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A lovely memory to relish!!

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by kishorekrs, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. kishorekrs

    kishorekrs Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    It was almost a month over after getting her home. I was seriously juggling with my work hardly had I time to spend with my love. I was desperately waiting for the break. Finally the time arrived on last weekend. It was time to stroll away with my new found love. It was 700 odd kms on odo & I was badly waiting to flex her muscles in a free way by exploiting her potential. She was rightly poised for the opportunity & fortunately in the end it was well deserved spin for her. Considering the run in period I chose the itinerary with combination of flat road and twisties. The plan was to visit Sirsi via NH4 and proceed next day to Jog falls and head back to Bangalore via Shimoga taking toll to 993 kms. Eventually we did the circuit in 19:48 hrs.

    Well I was all excited for the moment to arrive. The condition was well laid out. The weather, the roads, the destination and more than everything bunch of few like minded people. It was my Evo & 2 Swift. We started on Saturday and reached back by Monday past midnight.
    Group snap

    The day one’s destination was 400 kms from Bangalore. We started off little late due to some unfinished commitments. I deliberately chose four lanes in order to save some time. Though the distance was good 45 km plus the roads were fabulous to cruise. It came as a consolation for those extra 45 kms. At the end of the day we covered the destination 445 kms in 8.5 hrs.

    Meanwhile during the rush hour I made a dim-witted act of forgetting my DSLR!! It was really pain to take snaps thru mobile. I couldn’t take any best shots instead ended up by taking just few snaps in order to support my maiden travelogue atleast. :banghead:

    The overall drive offered good amount of exposure to her. Since it was combination of good & ugly roads it helped in knowing her pretty well. It was simply amazing to witness her abilities taking on bad patches so easily. Those craters & awful roads, she swallowed almost everything with ease. Thanks to its brilliant suspensions coz of which the impacts were almost negligible. The effect of suspension & chassis was best witnessed on twisties especially when throwing her around the corners at great speeds. She was all calm & composed. The whole experience of driving her offered a thrill. One thing which surprised me throughout was the NVH levels. The noise was so low. More often I felt I was driving a petrol car. Once it touched three digit marks NVH level increased gradually. IMHO at that speed the NVH level are far better than rivals. This came as a great relief to me as I had witnessed tractor like noise in my Polo before. :mad:

    Coupled with great driving pleasure Fiat has made a fabulous job by offering Goodyear Duraplus tyres in this. It offered incredible road grip at all speeds on all surfaces with special cite on wet surface at high speeds. I felt it added precision to the already well laid out chassis, brilliant braking & superbly tuned suspensions. At the end of the day all doing their job together efficiently at all given levels. The outcome definitely proved she is indeed a driver’s delight!!

    On four lane highway cruising at very decent pace I could achieve tremendous FE of 24 all the way!!

    Here’s one of the shot taken on the go!!

    This definitely saved me on fuel expenses unlike the other two cars accompanied. Well one being the petrol there was no excuses though but the other one sharing the same heart returned 20 kmpl instead. Following the total run with combination of better & awful roads she returned 22.5 kmpl (on tank to tank method). On full tank I completed the ride of 993 kms.

    Meanwhile during the course completed 1K mark too..:cool:
    The cluster looks cool during nighttime

    On our second day we traveled from Sirsi to Jog. Just few months before precisely in Apr first week on same circuit I did the round trip in Polo. I remember how much fun we had in that. The road is in such a way that anybody would enjoy the ride. I was all excited to drive on the same route with my champ. Luckily to my excitement the weather too supported. Being overcast all the way it was dream to ride. On few occasion it was drizzling coupled with road full of twisties, a soothing music on HU. Wow!! What best I could have asked for?? ;)

    Enroute to Jog falls

    DSC_0588.JPG Pity she was all covered with dirt :yuck:


    Sadly the water level was too low at Jog. Inspite of knowing about unusual period to visit the place yet we dropped in for few min. While returning back near Jog it was all foggy!! The condition hampered our visibility completely. Still driving through it was really a marvelous experience. Unfortunately I couldn't capture those moments.

    Jog falls

    From there we left to Varadashram near Sagara. It is a holy place situated a top hill. Spent some time over there & halted in Sagara.

    DSC_0599.JPG Varadashram, Varadahalli

    DSC_0603.JPG Solo snap of her :happy:

    The next day we headed back to Bangalore. Though there was enough time to cruise back yet we made a mistake of not ticking to as we planned & ended up reaching Bangalore by slightly past midnight. While driving back visited Tavarekoppa sanctuary. It killed some considerable amount of time for us & eventually left Shimoga by twilight.

    Overall the drive was ecstatic. The destination added much flavor to it. Only missing was my DSLR. With that I could have shot even more cool snaps. Anyways after the ride I have become restless now, waiting for one more holiday to take her away & enjoy the pure bliss of driving her!! :)
  2. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    But Corrupt ARAI Gives Swift more mileage than Punto. in real world Fiats are doing great in terms of mileage. nicely written travelogue, once you start taking her to ghat section then you will find more excuses to get frequent leave from company
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  3. kishorekrs

    kishorekrs Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    My next ride is definitely on ghats mate. Well as far as excuses are concerned its irony that I cant apply frequent leaves coz of being an entrepreneur everything lies on me!!
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