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A Joke / Shocker from Overdrive Magazine.

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by MelsonLewis, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    In past I have written a few similar letters but decided not to hit the send button. It just not worth the effort.

    It has been a few months, I guess ~6, that I have stopped buying these mags.
    1. There is nothing new/exciting getting printed. The road tests article looks like a fill in the blanks of a template and published.
    2. Then there is a issue of not the complete truth getting printed. Accept it guys, they can't do it. No mag can recover the cost at which it is sold. They need money from ads and its the automobile companies that give a good chunk of them.
    3. Don't have any more spare time to read and then feel like tearing it into pieces.
  2. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @MelsonLewis, keep going bro even i felt the same thing about overdrive!! I too stopped buying OD! just hate this blo*dy sh*t paid magazine! :punch :thumbs down
  3. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Overdrive & Sirish Chandran are a bunch of Jokers, somebody please tell him to visit this thread and tell him that the people are not fools. You cant say anything and get away with it.

    I was surprised today, when i saw the Car & Bike Show on the CNBC TV-18. Siddharth Patankar, who is otherwise very balanced in his reviews and comments on the Cars, stated on the episode where he TD the SX4, then he compared the SX4 to the Vento and said Linea is not doing much so we didnt included that car into our Comparo ::OO
    Cant judge, whats on the mind of these idiotic self proclaimed auto experts, may be they are paid heft amounts to praise a particular brand. But that is unfortunate :confused
  4. lisonjacob


    Good points my friend, I had really felt this, while they recommend their views by saying not to go for fiat.

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