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A Mallus Life with a 1.3 MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by josephvipin, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. It was year 2009 the month of Christmas I was taking a leave back to my home in my M800. Although Iam driving I was thinking of a bigger car which I can use it for longer runs as I do it frequently. All of a sudden some red exotic is parked in front of a Tata showroom in bright sunlight. I was wondering what that car is?. Didn’t bothered to stop but after a 1km pass I thought lets take a look. I took a U turn and came back to the showroom. The SA guy was very keen to introduce the vehicle to me and said the word Punto. I cant believe the name of the car because the name is somewhat related to a fowl word in my regional language . I believe other mallus might have figured out it by now. I cant even imagine to purchase the vehicle because of the name which is going to fall on me. I decided to walk out and without even looking at the car.

    “Dimag ki bathi jal gaya”
    That night I couldn’t sleep. I just took my laptop and started browsing. My internet connection was so fast it took around 5 minutes to load a decent picture of “Punto”. I just went through the specs “blaw blaw “ and finally looked at the price and first thing that came to my mind is “mama mia I can buy this beauty and the money which I can save on not purchasing an i20 diesel can put fuel and roam around India. Next day was apparently a Sunday so I could not visit the SA. So I am being patient started googling and with the experience of test driving most of the recent models I started comparing. Jazz and punto were closed down. I personally loved Jazz because of the features and quality of stuff it offered. Visibility was very good as compared to Punto as A pillars are blinders for me in sharp turns and its quarter glasses are of no use. But a 1.5 lakh price difference and that also for a 1.2 petrol kept me back.

    Test drive
    I went to SA on Monday morning even before they opened the showroom. The sales guy might have surprised to see customer waiting outside the showroom, that also for a PUNTO. I immediately took the test drive and cleaned up the debris of 2 days in the driving seat, steering and gear knob. I was impressed with the 76 BHP and the features Blue and me and alloys. Not very much interested in Airbags as I believe they would a pain to replace for the way I drive. I decided to take it to my home where it happened to have a 45 degree 100 metre inclined climb to reach my parking slot. Normally I have to do a lot of circus to get my M800 to get parked in the slot. I tried with the same acceleration in punto and OMG it just bumped up hitting the bottom plate but managed to climb the way without any hiccup. I now realized the power of the machine and also the GC of the beauty which happened to be an eye opener. But by that time I realized that this was a machine made for me and I am in Love.

    “Dear Honda Jazz I am in love with Punto so I have decided to leave you and go with my darling… bye bye”
    Negotiations started with the SA guy. He offered me the Emotion pack, but I don’t want the SRS airbags. So I decided to go for Emotion. I saved 60K on this but lost alloy wheels, Blue and me and massive 195/15 tyres and automatic climate control. I still regret on this decision for giving away that lovely alloys for the sake of Airbags.

    D Day and deliver chaos
    I decided to take the red from the Showroom and everything was set. I sold my M800 for a good deal 2 days before the delivery date and arranged my Bank Loan. The day before the delivery I got a call from SA that red is not available and have to wait for 1 month. I could not digest this 1 month waiting period and spoke to those known and unknown in the Fiat sales hierarchy. Nothing worked and I decided to cancel the booking but the black beauty from the same mother pulled me back to the decision. I went to yard inspected the 3 available machines and locked down on one which caught my attention. Noted engine number and chasis number and asked the SA to proceed with the registration.
    Next day I went to showroom at the time they have informed. I been asked to wait at the lounge. Tick tak tick 1 hour past 2 hour past and nobody is coming and I was getting free zed in the lounge as I was the only person waiting there for more than 2hours. Finally I decided to go the reception and asked for the sales guy. They informed the guy and he came back with a perplexed face saying that “Sir your car has been delivered to your house by the delivery driver. “I was shocked to hear this as I stay 18 kms from the showroom and this guys took the pain to drive all 18 kms to my home. I immediately called my home and asked whether they saw any Italians near by. All they replied is they could find lot many Japanese and Brtish Indians.
    Again the sales guy picked the phone and made some calls and said its on the way. I have decided to go back and see the moment of truth by myself. Thanks to my friend who helped to reach my house within 15 minutes without any broken bones. Again I had my lunch ,coffee but no car. Finally by 5:30 the car arrived . Prompt delivery I would say as they kept the date of delivery same although they made me to wait for 8 long hours.
    From the love at first sight to the buying takes a span of 7 days. Thanks to SBI for their express service in loan. Thanks to the owner who bought my M800 in a days time and no thanks for the SA people for making me run here and there.

