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A Quick Dash to Kodachadri - June 2013

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by nkrishnap, Jun 30, 2013.

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    The last ride to Kodachadri was way back in August 2007. There was a nagging feeling that Kodachadri was to be done this monsoon at least. A couple of week's back my phone rang and it was a call from my class mate about her marriage in Shimoga. Now, the opportunity arrived to do a solo ride to Kodachadri and then attend the marriage on Sunday (30th June 2013).

    As usual with quite a bit of resistance, I was permitted to ride. With things planned, I was ready to conquer Kodachadri again. The plan was to leave home by 5 am on the 29th June 2013, and reach Kodachadri at least by 2 pm and ride back to Shimoga by 7 pm the same day. Attend the marriage next day and leave for Bangalore.

    Luggage tightly packed with Bungee clips and Chords, Tank bag ready, Petrol filled to the brim, clock ticking at 4.50 am and with the riding gear on, it was time to start the journey towards the Kodachadri peak.

    Rode a good 200 kms before the first break, stopped for a quick 10 min break and continued riding but not before another 10+ min break near Birur level crossing waiting for the Shimoga - Bangalore Intercity express to pass through. Reached Shimoga at 8:30 am and the major part of the journey being done due to very sparse traffic, had a leisurely breakfast.

    On the way to Shimoga


    The luggage packed on the bike


    Topped fuel again, withdrew some cash and started riding towards Kodachadri. I was supposed to take Aynur - Ripponpet route, however on inquiring at the deviation a couple of people mentioned that the road condition is not good. So continued riding towards Anandapuram to take the Anandapuram - Hosanagara Route. This route was nothing to write home either. Made good progress and rode towards Nagara after crossing Hosanagara. This stretch is freshly tarred, but make no mistake, the road is very slippery though newly tarred. I was stopped by the Police to inquire where I was headed to. With the routine check done, took the deviation towards Kodachadri. The route all the way till Sampekatte is patchy with good roads and bad patches. Sampekatte to Kodachadri base is superb with superb twisties.


    The misty Kodachadri in the background and the superb twisties






    The ride up the rocky path started. I will let the pictures do the talking.









    A breather break



    Green everywhere


    Sharavathi River


    A few panorama shots.

    Panaroma 1.jpg

    Panaroma 2.JPG

    Panaroma 3.JPG

    The rain gods started playing hide and seek raining intermittently making it very difficult to take photos on top of the Hill.

    There were quite a few jeeps ferrying people up the hill. With more people, the serenity of the place is on the decline which is very disheartening to see. Loads of plastic bottles, alcoholic beverages and its waste discarded all along the rocky path is not what Kodachadri is known for. A quick visit to the temple and I was back again on the bike to ride back to Shimoga.

    Stopped for Lunch at Hosanagara and this time decided to ride back via Ripponpete to see how back the road actually is. However, I was in for quite a surprise. Its only the last 10-12 kms stretch (from Aynur to Ripponpete side) which is pathetic with only pot holes. The rest of the journey was uneventful and reached Shimoga by 3:45 pm and took a hotel room to rest for the day.

    Attended the marriage in the morning and started off towards Bangalore at 12:30 pm. Reached home in by 4:45 pm to settle in the couch to see the British F1 Grandprix. No pics on the way back.

    Route: Bangalore - Tumkur - Tiptur - Arasikere - Kadur - Birur - Tarikere - Shimoga - Ayanur - Ripponpete - Hosanagara - Nagara - Sampekatte - Kodachadri

    Distance Traveled: 839 kms
    Fuel - 27.21 liters

    Route Condition -
    Bangalore - Shimoga:
    Good throughout except for a few rough patches between Birur and Tarikere
    Shimoga - Hosanagara:
    the first 10-12 kms is full of potholes. The rest of it is in good condition. Watch out for cattle on road.
    Hosanagara - Nagara: Freshly tarred but quite slippery
    Nagara - Sampekatte: Decent but bumpy with a few rough patches here and there.
    Sampekatte - Kodachadri Base: Superb

    Places to Stay around Kodachadri: A couple of home-stays that are available, they charge around 1000 bucks per head and jeep will cost around 1500 bucks for a round trip to the top of the hill.
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