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A Road Trip to North Bihar

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Ravi, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Oh yes, it was nice feeling.

    Yes, if somebody is visiting, most of the elders will come and will chat.
    I don't have much pictures, but I will see if I can find more.

    300 KMs, Patna is nearest one.
    But RSA covers some nearby area, don't remember exactly, but within 25-50KM range.

    Of course, its open border. Just one check-post. I have been to different borders few times.
    And this 6-7 KM is from all village roads, so one has to go by by-cycle only:).
    The border, with roads (bad condition as of now, work is in progress), is around 15-20KM.

    You can get all Nepali items there, but beware of FAKE currencies, easily available.

    I was aware of this place and time was perfect to have a breakfast.

    I was in Durgapur, on 1st Nov as well, returning. I spent night in a Hotel, Rose Valley, near some big mall, I think it was Junction mall or so.

    Bihar, most of the roads are in excellent condition, and work is super fast on non-completed ones. But if you stuck in any non-completed, you will be in hell.:) This shows how bad the situation was.
    Also, with improvement in Law & Order, I saw ladies also moving, with families, in middle of night, during durga pooja celebration, a great change.
    That time situation was different, and it looked Bihar is mis-using Jharkhand's minerals etc.
    Just hope one good government comes to JH, it has lots of things to offer. JH has so many tourist places, but with Maoist issues, all are in bad shape.
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  2. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    That was Ginger Hotel some time back and it is near Junction Mall.
    My house is just 5 minutes walking distance from the place.

    But alas on 01/11/2012, I was back to Bhilai.
    Hope to catch up with you sometime in the future - we both have a Bokaro connection.
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  3. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Congrats Ravi for beautiful exp and Thanks for providing us a beautiful travelogue.

    Just returned from Home town from 10 days vacation, due to alone I traveled & back to Hyd by Train.

    Just saw yesterday trucks & cars are moving through GQ instead of inside road Rambha & Barkul section from Train. Is it opened completely?
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  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes it is opened, but some sections are not complete and both side traffic is on single side, but GQ is much better option than going inside town.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Return Drive
    Leg 1 - Janakpur road (Pupri), North Bihar to Durgapur, WB
    Distance - ~600 KM
    Start Date & Time - `1 Nov : 5 AM
    Reaching Date & Time - 1 Nov : 7PM


    Ok, so after a great and enjoyable week, time was to return to Bangalore.
    My plan was to reach Kolkata by 8PM and halt for night there. As per H V Kumar's suggestion, talked to a Hotel - Motel Midway, which they told, they don't take advance booking, mostly rooms are available.

    In between, news for Cyclone Nilam was broke. So I kept checking weather condition, on mobile internet.


    I started at 5AM, delayed by 1 hr, due to heavy fog. Even at 5, there was heavy fog. Started slowly and crossed Darbhanga at 6AM, and Samastipur by 7AM. Now the weather was pleasant and view was clear. Reached Mushrigharari at ~7.30AM.

    From here, I changed my route a bit, Instead of going to Barauni, took road to Hajipur. I avoided this route, since I heard that on Gandi Setu, at Patna, chances of Jam was there. But since road toward Barauni was not good, and I enquired and got some information that Hajipur road was road is in good condition and now a days not much jams on setu as well.

    Seems this was better decision, roads were great and very less traffic. But after 25-30KM or so, the roads were blocked by some locals due to some local fight or problems.At-least 6-7 vehcles were there, all SUVs/MUVs. Enquired with some locals and they suggested to take some roads through villages and join same road ahead. At this point I was even thinking to return to Mushrigharari and take same Barauni route. But since other vehicles were there and luckly there was a small convoy of some politician (3-4 Scorpios), I followed them. I intentionally put my car in between them, so not to miss route. So we started and there was very narrow road, only one vehicle can go or come, and so many humps, big humps. I think initially I scrapped Punto's bottom 3-4 times, but then started driving properly and with convoy we crossed few villages and finally reached to main road. It took some 45mins to 1 hr. Lost at-least 30 mins. But I personally enjoyed this small drive, though my brother and wife were bit tensed.

    Reached Hajipur, crossed Gandhi setu, without any issues and reached Patna by around 10.30AM.
    From Patna to Fatuha, some 10-15 KMs, traffic was heavy and then it became open. Reached Bakhtiyarpur by 11.30 AM. Took a small tea break of 15 mins and started again. From here road were excellent, 2 lane, but in top condition. Reached Rajauli by 1 PM.
    Time for lunch, stopped at Hotel Samrat (known hotel at that area) and had lunch and around 1 hr break.

    Crossed Koderma Ghat section and stopped at Tilaiya dam for 15 mins again. The view was excellent. Could not take more pictures of Dam.







    Reached Barhi quickly and joined GQ, at around 2.30 PM.
    From here 4 lane is in great condition till Bengal Border. Reached border area by around 5.30 PM. Stopped on road side for small break.

    Jharkhand in Evening



    We were targetting Kolkata by around 8 - 8.30PM.
    But on border, there was a jam, due to truckers were stopped for quick money, and lost around 30 mins. Roads, GQ, in Bengal side, till Durgapur is in bad condition. Anyway reached Asansol, a smaller town, stopped for tea and chop (Bengali snacks, very tasty). Then we started and called Motel Midway, surprise, that they refused to give room, because my wife was there with us. Was ready to give only to male members. Looks fishy to me so stopped talking to the hotel guy. It was around 7.15 PM and we entered Durgapur city. Somehow we all were feeling tired, this is one day, even I was feeling to stop and take rest.