    To be continued....
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  2. Honey Moon
    I was so excited to get numbers as I don’t want my vehicle on Temporary plates. I have already made arrangements to get a fancy number for the black beauty. I took her for registration and been told that it cannot be registered to the number which I chose because of the mismatch of name in car temporary registration papers and the number allotted paper. It is because of a spelling mistake in my mother’s ID proof which carries the wrong letter. That moment I realized what harm a single letter like ‘E’ can cause. For my relief the officer told me if I could get a notary attestation stating that both the persons are same he can do the registration. I have done all the paperwork’s and submitted the documents for registration just 3 minutes before that day’s final numbering.
    My first day wasn’t good with my other half anyhow I tried to calm down myself by saying that not all thing will go right in first try.

    After 3 months of sweet ride and enjoying the comfort of my car I started moving to places. I took her to my aunts apartment and parked her in the congested parking lot. Normally it happened to be left hand job to park my M800 in that parking slot. But punto it’s a different story. I have tried at least 8 times to park her in the correct spot. Next early morning I have to drop her at the airport and took the car out as usual. What I heard is like “ghhhhhhhhhhusd***” some thing like that with my auntys background score yelling. I realized my car made a short but strong kiss with one of the pillars. Left rear door gone completely. My aunty was very upset and however I managed to drop her at the airport. On my return I was having a feeling that everybody is looking at the my car where the hit happened. Then suddenly a biker tried to overtake a no place hit my right ORVM and broke the glass. I have to let him go as he almost caught my leg. So handicapped become half blind . Believe me or not another bystander just shook his umbrella and hit my other ORVM and got the glass off. What a day. Fortunately it didn’t broke. I took her to ASS and done the repairs and claimed under insurance. I only have to pay RS 500. But the right mirror glass was not their in the stock so I left her run half blinded for another 3 weeks after I managed to get it from another ASS.

