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A road trip to vibrant Goa; Chattisgarh to Goa in a Linea.

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Arryan, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    Great pics buddy..
  2. 5u3zEr0

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    Linea T-Jet
    Looks like you enjoyed your trip thoroughly after quite a long drive over two days. Ideally you should have stayed longer and relaxed even more :). We did something similar in 2012 and drove down from Madras, stayed for three nights in North Goa and three nights in South Goa. Got to experience both the sides of Goa.

    Nice photo's and informative posts.
  3. himanshu4886

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    Linea 1.3
    Pics of linea and trip is deadly missing. Nice hotel. Please share detailed travelogue with more pics.

    Hope you guys has a wonderful time there
  4. varin11

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    Linea 1.3
    Nice pics and travelogue.
  5. mangeshtendulkar

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    Nice pics and engaging post...can't believe that I read entire travelogue in one shot :)..Good job @Arryan
  6. Arryan

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    Linea 1.3
    The Return Journey :

    A. Goa to Hyderabad :

    On the fourth morning we woke up early and got downstairs by 05:30AM, the hotel had packed some breakfast for us on their own, which was handed over to my wife. I was overwhelmed by this courtesy shown by the hotel staff. We finally started about ten minutes later and followed the same route through NH4A. The return journey was smooth as there was no traffic and we reached Mollem at 08:30AM and filled the tank with diesel. I had heard stories about checking done by the police while going out of Goa specially about foreign liquor, but I did not have to face any, I was simply waved out through the check-post. The journey upto Khanapur and Belgaum was also smooth as I already knew where the craters were on the road and did not face much problem in negotiating them.

    From Belgaum we took the SH20 (Belgaum-Bagalkote Road), this was a new route and we had no idea about the condition ahead. Initially I was a bit hesitant as proper signages (in English or Hindi) were very rare. After the Belgaum airport, the traffic became sparse and the road condition improved.
    The SH20 is two laned highway through some interior countryside of Karnataka connecting Belgaum with Raichur through Bagalkote and Lingsugur. The road was beautifully maintained and the traffic was also sparse, for several kilometers we did not face any vehicle driving against us.
    From Raichur the road turns almost at ninety degree towards the left (North), however, we took the Raichur bypass to avoid entering the city. After Raichur we took the NH167 for some distance till we crossed the border over the Krishna river and entered Mehbubnagar district of Telengana. The road was slightly broken near the border crossing in the Telengana side. The SH18 connects Raichur to Mehbubnagar and after Mehbubnagar we joined the NH7 till Hyderabad.

    We reached Red Fox Hotel in Hitec City, Hyderabad at 06:15 in the evening.

    Total Distance covered : 732 KM
    Time taken : 12 hours 30 minutes.

    NH4A through the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Goa.



    The Belgaum-Bagalkote Road.


    The Biker seen in the picture accompanied us almost till Hyderabad. He was riding a Orissa registered Avenger.

    The Krishna River (or rather The Ghataprabha River) near Bagalkote.



    The Bagalkote-Raichur section of the route.

    The state highway was excellent and was a joy to drive.

    Lingsugur to Raichur.


    Signboard for Raichur.

    The NH13 and SH20 overlaps for a very short distance near Hungund.

    B. Hyderabad to Bhilai :

    We woke up casually after a refreshing sleep, prepared for the last leg of the journey and went for the breakfast. We filled our tummies to the brink as we knew that there would not be any good restaurant on the way. Finally we started from Hyderabad at 09:15AM and joined the ORR in no time. The speed limit on this road was 120 KMPH but cars were zooming past me at considerable more speed. The ORR is incomplete at the portion where it joins NH7 and there is an kuccha road for 2 KM before we could join NH7 near Medchal.

    The NH7 was again beautiful through Nizamabad, Nirmal and Adilabad and just as you cross the border and enter Maharshtra the road condition changes drastically, the smooth highway changes into a nightmare. For the next 85 KM (till Daroda, Maharashtra) the NH7 is in pathetic condition. I had read in many TL that the NH7 near Pandharkawada was broken, but I never expected this to extend for 85 KM and I had to pay toll tax twice for this portion of the road. It appeared that someone has stopped the four lane conversion in the middle of the project. The road was in such a bad condition that trucks and SUVs were more comfortable taking the muddy tracks. I tried to follow their footsteps and rubbed the underbody of the car in one huge rut created by the trucks and came back to the broken road.

    A little before Hinganghat the road turns into a proper national Highway and after crossing Buti Bori, Jamtha we took the Nagpur ORR and when we stopped on the NH6 for something to feed our stomach it was almost 05:00PM. We missed our lunch for the day and the bad roads seemed to have taken a toll on my wife and child. We relaxed for half-an-hour in a road side shop at Mauda (after Nagpur) and then started for the remaining journey towards Bhilai. This was known territory for me and the journey was uneventful and smooth. We stopped at Athiti Restaurant, Bhilai Hotel sharp at 09:00PM for our dinner and finally reached home at 11:15PM.

    My Linea safely brought us home after a long journey.

    Total Distance Covered : 757 KM.
    Time Taken : 11 hours 45 minutes.

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  7. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    A few more pictures of the last day from Hyderabad to Bhilai.

    The 8 lane Hyderabad ORR.

    Hyderabad ORR showing the exit for Nagpur.

    Was very astonished by Srinagar being shown on the board; but realised that the NS corridor reaches till Srinagar in the north.

    The beautiful NH7 - part of the north-south corridor.



    Colourful street lights in NH7; seen in patches.

    A view of Hyderabad - as seen from the hotel room in the morning.

    View from the hotel room.

    TCS building - a close view (it was across the road).

    Thanks friends for bearing with me so patiently and sorry for the delay in posting the last part.
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  8. Arryan

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    Linea 1.3
    A few statistics for the journey to finally end the story :

    Distance travelled - Return journey. IMG_20141006_183547-1.jpg

    Mileage - Return Journey.

    Average Speed - Return Journey.

    Distance travelled - total journey.

    Mileage - Total journey.

    Average Speed - total jouney.

    Details of toll paid during the journey :
    Goa Toll Details.jpg

    Fuel Cost for the journey. More than one-third tankful was left at the end of the journey.
    Fuel Bill - Goa Trip.jpg
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    @Arryan, Great details and a wonderful travelogue.

    Its always a fun to drive FIAT.
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