    We decided to halt here, if we get any decent hotel, otherwise plan was to continue night driving, take some rest in between (Kolkata side there are numbers of dhabas we saw while coming). I was aware of the hotel, called Rose Valley (thorugh Trip Advisor), it was Ginger hotel earlier. So stopped there and went to enquire, luckily the rooms were available and we all liked the hotel. Booked rooms and we were inside at 7.30PM.
    Had nice dinner and chatted for sometime and slept. It was nice hotel and a big mall nearby.




    Durgapur, Hotel Rose Valley (Rate - 2200 per night)
    Service - Excellent
    Rooms - Decent
    Location - Excellent (Just off GQ)
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  6. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This video will give you some idea of fog, this is at 6.15AM.

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  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Return Drive
    Leg 2 - Durgapur, WB to Rambha, OTDC, Odisha
    Distance - ~700 KM
    Start Date & Time - 2 Nov : 4.30 AM
    Reaching Date & Time - 2 Nov : 5.30PM


    After nice rest, we started from hotel at around 4.30AM.
    Traffic was sparse and roads, after Panagarh, made sure we reached Kolkata within 2 hrs, and we were in Kharagpur by around 10AM. Had some breakfast before Kharagpur, road side.
    Crossed border, Jaleshwar, without much delay.

    Roads are in excellent condition in this route. Once we approached Cuttack, traffic increased and finally we reached Bhubneswar around 2.30PM.
    Had lunch at same hotel, where we had while going, 3Q restaurant. Took 1.5 hrs break.

    Finally it was becoming cloudy and dark. We reached Panthanivas, Rambha, Odisha, by 5.30PM. Got the cottage and check-ed in. As we entered the cottage, it was dark and it started raining. And it rained whole night.

    The cottage has excellent views, its bang on Chilka Lake. Though due to rain couldn't go to beach, but had a excellent break there. Nice homely type food and nice room service.





    Panthnivas, Rambha, Odisha (Rate - 2000 per night) AC Cottage
    Service - Excellent
    Rooms - Excellent, Huge Cottage
    Location - Excellent, Just on Chilka Lake
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  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Return Drive
    Leg 3 - Rambha, OTDC, Odisha to Bangalore (Home)
    Distance - ~1350 KM
    Start Date & Time - 3 Nov : 10.30 AM
    Reaching Date & Time - 4 Nov : 1.30PM


    Last night had a nice rest, started bit late. Wanted to have proper rest before longest drive so far. Also, the rain continued whole night and in morning as well. In night, it was heavy and in morning it was much less.
    With help of umbrellas, we reached to parking place, and it had nice water logged there. Somehow entered the car and started, it was around 10.30AM.

    We did breakfast in hotel and also packed food for lunch.

    Due to rain, first hour the drive was slow, road were sparse but visibility was pretty less. Rain was heavy for sometime and slow for sometime, where one can increase the speed, but needed carful driving because roads had water and slits all around.




    Around 3PM, we reached Vizag and we didn't enter the city but took Ankapalle by-pass. And here it was raining heavily, 2 lane road, with some streches with big broken roads. Seems bad decision, but on normal weather, this is preferable. Anyhow, around 5 PM, we hit the GQ again, had 30 mins break in Ankapalle city.




    From here rain stopped/reduced, started driving bit fast but it became night soon, and speed was again under 80-90 KMPH. We were in Rajahmundry, in around 8PM. There are lots of dhabas before Rajamundry town. We thought we will cross the city and will have dinner somewhere. Big mistake, once we crossed Rajamundry, there were no good places to eat. And we targetted Vijaywada for Dinner. It was around 10.30PM, nothing was visible, finally we stopped at one small road side dhaba at around 11PM, were were very hungry. Food was just eatable, but there was no other choice.

    Started around 11.30PM after so-so dinner and crossed Vijaywada city quickly. From Vijaywada, next ~100 KM, roads are bad, lots of diversions and potholes. This continued till Guntur.
    After Guntur, road again become super, but by now feeling bit exhausted by bad drive from morning.
    Had some frequent breaks (tea/smoke), and was driving bit easy.

    At around 4AM or so, started feeling sleepy, so near Nellore, at one fuel bunk, after taking Diesel, stopped had my first "Power Nap" for around 30 mins. Went to deep sleep soon, but my brother woke me up, started driving. Was little better, but not fully recovered. So after one hr or so, at last Toll Plaza, some 30-40 KMs before Nayudepeta, again took "Power Nap" for 20 mins. Woke up, washed my face and feeling very good. Started driving from there, quickly diverted to Tirupati road and reached Tirupati by around 7.30 AM.
    Stopped at Chittor by-pass, at Hotel Bans. Took 1.5+ hrs break. Had nice breakfast there.



    At around 10.30, started from here and reached home at 2.30PM.

    Trip completed.

    - Around 6000KM in total (by mistake I reset trip somewhere while filling fule).
    - Not even a single punture (C-Drive)
    - No top-up of any liquid, except winshield water
    - Front seats are comfortable, no signs of any issues with back or so.
    - With so many hits in water loggs, alignment is bad little. Yet to get it corrected, may be after Pune drive.

    I will post few pictures today.
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  9. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Great trip Ravi. Congrats.

    Regarding the alignment, get it fixed ASAP, should only be a 15 min job. Do not do the Pune trip with the allignment screwed, you'll regret.

    I did a similar thing during the Ooty trip and thought i would get it aligned after returning. Upon return, i went in for allignment and when the guy removed the tyres for balancing, i was shocked. The Inside of both front tyres were "bald". My car has already done 38K kms, so it was not that bad a feeling for me, but with never tyres going waste like that, the feeling would be different i guess.
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  10. shams

    shams Esperto

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