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A Road Trip to North Bihar

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Ravi, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Conquered Bihar in my faithful beauty!!
    Completed ~6000KM drive successfully, from Bangalore to North Bihar.


    I had a dream to drive to my home town (Bokaro Steel City) from Bangalore, from day one of owning Punto, but never been able to plan for it, till shams created this thread Round Trip of 4600 KMs.
    I decided to do this drive and looking forward to suitable opportunity. It came soon, but my destination changed from Bokaro to a small town in North Bihar, Janakpur road (Pupri), very near to Nepal Border. This is my ancestor village and one function was planned during Durga Puja.

    So I started discussing this with my wife and my younger brother. Both initially were reluctant, but seeing my interest both agreed to accompany me.
    Then I started looking for other information, like routes, hotel details etc and slowly all information I gathered, which I thought was sufficient for this drive.

    The route was finalized as below - Map Details

    Full Map.JPG

    Upgraded ICE - http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/let...and-the-options-used.2312/page-10#post-132839
    Battery Changed - http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/battery-upgrade.818/page-12#post-135488
    Changed the mats to 3D start mats - http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/3d-mats-query.3507/page-6#post-120973
    Bought Tubeless tyre punture kit from storeji.com
    Upgraded Headlight to Philips X-treme Vision - http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/100-90w-bulbs-punto-headlamp-upgrade-thread.804/page-13#post-135121
    Bought 1 litre of Coolant, one windscreen cleaner liquid and 1 lt of Engine Oil from Concorde Motors, Dairy Circle.
    5 lts of Distilled water
    Get brake pads checked from KHT - http://www.teamfiat.co.in/service-center-reviews/1192-kht-motors-bangalore-26.html#post135166

    Finalized the plan as below

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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Leg 1 - Bangalore Home to Vizag, Sai Priya Beach Resort
    Distance - ~1100 KM
    Start Date & Time - 19th Oct : 4PM
    Reaching Date & Time - 20th Oct : 2.30PM


    Finally the day has come, the packing was done previous night and waiting to start.
    At sharp 4PM, crancked the engine, ODO reading was - 33399.



    It was raining in Bangalore when we started and it kept on raining till next morning, till we crossed Guntur.
    Crossed Bangalore city and was cruising on 4 lane Kolar road, NH4.




    The sky became dark and it started raining heavily. It became dark by 5.30PM and rain was increasing. This reduced the speed and reached Tirupati at ~9PM. From here it was arounf 80-90KM to touch GQ, roads were not in great condition and with rain the car was hitting potholes frequently. I have C-Drive and was little worried, because of so called soft sidewall. But I must say I am impressed with C-Drive. I drove to all kind of roads/off roads, and hit pot holes on high speed so many times. It brought us back without even single punture or air loss.

    After touching GQ at Nayudapeta, We went for few KM and that brought first toll bridge. It was 11PM. Stopped there for dinner, inside car. It was still raining, but bit lightly.
    After food, we continued whole night, with 1-2 tea stops and few smoking breaks. The rain in Andhra became more intense and drive speed was low. Now and then I was hitting water which were clogged on roads and not possible to judge that in night. It was bit scary and when car hits water logging on speed even at 60 KMPH, you feel the impact. But nothing happend and slow drive continued till morning. Roads were fantastic tough.

    Early morning, ~5AM, by mistake we entered Guntur town, instead of by-pass. Asked few people and activated google navigator to come to GQ again, in next 30 min.

    After Guntur, the rain stopped and my speed increased a bit to reach target 1.


    At around 7AM, stopped for breakfast, just before Vijaywada. Got some hot idly and vada on some small town/village. It was nice. Then crossed Vijaywada and then Rajamundry.


    It was noon, and we approached the Visakhapattanam City. With lots of city traffic, finally reached Sai Priya Beach Resort at around 2.30 - 3PM.


    Vizag, Sai Priya Resort (Rate ~2000 per night) - Home
    Service - Pathetic
    Rooms - Decent
    Location - Excellent, just on beach
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  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Leg 2 - Vizag, Sai Priya Beach Resort to Kolkata, Hotel Shivangan
    Distance - ~900 KM
    Start Date & Time - 21th Oct : 4.15AM
    Reaching Date & Time - 21th Oct : 9.30PM


    Had a nice sleep in last night, and got up early, 3.30 AM. Got ready and started at 4.15AM from resort.

    It was dark, and google navigator was showing us the exit to Vizag to touch GQ again, on Beach Road. The road was very narrow, no human visible, and after ~10 mints of drive, we reached a point where some local function was help last night and looked the road is jammed. No body to help, got down to check if car can pass, found enough space to go through it. Relief...
    But it was shortlived, after again 10 mins, of all shorts of village type roads, one point was blocked... got down again with torch and found there was some diversion due to small bridge construction. Again got past of it and GQ was visible. Morning 30 mins drive was tense.

