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A quick test drive of the LINEA 2012

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by vigneshram, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Dear TFIans,
    The launch happened on 3rd,but i couldnt get my hands on the 2012.I dint get proper sleep for the past three days.Comes Friday i wake and discover that i have no plans to work for my project or go too college either.So started by around 9.30 AM to the Guindy showroom of Concorde.I was welcomed by a Oceanic Blue Linea Emotion.OMG what a stance from the sides.I was not quite sold with the GC increase but looking at the car i changed my opinion.I went in and enquired about the LINEA 2012,they had no clue about the prcing.They handed me a brochure of the LINEA 2012.I immediately asked for a TD.They said NO.Then the sales guy went and got a permission from the TL.He comes and says he has got the nod and that i ll be the first one to TD the LINEA there.I think he is right because the car looked really clean.Anyways proud to take the TD first.Ok i start the car and driving in the Race Course Road, i soon realised that the car feels quite high and i did take some high speed turns.I would say that the ride quality is still not real bad and the dynamics of the LINEA is not fully gone.I never felt any excessive body roll and the AC seemed cool in just 2 mins of my drive.I switched on the Audio and dint find any noticeable difference in the speakers.It was a very small drive of about 3kms.I couldnt ask for more as the car wasnt registered.One more thing I loved was the interiors.Most of the quality problems are sorted.But you can notice in one of the pics that the gap near the Key hole is still not fully gone.The rubber everywhere is also of better quality.Dont wanna talk more as you all would have driven the LINEA.I just wanted to check about issues that might have rose due to the GC increase.Here are the pics i took there.Average quality pics,kindly excuse me for that.





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  2. Was there any difference in the acceleration and NVH levels after 3K RPM?
  3. cars feel really quick.Its quicker than before.I think there is no need for a tuning box.Also the NVH levels are better than before.I really wanna go and grab one from the showroom that too in Oceanic Blue.What a colour!!!
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Vignesh, when you say this can I assume that the ride quality and the dynamics are not as good as the earlier Linea?
  5. Good Mate!! Let me have a try with concorde today :)
  6. I dint feel that it was really bad.But i feel the lower GC helped the dynamics better.The higher seating,the higher GC needs a little bit of getting used to.In the case of the Palio,the Stile was higher than the older Palios.I have felt that the Stile handles well,but it doesnt handle like the old Palio.Whatever FIAT does Linea and Punto are the best amongst competition.The same goes for the sheet metal thickness.The Puntos n Lineas are relatively lighter than the older FIATs,but still they are tougher than the cars in the competition.So it is a relative statement.For people who always use FIAT cars,they feel that the newer cars are not as tough as their previous cars.

    BTW I showed a pic of the keyhole just to follow the foot steps of many in the "defenitive car community".All reviews there would have this pic.So i thought let me do the same.FIAT gives me a car with no QC,i will still buy the car.So guys no offense meant there.And except that part all the other plastics seemed great.So i thought i will point out.Thats all
  7. Thanks for the review of the Linea .
    Wasn't the Punto also available for test drive?
    From your report I can guess that the dynamics and ride quality has been slightly compromised when compared to old Linea but how is it now when compared to other cars in this segment . Is it still ahead?
    Did you any noticeable difference in performance , turbo lag with respect to old one?
  8. @mods can you correct the mistake in the thread title.i guess i ve missed the "S" in the word test

    It is still very good in the handling department,sure it will be ahead of the competition.There was no Punto 2012 for TD,so i couldnt take a TD.I found the car to be rather quick.But i havent driven the 2011 Linea.I ve only driven the 2009 Linea MJD.So i cant comment about that.In comparison to the 09 one,this was amazingly fast.
  9. ramu_dodda

    ramu_dodda Amatore

    New 2012 Tyre Size increased from 195 to 205 , Is there any change in pickup?? I read somewhere they have reduced the weight by 60KG which should have helped increasing the pickup. I have 2009 Linea and upgraded my tyres from 195 to 205 and I can feel pickup is reduced a bit.

    About Cost in Hyderabad, I have called sales guy in Concord Khairata bad, he told me that now the on road cost for Active is 9.4 lakhs ,dynamic is 10.3 lakh and emotion 11 lakh, will this price hike bring down the linea sales??
  10. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    But Man you forgot to mention gear shift quality. Old GP & Linea has rubbery gear shifting quality. FIAT uses gear box code No.514.The bad point of FIAT cars which I hate IMO - The best gear shifting was of great FIAT UNO . Gear box code is 513

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