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A short film on Fiat - Update: Now feature film released

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by thyagu2_2006, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    I didn't understand what they were speaking, but one thing I observe that the expression and joy on these people face made me very emotional.

    thanks for sharing this film.
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Thank you for sharing this video ;-)
  3. gods-envy


    Thanks for sharing!!
    Since I could not understand, I asked one of my Tamil friend to translate it for me.
    I paused it every 20-30 seconds and asked him to translate. :)
  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I dont understand the language can some help me.
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Scene 1: Two village boys chat. One of them asks the other: 'Who's that guy?'. The other replies, 'He is our Pannaiyar[village-head]'. The first one asks: 'Is this guy the Pannaiyar?'. The other boy responds, 'Why, don't you accept him as village-head? If you don't believe it, then no story for you!'. The first boy urges the other to continue with the story.

    Scene 2: Flash-back. The boy's voice narrates the story: 'He is a nice chap. He has done a lot of good deeds. He had a dream of having Padmini for many years, but he didn't get one. One day, he found and brought Padmini to his home! From that day onward, his life became colourful. Here, the film changes from black-and-white to colour.

    Scene 3: Title-card announces 'Pannaiyarum Padminiyum' [Village-head and Padmini]

    Scene 4: The first boy asks the other, 'You told Padmini..'. The other one clarifies, 'Yes. It's Premier Padmini'. Now, the first boy understands that it's a car!

    Scene 5: The second boy continues telling the story. One day, a village woman rushs to the Pannaiyar's home asking him to help admit his son, who had a snake-bite, to hospital. The Pannaiyar asks somebody to take his car out. The village folks respond that as none knows driving he himself should drive his car. Then the shocked Pannaiyar informs them that he doesn't know driving with doubles! So, he asks that somebody, who knows driving, should drive his car.

    One person comes to his rescue by stating that one Murugesan in the village knows the driving. But, the Pannaiyar [village-head] has a doubt that Murugesan drives only a tractor! The other person clarifies that when Murugesan can even pilot an aircraft, driving a car is very easy job for him!

    Scene 6: Murugesan is seen driving a tractor chatting with his friend. He was called and taken to the Pannaiyar's home. He rushes murmuring, 'Why do you guys explore the snake holes with your legs in this hot sun..". The Pannaiyar asks him whether he knows car driving and Murugesan gives a positive reply.

    Scene 7: Murugesan searches for door-lock, opens the door of the car and then tries to start the car. He searches for ignition and gets it. He then searches for gear lever, but couldn't get it.

    By this time, the Pannaiyar gets annoyed due to delay and asks him the reason for delay. Murugesan says he could not find the gear lever! But, our Pannaiyar will not accept any reason for delay. He commands Murugesan: 'Is it the time to search for some lever? Do that after you return from hospital! Start the car now!'. The victim's mother also urges him to get the car moving and search for that goddamn lever later! Murugesan gets irritated by these outbursts and declares that without gear lever, he cannot get the car moving!

    Our Pannaiyar goes in search of gear lever in his house. By this time, Murugesan accidentally switches on the wiper stalk, the wipers start working. He is shocked and asks his assistant to go out and hold them at their place. By that time his assistant sits on the bonnet to hold the wipers, Murugesan, by trial and error, starts the car and everybody claps for his great achievement. The victim's mother cries that all are clapping and celebrating while her son is in death bed. The Pannaiyar is also happy that his car started without that goddamn lever!

    The boy's voice announces that from that day onward, Murugesan drives this car. The car has become a free-for-all in that village helping everyone in that village.

    The back-ground song blares in praise of the car.

    Scene 8: A villager comes to the Pannaiyar and requests him to name his son. The Pannaiyar names him as 'Car-megham' [punning with Karmegham, a Tamil name]! The villager gets disappointed, but our Pannaiyar cajoles him by saying "Car-megham is a super name..'.

    Scene 9: The Pannaiyar is shown learning driving in his Padmini. Murugesan, by this time, has learnt the technique that whenever the car has starting trouble, if his assistant sits on the bonnet, it will start immediately! The back-ground voice informs us that Madaswamy's wife delivered a child on the way to hospital thanks to Murugesan's driving! From that day onward, the car is worshiped by the villagers.