    Advise - If you are crossing Vizag in night or early morning, be on GQ, don't take beach road.








    After hitting GQ, got down for tea and continued my journey. Early morning traffic on GQ was sparse and I was cruising comfirtably till light broke at ~6AM. Crossed Srikakulam and stopped at some roadside, around 8AM, for breakfast, inside car. Had 15 min break and started again.



    Reached border, Ichhapuram around 9 AM, not much jam there, easily crossed it.


    Now we were in Odisha, and full day has broke out and very less traffic. By 11.30 AM, we reached Bhubneswar.




    Here GQ goes inside city and there was heavy traffic. In Bhubneswar, stopped at one restarant, named 3Q AC Restaurant. It was around 11.45AM, and they had food ready. Had nice lunch there, took it easy and again started at 1PM from here. Again from Bhubneswar to Cuttuk, around 25 KM or so, traffic was heavy. With multiple flyovers in construction, the speed was very slow. Also there were lots of 2 wheelers.

    Crossed Balasore around 4 PM. Roads at Balasore is little bad for some distance on GQ.
    After that road were good till Jaleswar. Here in Jaleswar also there was RTO checkposts and I heard there used be big Jams and chances of police asking for some false money. To avoid these, we entered Jaleswar town. Crossed it with moderate traffic. Again joined GQ, and seems there were still so many check points after town. But lucklily we continued and not stuck anywhere. Sometime we went to other/wrong side of road, which was normal there.

    After Jaleswar, till Kharagpur road was pretty good, but all the small bridges had broken roads, so speeds reduced drastically, after I hit few early bridge roads with speed and it was dangerous for tyres.
    Reached Kharagpur easily and then were driving for Kolkata. It was around 6.30 PM or so.

    At Kharagpur, one one toll booth, there were long queue of truckers. I waited for sometimein left lane, then one police guy came and asked few truckers to move and asked me to come to right lane. I thought he is doing great job. I was waiting, and I saw all private vehicles were crossing on another/wrong side. I was stuck, mine was only car in huge truck jam. Got down and asked one truck driver, he told truckers are not allowwed to go beyond this point for sometime, till 8 or 10PM and they all will be waiting like this. Then I realized that police guy made me to do mistake. Welcome to west bengal :).
    Anyway, requested couple of truckers to move back and forth so I can take my car out, they were helpful. I took U turn and went to another/wrong side and cleared toll booth easily.
    After that it was breeze to reach Kolkata, and was at Kolkata by-pass by 8PM.
    Due to Durga Pooja, several pandals were there on road side and there were some diversions. Police were deplyed in good numbers. Some places locals tried to stop also, to collect some money (chanda), but I didn't stop anywhere and police did help.
    Anyway, enetered Kolkata and we had to go to a Hotel, which somewhat near to Airport. Activated google navigator and after crossing one big bridge (setu) on Belgharia Expressway, eneterd Kolkata city, and man the traffic was horrible. Also, with Pooja, it was a hell to drive. And on that, navigator took us to some real narrow roads, but at corerct target (hotel). Finally managed to reach hotel by around 9.30PM. Went to room and ordered for food and slept.

    Kolkata, Hotel Shivangan (Rate - 2000 per night) -
    Service - OK
    Rooms - Decent
    Location - Decent (Near Airport)
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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Great. Finally, you have started writing the travelogue of your longest trip. :)

    Thought I drive a lot, I have never driven out of South India so far. After seeing all thest long trip travelogues, it is super motivating me to do such trips.
  5. prakhar_lfc

    prakhar_lfc Superiore

    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Great write-up! Waiting for more!

    Seems like Google Maps Navigation was of a lot of help!
  6. Great writing...In bhubaneshwar border(from AP to OR & OR to WB),its wise enough to follow some express bus/private vehicles as they take the wrong way and police are least bothered about stopping anyone...Btw,you could have saved some time by not entering Jaleshwar town,till now never came across this illegal money collecting...
    Your posts have come up @exact time,i will have plenty of time to plan my routes...I will be going to Chhapra,so am contemplating the route through Nagpur...
    Please post in details about expenses incurred on the trip..
  7. nitinjd

    nitinjd Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Great Man, its very good and helpful post (preparation part). Hope you had a great time, I know how you feel when you drive such long distance BTW even i did twice long trip of 5k KM.
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    Congrats on the trip Ravi :):) eagerly waiting to read further..
  9. venka

    venka BANNED

    Determination Matters !!!!

    Keep the thread running how your Punto Ran Ravi :)
  10. sungoa2010


    Thanks Ravi for wonderful travelogue. Waiting for the next part. :)
    Kolkatta might have given real tough time during Durga Puja which is the second largest festival in world after Rio carnival in terms of people involvement.
    starting odo reading 33399 looks interesting . 3+3=6, 9+9=18 and 18/6=3 which is middle number. :)

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