    Friends Love
    Nearing an year with around 15K in odo I have to leave to client site for a day by train. So I took her and left it at railway station and took the train so that I can pick her up next morning. What a turn around. After reaching the place I been told to stay there for 2 weeks. I was thinking what to do with the car. I called my colleague and asked him to drop it at my friends house as my PM was returning on the same day with my car key. My colleague called on the next day and said he did as I told but while doing parking he made a small scratch on the left side of the car. He assured me its very small. I said in my “Ohh small scratch no problem”. Then after 15 minutes he called me again saying the same”Vipin It is very small ok”. This call made me alert and I felt that something went wrong. I called my friend and asked him about this. He replied you come and see by yourself. I have to wait for 2 weeks to come back and see the damage in person. This 2 weeks I was not able to sleep properly. Then comes the day. I rushed to my friends house and saw the damage. A mere scratch is a combination of front wheel arch+left side indicator+ left ORVM housing. Again ASS. This time also I have to pay only Rs 500 but couldn’t replace the ORVM housing as I have to replace the whole unit. MY colleague has let go the money I have to repay to him for the yogamat he bought for me before this incident. And believe me my colleague was getting circles whenever he sees a Punto
    Dog affair
    Again I started shuttling between Trivandrum and Calicut during night times at weekends. I do solo driving because I know the route like in a map. One night I was returning and reaching the big stretch near NTPC Kayamkulam. I was not aware that a dog was waiting there for me to commit suicide because of broken affair I believe. I was in my 100s but managed to see the victim from a long distance. Hit the brakes as hard as I could. I believe I went down to 30kms but the inertia took the rest. The dog was politely inviting me to run over him. But the dog made a mistake. He chose one of the poorest GC vehicle to run over him. My front bumper kicked his ass and took him out of road. I stop nearby to see the damages. First I looked for the dog because I am not sure of the dogs vengeance. Next thing I have done is checking my vehicle. Saw my number plate broken and rest looks solid. No damages. I managed to drive the next hundred Kms without any issue. Next day my dad informed me that whenever I start the car there happened to be excessive dark smoke coming out of back which was not there earlier. I also felt the same when I checked my rear view mirror. My mileage also went down drastically from 23 to 12. I took her to the nearest ASS and confirmed a bent in my intercooler and needs replacement. I heard the name BEHR for the first time when they told me that particular item is out of stock because of some fire in Pune. I started searching for the same all around Kerala as I don’t have any contacts outside to help me. I managed to get the part after 4 weeks after calling Fiat customer care. I took the delivery of the car from the ASS after repairs but I still could see black smoking coming out. The Service guy told me it’s the accumulation which happened in the exhaust by the run after the hit and it will go after some normal run. I insisted those guys to clean up the debris and the service guy jumped into my car with the windows up started revving the car. I was stunned to see my vehicle expelling black smoke like a SHAKTIMAN Truck used in the Army in the 1980s. His efforts seems to be working after 2-3 minutes of revving. But the smoke he pushed out of my vehicle caused a NANO owner Asthma who was waiting in outside for his car return after service. That poor uncle wanted to take his NANO to Chennai from Trivandrum and was sharing his thoughts with me sometime before his incident. He was taken to the nearby hospital right away. “Pollution kills, Go Green” But how???. Well this service definitely burned by pocket and I was 1 year plus with the car
    Beware of goat herds
    I got married after 3 months post this incident and took my wife, mother and her aunty to a holy pilgrimage Velankanni. We went there and prayed and hoped for a good beginning and believed each other will support each other in good times and bad times. My wife also enjoyed driving my car. As she is 1 inch less than 5 feet she has to use a cushion to see the outer world. Thanks to the low seating position. She is screaming the vehicle the vehicle like a cheetah after getting her Drivers license 3 months back. I could see 120 in the speed gauge and now I am scared. When approaching toll plaza she is supposed to slow down but she is not hitting the brake good enough. But she managed to put the vehicle on a standstill by not downshifting the gears on slowing down. Thank GOD for manual gears. After this I haven’t let her drive and took control by myself. I want to return home in an urgency. I avoided the toll road and took a turn to Chenkottah route to Trivandrum so that I could reach easily. Suddenly a goat jumped out to road from nowhere. All I could is brake and keep the car in straight line. I heard a “THUD” sound from the front and that’s it. I could see the goat sliding down the road. Everybody in the car was ok and was wearing seatbelts. All of a sudden some drunkards also rush to the scene and made it ugly. They started doing their Nataks all for the sake of money. I wanted to stop but after this behavior from the people decided to roll on and decided to move to the nearest police station. Before that I decided to take a look at the vehicle after making a stop some kms after. As expected I broke by bumper grills and number plate and a huge dent in the bonnet caused by the Hornes of the goat. But I must say it is very less damage compared to the size of the goat. For me it looked atleast 45 kgs. As my wife a practicing advocate talked to the police officers and they identified goat owner and informed about us. As soon as he realized that there is an advocate here waiting for him he fled. She saved her husband’s money and health by not getting beaten up by the locals. After than I opened the hood and checked for internal damage. The radiator was not broken and engine was working fine and there was no warning signals glowing. But after making the move I have realized I realized I am losing power. Same old intercooler “dead”. Again I pushed my vehicle as I have another 100kms to reach my home .Left with no choice I pushed the vehicle for climbing Ghats which took a lot of time with a damaged intercooler. Hairpin after hairpin I climbed finally it’s a steep downhill. BY the way I lost my AC too. I found it not working while climbing. Managed to reach home 5 hours+ the estimated time. Took the vehicle to ASS they quote me 45K and what else I can do. BEHR BEHR again this time they managed to source the parts within a week’s time. I forgot what was the part I replaced for AC. If my memory is right the crash guard jammed the duct pipes and the whole system is replaced. Radiator, intercooler, Front Bumper,Grills and repaired bonnet. But I must say this car is strong…

    After this incident I decided to rework on my driving styles and decided to be more responsible as I am not single anymore and I don’t want to single an unknown’s family.

    To be continued…
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  3. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    You are a good orator !!! Post some pics of the black chick as well!!!
    btw where are you put up in trivandrum?
  4. KL-21 NEDUMANGAD currently in mumbai
  5. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Nice narration. Enjoy the drive and the machine.:car
    If you drive in Mumbai, you will find humans instead of goats or dogs.:A
    They are more sensible creatures.

