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A journey with Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by shams, May 21, 2011.

  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    my punto came home on the eve of 19th July 2010.
    Dealer: KHT motors Bangalore.
    Few pics from the first night(nothing great about them..just that they are amongst the first few )....




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  2. Rizzou


    Deer aaye durust aaye... lol. Nice ride Shams... i like Black, but own White to Envy other who own Black ;) i am sure you have done some add-ons. And experience maintaining her keep comming, we have multiple threads where your inputs are valuable, Eva Fiatian is a Automobile engineer.
  3. shams

    shams Esperto

    ..........3 months before punto came home:
    some day in march 2010 i decided to buy a car. then i didnt have any knowledge about cars so started gathering information from friends, internet, magazines etc on which car to choose. Also started registering for test drives. My budget was permitting only petrol cars and that too in their base versions.. at the max next one from the base
    Punto was 1st car that came to my office for a test drive. being a newbie with cars i just noticed couple of things in it. The ride was great and rear seat was not comfortable at all. i loved its looks though
    Couple of days later went to check out i20. was smitten by its interiors and the rear seat seemed much more spacious than punto's.
    Next i checked out the Polo. somehow polo didnt ring the bells. Also its base version looked too bland and the next one was going out of budget for me.
    Didnt test ride the Figo since i did not like its looks. Looks mattered a lot for me(for every punto buyer for that matter i guess). I must tell here that at the same time i convinced my parents to buy a figo petrol in my native for its utility and vfm factors.
    After the test drives i20 seemed to be a good car compared to the other two (as per my observations)
    So decided finally and some day in the beginning of May and booked a black i20 magna petrol (stretched my budget a bit for magna as era was launched newly and its waiting period was more than three months). paid 10k as booking amount....

    .......... to be continued
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  4. great writing..
    keep going ahead...
    need loads of pics
  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    continued from my last post......

    i was told that i20 would be delivered to me in 3 weeks time at the max.
    now here was the catch.
    how often it happens with us that we want something badly and do not have the money ready to pay for it at that time.
    When i decided that i am going to buy a car i did not have the required cash at my disposal for downpayment.
    so i did all the calculations and told the hyundai dealer that i would be taking delivery of my car in the month of July(it was beginning of may now). Another thing I told them was that I would be paying the downpayment by credit card! had planned to take the delivery on 11th july.. my credit card's billing date being 10th of every month:):)
    They didnt have any problems with my plan except that they wanted to charge 2% interest for the card payment.
    On negotiating a bit they agreed to adjust the interest charged with any accessories that i buy from them.

    Next step was to apply for a car loan.
    I said i want a loan from SBI. filled up the form for car loan at the hyundai dealership itself. They agreed to give me a receipt of full downpayment which was required for the loan to get disbursed. I needed this because the loan had to be disbursed before 30th june as SBI's ongoing scheme was going to end on that date.

    Within another 4-5 days had a representative from SBI visiting my place asking for a document which i had missed to submit.
    i was told i ll get a msg of the loan being sanctioned in a week and then i will have to go the RACPC branch for completing the formalities. It was mid of may now.

    The long wait started now. I started reading each and every review of i20 that was available on the internet.
    Used to spend 5-6 hrs every day on team-bhp...

    All this while punto had always been at the back of my mind..(from the day i had seen that black punto with wide tyres on whitefield road..i guess many bangaloreans would have seen it in those days and would have got smitten by its looks. i wonder he is a tfi member or not)..

    Every time i saw a punto on the roads i used to think why am I not buying it.
    So the fight between heart n mind started (most FIAT owners would understand this :))
    heart started to think of reasons to convince the mind to go for a punto.
    The most logical one it thought of was that i could get a diesel at the same price that i was going to pay for i20 petrol.
    knowing my craving for outings, it seemed a very valid point which the mind couldnt overlook.
    Also the main reason why i had decided on i20 over punto initially was the rear seat space.
    Now my heart started telling my mind what will u do with the rear seat space..point here being that i stay in bangalore with my younger brother and my parents stay in my native.
    By this time my mind started feeling foolish enough not to have chosen the punto..
    So heart was on its way....

    .....to be continued
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  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    hahahahahaahah, liked the story and well interested in reading it full till the Punto is at home, Hurry up and complete it,
  7. Aey Shams, excellent start to an ownership experience. Keep them coming with loads of pictures.
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    continued from my last post...

    i spent next couple of weeks reading any punto reviews that i could find on various websites.
    read almost each ownership review present on a couple of sites.
    each review that i read took me away from the i20 that i had booked and closer to the Fiat that i was about to book.
    Thanks to the passionate writing of fiatians!!

    It was first week of june when the mind finally gave way to the heart but with full consent thanks to all the logic and reasoning (as if it mattered that much!!) in favour of the fiat.

    went to KHT motors again with the intention of booking the punto. discussed about my special requirements with the sales guy. told him that i would need the full downpayment receipt immediately (for loan disbursement before 30th June) but would be paying the full amount only after 10th July.
    Was told if you book the car by paying 25k, we would give you the receipt that you need. next moment i took out my credit card and paid the booking amount. so finally a hip hop black punto 1.3 active was booked.

    Next day went to the hyundai showroom to cancel the i20 booking. I had paid 10k for booking here. Was told that 7500 would be refunded back after deducting the booking cancellation charges. This was mentioned on the booking receipt itself. Before leaving the showroom the salesperson asked me.. sir, which car are you going for..? i proudly told him.. fiat punto..and walked out...

    Next step was to complete the bank formalities which i could not delay further. so i took an appointment for some day in the last week of june and went there. had to go there again another day because i had changed the car that i was going to buy. Although the loan amount was same but since they had taken a quotation of i20 at the time of loan application so some extra approval had to be taken now. it wasnt much of a hassle, just that i had to go there one more time. In the end I was told to inform the dealer to come and collect the cheque.

    In the first week of july got a call from the dealer that the car had arrived. i noted down the engine/chassis no and reminded them again that I would be taking the delivery on some day after 10th.

    Another small delay happened from my side because i was joining a new company on 14th of july. This new company's employees were entitled to a corporate discount of 12k where as the previous one's had 9k. Even though its a small amount, i thought why to loose it for a matter of 3-4 days.. Waited impatiently to get my new identity card which was taking time. finally got a letter from HR instead, stating my employment with this company with which i rushed to the dealer and made the balance down payment.

    punto was finally registered in my name on 19th of July. I took the delivery on the same day at around 7 pm.

    Dealer experience in all this was fairly good except one small hiccup. I had told the sales guy that I dont want the garware sunfilm that they used to give for free (later on they started giving 3M) and will take some other accessory in its place later. The garware sunfilm was put on my car. he got some scolding from me for that.
    Drove it home happily....

    more to come....
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  9. shams

    shams Esperto

    First long drive :
    The weekend didnt come till july 24th after a long long wait of 4 days....
    Took the punto out to Hogenakkal falls in tamil nadu.. around 160 kms from bangalore..
    here are some pics from the trip.....





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  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    Second long drive...
    punto had to wait till 1st of August for another long drive. This one was to Balmuri falls which is some 140 kms from bangalore.
    Some pictures from the trip....










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