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A Grande Ownership report-the 2012 Punto Dynamic

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sidindica, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. sidindica


    18,000 km update and first niggles, minor ones.


    The car stands at 18,002 kms today. Had my share of few issues related to rattling and two visits to oberoi, one good, one below average that made it good. Resolved by them.

    -Rear parcel tray was rattling like a mental ghost, culprit was found that the centre portion at the right corner had broken (minor scratch). Parcel tray replaced under warranty.
    -Steering, while being rotated, was producing some noise akin to someone breathing fast after finishing a marathon. On first visit, they opened the steering and greased the inside white horn pad and left, only to resurface later after 2 days, the horn pad was replaced under warranty today. Noise gone thankfully.
    -front seat bolt loose, the bolt was replaced with a new one and seat back tightened. Noise gone.
    -rear left side loose, seats tightened and readjusted. Noise gone. Took two visits for this, though.
    -engine mounting was a bit loose, was tightened and under body inspection done, plus metal plate aligned. There was scraping in my recent trip to chandigarh when the car went into a deep pothole near ambala. That could have been the culprit.

    First visit to oberoi was partially successful, second visit and escalation to Mr. Gopalan=issues rectified promptly under supervision from Mr. Haribal.

    Quirky experiance, but, job well one, oberoi sec 63 and Mr. Gopalan.
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  2. sidindica


    Update: One year, 19300 kms

    img (363).JPG

    Its how time flies. The car completed its first year on Friday, september 13, 2013 and the ownership experience has been a bliss so far despite the quirks involved. The insurance was renewed from Royal Sundaram for about 11.9k including 20% NCB. Comprehensive, not zero dep.

    The rear speakers from rockford were traded in for rainbow EL coaxials and the SQ is far better and more uniform throughout.
    Took the car to a 670 km round trip to Ludhiana for work and was impressed with the mile munching ability of the multijet, though it cries for a 6th gear on the highway, Has average bottom end and top range and strong mid range. Averaged 17.1 kmpl throughout with an average speed of 72 kmph for 670 kms with AC on for the whole duration, superb in this aspect. No bugs or issues so far after the last problems were rectified at Oberoi. Ordered the stereo frame which comes with inner panel in which the stereo can fit easily and is securely tightened to the dashboard inner console, said to prevent rattles.
    img (374).JPG

    img (381).jpg


    Its a car that continues to impresses for the price I paid and for thepckage got in return, still, there are many things that can be better but till now, no complaints so far. Money, well spent.
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  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    True words.
  4. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Why does the car have 2 different numbers , one on the first page is UP xxxxx and here on this page is DL xxxxxx ...was there change of registration for some reason?

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  5. sidindica


    rather three numbers.

    UP is temporary registration and Delhi is permanent. car was purchased from noida.
  6. Imteeyaz

    Imteeyaz Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Amazing review and great pictures!!

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  7. Karthick

    Karthick Timido


    That was great Snaps, she looks very pretty. i am very much impressed with the wheel looks. I have punto MJD dynamic 2014 which has R14 wheel, i would like to have wheel cups as you have(like Linea). Kindly advise me.

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