  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    OMG, what a description of the experience with the MJD. I suggest you to put back the bad experiences and enjoy the car going forward. A few pics of your ride would be good for us to have a look. Whats the odo reading as of now? How has been your experience with the Fiat workshops?
  7. Break downs and Technical mes-sups
    Well everybody is boasting of Fiat being reliable strong and tough vehicle, well I have a faced a different side of it.
    Incident 1
    How good will you feel when you are coming out of hospital with patient side by and your vehicle refuses to start up?. Yes my black beauty betrayed me and made me to stand in the road waiting g for the road assistance. Fortunately my house is 5 minutes away from that place so able to send my mother in auto rickshaw. After making the call I was waiting for the maintenance guys to arrive. But instead of that a big truck arrived with some fancy lights on top. That truck was an eye catcher and was a crowd puller with its hydraulics. Everybody known and unknown in that place came to see how my car was pulled and made to sit on the flat bed. I was told that this truck were also used my AUDIs and BMWs . I was feeling very proud even though my car is broken down. Just like a father waving away his daughter after marriage I also replicated the same with my black beauty. Two days after after I got my baby returned after a minor circuit issue which they said has been resolved. I was happy

    Incident 2
    2 days after my car again started her Natak . I believe she loved that flat bed travel than being on the road her own. Again called Road assistance and again that beautiful transporter came and took her away. My expressions remained the same as mentioned above. Again they fixed the circuit but messed up my dash my not fixing my hazard light rear defogger switch unit. When I asked the SA they asked me to leave the car for 2 more days to remove the dash completely and to fix the switch. Already delayed and travelling to Technopark by public transport from my place I decided to leave that and to fix it at a service schedule. Its been 2 years and I never got it fixed because of variety of issues put up by SA. I never knew that fixing a switch is this much complicated. I should be ashamed of being an Engineer myself for believing all the lame reasons put by SA. What to do I am like Madhavan in 3 IDIOTS.

    Incident 3
    This incident made me to open my eyes and see the engine. Took a drive in the afternoon and in the middle of the road my clutch didn’t release back after I engaged it. First thing that came to my mind “Ohh some spring might have broken . It can be easily fixed” :confused: I somehow pulled over (it was pushed over)the car to roadside and went to a nearby workshop and asked for assistance. When I returned to my car with the mechanic I could see my car doing "Zoo Zoo":evilsmilein the road. There was fluid all over . Then told myself “boss there is no spring and you are going to see blue”. That day I learned a new part clutch slave cylinder. The local mechanic was ready to fix the car by using a bolt which can be resized to the old cheap plastic rod which was broken. But I refused and called road assistance. This time again Road assistance to the rescue. Called and waited for 5 hours for their professional service to reach this poor guys misery. They came and started attacking my engine from 3 points. 20 minutes it took for them to do all the operation and after finishing the work they asked for 1700Rs. I said why ? they said the point where my car broke down is out of their service coverage and has to pay per km. Being stupid is not a crime. I paid them and fortunate enough to collect the bill for the same. It took some 40 kms after that to realize the stupidity which I have done. Pulled the roadside assistance manual and all it was mentioned was India. I am 100% sure that the area where I my car broke down was in India before and after partition. I called the customer care immediately and they also supported my discovery. All I need to do was to wait and lodge the complaint. 2 days after I received a call from the SA saying that the vehicle which they sent was there local service and not the Fiat authorized one. After this explanation my mail war started. Arguments were flying here and there and finally it was found that the FIAT towing guy who was very far from my place lied and used his personal contact to send the local SA guys to me. The SA guys who unfortunately used the company vehicle have their trip logged in the books has no other option to bill me up. As I politely paid they accepted it and enjoyed the weekends. So it was clinically proved that I am the donkey here. Am I?? Again mail wars. Finally the SA guys has decided to refund my money and I also received my apologies from FIAT. The funny part is after all this stuff the SA guys had the guts to call me and ask to give 10/10 for the feedback calls. So being shameless is one way of making your living is what I learned.

    Incident 4
    City changed scenario changed I am like 1700 kms from my home town and the rats in this town found my wirings so sweet. They had their stomach filled and I have to fill up the towing truck with my car.

    To be continued.....