    Scene 10: The Pannaiyar is shown confronted by his daughter with uneasy questions like buying a car and using for others..'All Tom, Dick and Harry drive our car. Why do you require a car?' She then informs him that she would take the car for her use. But, the Pannaiyar offers to buy her a brand new car as he is not ready to part with his Padmini. But, his daughter is adamant. The Pannaiyar even says, 'I am very fond of this old car..that's why..'. His daughter gets agitated. 'Why do you hesitate? In another few days, this car will become a scrap..What's the use? Will you give or not?'. Finally, the Pannaiyar succumbs to her pressure and asks Murugesan to hand over the keys to his son-in-law. Even, Murugesan doesn't feel happy about separation from the car.

    Scene 11: The son-in-law is shown enjoying coffee. Murugesan comes to him from behind, curses the son-in-law and hands over the car keys. Murugesan starts telling him about the technique to start the car in case of trouble, but son-in-law shoos him away.

    Scene 12: The daughter comes yelling for her father. The daughter complains about car getting stalled in the midway. They had undergone hell of trouble in pushing the car back to the Pannaiyar's home. She chides him for lack of maturity and walks away. Then, the Pannaiyar asks Murgesan whether he revealed the technique of starting the car, Murgesan clarifies that son-in-law did not allow him to explain that technique. The Pannaiyar orders Murgesan not to reveal it! The Pannaiyar tries in vain to console his son-in-law and daughter. After their gone, the Pannaiyar, Murgesan and others rejoice the occasion of getting back their favourite car!

    Scene 13: The boy completes the flash-back. The Pannaiyar's son is shown driving in his brand new Toyota Corolla Altis. The villagers surround the new car. One villager mistakes the uniformed chauffeur for the Pannaiyar's son. Then, the father-son duo leaves for brick-kiln in the new T Altis. The Pannaiyar shivers thanks to the car's AC! Murugesan looks at the new car with envy. The Pannaiyar dusts off the new car with his dhoti. The son tells him not to do that, the chauffeur would take care of it, but the Pannaiyar responds by saying, 'We have to take care of our own car'. The father informs his son as soon as they reach home, they should do dhrishti to ensure divine protection against evil eyes. Murugesan and his assistant were not happy about the Pannaiyar ditching them and his old car.

    Scene 14: The son tells Murugesan to take out the old car so that T Altis could be parked inside the carriage, which did not go well with Murugesan. When some local boys touch Altis, the chauffeur gets annoyed and shoos them away by saying go and man-handle that old junk not this! Murgesan and his assistant were shocked to hear this when their favourite car was portrayed as junk! Murgesan diverts his anger on the hapless assistant by saying 'I can hear that. You need not repeat it. Go and wash that bird-shit!'.

    Scene 15: The father and son duo get ready to go a function. The Pannaiyar asks Murugesan to wear shirt and start. But, the Altis chauffeur asks, why him. Murgesan hates the chauffeur. The son invites his father to board Altis. The Pannaiyar lectures his son: 'Yesterday, I came with you in your new car as you would feel sorry if I didn't do so. But, now, we are going to a function. I should go in my own car. It is a matter of my prestige and honour. Whatever you say, it is nothing compared to driving in my own car!'. Pointing to Murugesan, the Pannaiyar says, 'Even that fellow was not happy yesterday, when I came with you in your new car!'. After hearing these words, Murguesan was full happiness and joy.

    Scene 16: Both Padmini and Altis are shown parked alongside. The son asks his father to come in his Altis so that they reach the venue at the earliest. The Pannaiyar didn't relish this. He challenges his son: 'Why do you talk so lightly about this car? Shall we go for a race?'. Before his son could respond, Murugesan gets prepared, the Pannaiyar shouts in encouragement and both the cars shoot out!

    a film by s.u. arun kumar​

    You can now really enjoy this short film, kedarbendre!:)
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  6. varoon9999

    varoon9999 Superiore

    New Delhi,HP 48
    New Delhi,HP 48
    Grande Punto 1.3
    @ J Ravi 22ji.....

    that's the spirit.i was looking for this transcript from long....... thanks 22ji..............
  7. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    You are welcome, varoon9999. Hope you enjoyed this short-film after knowing the story and script.
  8. Nice one Guys!
  9. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Yet another awesome video on good old Fiats.

    I love the last words... "FIAT, the car that India has grown up with....!"
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  10. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Liked it very much Arun1100 Zakhaas

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