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A short test drive review of the Linea TJet+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Arryan, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    A few days back I was searching for a sedan to upgrade from my present hatchback. As a typical Indian mentality, I was too attracted by the brand image of Honda and City was topmost in my list. Then I suddenly came across the new new ad from FIAT and placed an online TD request for the Linea TJET+. Though TJet was not new but at that point of time I had the intention of continuing with the petrol car so I went for the TJet. After a considerable delay, oneday I decided to give apeice of my mind to the FIAT guys and wrote a mail directly to the CEO. Within two days, a beautiful Bronzo Scuro TJet+ (with barely 1000 Kms on the ODO) was standing in fron of my house for a test drive. The vehicle was brought from 250 KMs. for me and I was allowed to have a TD to my hearts content for about one hour and some 45 KMs.

    After a thorough TD of the Linea this is what I found :-

    The moment I sat in the car for the test drive, I was mighty impressed by what I saw and more importantly, by what I 'felt'. It was oozing premiumness from all possible corners. What I loved most was the fact that T-Jet has its basics (engine, suspension, drive, safety features, braking) strongly in place. Personally I feel that some other features of the car like Auto Climate control, all leather interiors, steering mounted controls, large boot etc. are just bonus, nice-to-have for this car.
    The Linea has been appreciated for it's head-turning looks and road presence since it was launched. With T-Jet+, Fiat has taken this aspect to the next level and very naturally, the beauty and stance of this car is what immediately attracted me. Amongst its contenders, I really found Linea to be the most handsome and masculine. It has a premium overall exterior look and the double barrel headlamp design complements this well. The jet-propeller blade inspired 16-spoke alloy wheels are stunning and to top it all, T-Jet Plus comes with 205/55/R16 tyres. Also, all 5 wheels (including the spare wheel) are full sized alloys. So no cost cutting there like the Honda City.

    As I proceeded to sit inside, I realized that I did not have to slouch to get in. Ingress and egress was easy and comfortable and no head-banging at all for a six footer. Once inside, I felt cocooned in security. I think it's the sheer weight of the car that lends it the Fiat-specific "vault-like feeling". The 3-stage (heavy) doors close with a very comforting and reassuring solid thud. The doors come with an “autoclose” function, which is by default set to activate at a speed of 20 kmph.

    I loved the cockpit. It is minimalist in design yet complete in functionality. The instrumentation cluster has a retro look, complete with chrome-ringed dials & presents the perfect amount of information you need on the MID. The cockpit is adorned with a lovely and soothing orange backlighting. Interior lighting is powerful and customizable in various formats. A special note of mention to the well designed steering wheel. The thumb indents complete the experience of a natural grip. The all leather interiors in the T Jet plus (leather wrapped steering wheel, gear knob and premium Italian leather seats) gives a premium feeling to the interiors. Contrary to the popular belief, I in fact found this car to be excellent in ergonomics. Yes, it took some time to find the ideal driving position but once I did, I could only praise the excellent back and lumbar support.

    Without any doubt, the torquey engine and powerful drive have to be the USPs of Linea T-Jet. With 114 PS of power and 207 Nm of torque, this is designed to be an enthusiast's car. This car comes with a turbo charged engine (the only petrol car in this range with a turbo!) which is highly refined and completely noiseless. With windows rolled up and the AC on, it's absolutely silent! The engine is finely tuned to provide excellent torque and driveability throughout the rev band. So much so that I was able to cruise city traffic comfortably in 3rd gear. It can go as low as 30 km/h in this gear without any knocking. But I also felt a slight turbo lag below 1800 rpm, however I am not very sure about this.

    Braking is the other forte of the T-Jet. With all four disc brakes, ABS and EBD, excellent braking is really an understatement for this car. You can literally stop with a moderate tap on the brakes. A car so fast and torquey definitely needs good brakes.

    Next comes the handling and control part. As expected of Fiat, T-Jet+ is rock steady even at high speeds. This car quickly and effortlessly reaches high speeds (I have taken it to a max of 155 kmph without a sweat) and it’s sheer pleasure to drive this on an open stretch, Though I did not have the oppurtunity to streach it during the test drive. Cornering (esp. at high speeds) is excellent and the car grips the road with no sign of swaying at all. Overtaking the trucks T a zig-zag fashion on the highway was a real fun. I found that here is literally zero body roll.

    Steering feedback of the TJet is the best that I have experienced in any Indian car. This car has a Hydraulic power steering unit which is perfectly calibrated. You feel connected with the wheels and engine at ALL times and at ALL speeds. I feel the steering adds a lot to the confidence aspect.

    Last but not the least, the close-to-heart factor of fuel efficiency for most Indians. People have always complained about the bad FE of Fiat cars. But I personally feel that 10.5 kmpl that I got during the test drive within the city with 100% AC and obviously abusing the car during the test drive was not bad at all. After all, it is very difficult for an enthusiast to drive this wonderful car in a sedate manner and I personally feel that it is an addiction to floor the acelerator and watch the car zoom past the others.

    Lastly I would like to inform that all that I have chosen the Linea MJD Emotion - 2012 model over this car.





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  2. Loki


    Congrats Arryan !

    The "Why buy a petrol model when you get the diesel at almost the same price" logic eh? :D
  3. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    The post is nice. But I notice two things:
    1. A significant part of the text here looks like a rehashed copy of Nishant's (dj.nish) post. :eek:
    2. Those are my car's pics. All of them taken last year in the BKC parking and posted on this forum in my ownership thread. :confused1

    Your own words & pics are preferred.
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