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Truely said well I enjoyed hitting the butt of these so called sensible creatures. And Fiat has done some sound proofing to the cabin as they are able to insulate me from the after effects of the Butt hitting :-D

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    I did accepted this statement sometime back in my life , otherwise I would have kicked her out long back. Every car has it own goods and bads. In my case I was the culprit in case of the accidents,not the car. I just managed to make her touch 37k in odo as I was abroad most of the times and my baby was used for 2 or 3 months in an year.
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  8. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    hi Joseph, you almost narrated my story here i was also keen on Exotic red had booked and was refused delivery by my birthday and waiting for 1 month was not possible then i picked the Tuscan Wine beauty which was like a small baby standing in the yard.
  9. Lessons learned
    It is very difficult to ride interstate. I will share some experience state wise
    Good place to ride. I don’t know if other agree or not but Kerala is having the best roads so far I have seen in a city limit. Roads filled with greenery inviting and inspiring us to drive. Hill stations with hairpins to check the power steering capabilities of your car. Not much tyre noise as roads are decent enough. As long as you carry your papers and maintain proper discipline no worries. Night driving is easy if you are an expert in that. Watch for dogs and high beam. And for me to engage in a verbal fight this is my best place to drive as I am good in my local language and you will get plenty of opportunities in a day.
    Injurious to Car: Tipper trucks, Auto Rickshaws and cyclists. Beware of the first one as ICU is guaranteed to you and your car
    Tamil Nadu
    Wider Roads doesn’t mean that your safe. Localites cross the road without even looking and you can vehicles coming opposite to you in one way lane in order to catch short cuts( to hell I believe). Toll roads are always good but always carry raw cash as it will come close to 2k for toll for crossing TN and its hard to find some ATMS by roadside. Police wallahs are not menacing . Decent parking spaces and don’t worry about being towed away
    One of the worst places for NON KA registered vehicle unless you carry local parties flag on your bonnet. Police will hunt you like Pakistani soldiers. No matter what all you say they have 2 options either pay the fine or come to the traffic station. The second option is not advisable for people like me. Traffic is heavy but you will get inspired by beautiful girls and inspiring cars. Try to take 2to3 rounds in Brigrade road in the evening. You will understand what I mean.

    From my childhood I been hearing wonderful stories of Mumbai as city filled with Super cars and super bikes. After bringing my black beauty here I was wondering how these people are driving there low GC vehicles in this so called town. My Fiat has getting hammered underneath and this monsoon season had it all. Some radio station was celebrating “Pot hole utsave” and I am like a truck driver pulling my rig out of the pot holes. This city has no gurantee for parking. You have to pray to God when you leave car by road side like the way we do in our native place to be there when we return. If its been towed away you have more to pay to damages than the fine. In all other states my vehicles clocked 19 km with AC as average except Bangalore it been 15-16. Here I am getting an average of 11. A city full of reckless driver in the form of auto rickshaws and BEST drivers. My office is 5 kms from my house and it takes 40 minutes in rush hours. I started hated driving after reaching this place and started getting body massage from local trains. But for 10 minutes its manageable. My mother will faint down if she sees the way I travel to my office.
    Lots of thiefs who steals monograms ,stereos and easy pickings. I lost my monograms ,rear wiper set ,quarter glass ornaments and even my number plate:eek:. My advice to people don’t leave your car unattended if you are having expensive stereo with exposed glasses nowadays. You will end up in a stolen stereo with a broken window glass. Both are heartbreaking and expensive damaging

    Who can you trust in driving??
    My answer is no one other than you. Although I managed to clock 37000kms in car I have 5times more the kms covered in my motorcycle which I still have. I prefer to be lone rider and don’t feel comfortable when others are driving.
    Can wife can be a good companion for driving??
    If she has a good love in driving and won’t disturb you when driving then definitely. I was feeling envy when Ravi sir made his journey to Leh with his wife. My wife will be last person who I will take to Leh if I ever have a chance.
    Is there any advantage in going fast??
    From my experience nothing other than burning your fuel and your life. Slow and steady always win the race. Of my ten years I missed a famous restaurant in my daily trip to college and office. I saw this place while using a public transport and then used to visit this. Negative side of fast driving.
    Diesel or petrol car??
    Answer was petrol before buying punto
    What essentials you need to carry for long trips?
    Usually I carry my mobile with Gmaps and a TTK map. Rest is all there for you in the road. Yes I mean it. I don’t carry anything other than you wear. This habit changed after marriage. 5 bags atleast for my wife 1 for my kid and I atleast have to carry a bag. Otherwise my wife will kick me out and make me sleep in the car.

    To be continued as and when something happens...cheers

    Joseph Vipin

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Sorry to hear that man. But maintaining these colors are very hard unless you polish them and treat them like your wife. For a lazy guy like me white or silver have been more suited. By the way I started taking care of her like anything because in Mumbai getting a good car wash is like 20 Rs a day
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  10. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Excellent writeup Joseph. Wish we had met when you were in Trivandrum. I am glued to this thread .

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