the resort that it was the secluded routes and we cannot find much of human population in this route.

    Actually what happened was, we had booked a resort called Nalla Thambi resort. This is one of the better resorts out of the 3 resorts available in this place, though average. Instead of asking the route for this place, we asked for kolli malai.

    En route there was lot of confusions on the roads that we had to take, with no network connection, we had to depend a large on our instincts or we used to wait for some passer by to get the details. It was fun at the same time tensions as well.

    After all the drama, we reached a particular place as asked for kolli malai to a passer by. He said the place we were in was kolli malai. We were all stumped, we were in the place where we wanted to be, up looking around the place there was no human population, leave alone the resort. We then asked him about the resort and that is when we got the first direction, but with a googly, the resort was 25 kms away on the other side :banghead:. It was going to be fun to drive again:p
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