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A Grande Ownership report-the 2012 Punto Dynamic

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sidindica, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    Sid, lovely car and excellent narration of the experience.
    I enjoyed reading every word of it! The Linea wheels + wheel caps is a brilliant idea

    Just noticed you have IND license plate up front and a plain plate at the rear.
    Why not an IND for the rear too?

    Happy miles ahead! :)

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  2. sidindica




    .....Finally she arrived at the showroom, ready for delivery after my PDI and approval.

    I told those guys-KISS.

    In other words, keep it short and simple. I hat all those razmatazz that the poor machine is subjected to....all the band, baaja and baaraat, with phool aur kaante, mala et etc.
    Matlab, zero decorations.

    Paperwork completed, the car was cleaned inside and out, accessories fitted and ready for dubstep delivery.

    Meanwhile, for the last time ever, I drove my Korean to a shop and the minute I reached the showroom, people thought I was a nut.

    Because I bought a COCO-NUT!!!!!!!!!
    aka Nariyaal
    aka Tenga (Tamil).

    So, just the ribbon was installed and the D-time came.

    Step 1: On your marks, get, set and go.

    img (2).JPG

    Step 2: The NUT breaks the cocoNUT

    img (4).JPG

    Step 3: Handing over the keys and a box of chcolacious delight

    img (5).JPG

    Step 4: Time to say goodbye and drive down......open gangnam style.

    Immediately I realized I took delivery of a car with goat like legs. Time to restore her dignity. In comes my car to BK tyres, Delhi.
    Met Atul, negotiated the deal, got the wheels and tyres shod, new wheel caps put, and man, the first reaction was not from onlookers, but from the rain gods who cast their spell of showers of regal blessing. Yes, it was raining and we enjoyed the first drive on a rainy season.

    img (1).JPG

    And finally she arrived. Went to the temple, got all the pooja done, and now it was the time of the real journey to begin.

    How far has the journey been?
    Find out all about my comprehensive review of the car, starting in the next chapter.
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  3. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Welcome to TFI a very brief and to the point review :up:up

    I was thinking that you recently got this ride.. but sounds like you have already covered lot of miles
    Eagerly waiting for next chapter.
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  4. Fiatian

    Fiatian Novizio

    Excellent write up... Enjoyed every word and line :wow:clapping:clap:clapping:clap::OO

    Waiting for more narration on your experience with Punto :-D
  5. sidindica



    v (3).JPG

    Hatchbacks have come a long way since our country saw the Suzuki SS 80 way back in late 1983. Country saw the launches of hatches of all sizes and shapes. When I say all sizes and shapes, it automatically means "no comments".
    Lock in mouth. Pin drop silence.
    Seeing a myraid of mee too hatches roaming around my vicious circle, I had to buy a hatch which has timeless elegance, hence looked no further than the grande lines of this Italian. Point proven, Mr. Guigiaro.

    v (8).JPG

    v (4).jpg

    Italdesign always created some design masterpieces and having owned one of them (matiz), it was time to own another. Original is original, after all. I still miss my old matiz more than I missed my old grotesque xing. This Italian has personality. There isn't an angle which is wrong. Designed in 2004 for 2005 launch, this is one design which will age graciously (like the polo) and continues to look fresh and has an understated aura of elegance. The Grande Punto remains the best designed hatchback today and the Guigiaro original stands out in bright colours. In a sea of whites and dull dark shades, red stands out from the ordinary. family supported red and obviously, without any second thought, booked this shade which was made to my order, since Fiat did not have any dynamic variant in red colour.

    v (7).jpg

    v (9).jpg

    The car does not show attitude, yet it stands out with its flowing lines and chisled contours. The design is a flair of muscular understated functionality. The front ed with its twin port grille and tear drop headlamps loks elegent and the merging bumper lines give it a stylistic touch.
    Up side, the design is a mix of curvilinear shapes and straight lines. The crease running down the beltline and additional crease at the bottom of the door merge with the chisled wheel arches to give that aerodynamic stance. Big 15" wheels fill the wheel wells better than the goat like 14 inchers and the rear bumper gels well with the artistic lines of the upper quarterpanel.
    The rear is where the design is classic. Its a mix of modern forms coupled with traditional touches. High mounted taillighs are both safe, practical and look elegent. The merger of glass and D pillar for that pillarless effect is stunning to look at and that solidly sculpted tailgate is a dynamic aura of elegance. Completing the rear is a muscular bumper with two integrated lights. On the left, for reverse, and on the right, for fog. Not only it reduces visual bulk, but is also safe for night driving as low placed light on the bumper warns other vehicles that prevent your car from bumping.

    v (1).jpg

    Reduction in bumper size and higher GC for the Indian variant, thanks to the Indian small car regulations, doe sresult i the car in looking a bit funny when compared to its lowered and 4030 mm stance of the euro version. Yet, no complaints.
    My car does not wear any chrome whatsoever on the bodylines as the would ruin the otherwise perfect shape. The design of the wing mirrors is also kept in conjunction with the Indian conditions. Its aerodynamic, as well as forward folding to prevent biker damage. OSRVM turn indicators would have made the design more complete and with the current trend.

    v (1).jpg

    v (6).jpg


    The car shares its GM based C platform with the 2005 opel corsa, which itself was desined for emerging market requirements along with the global and EU markets where it had to be sold. And that shows in its underpinnings. 7 years on, the chassis is still one of the best around with sophisticated suspension setup, consisting of helical springs all around and heavy duty stabilizer bars with telescopic dual effect dampers.


    The car's best part is the underbody steel protection plate which protects the engine sump from any ground hit, and the high GC from hitting any high set speed breaker. This is one of the few cars which continues with traditional hydraulic power steering setup, well weighted, for optimum balance of handling and chassis control.

    v (5).jpg

    Build quality, as with all fiats, is fantastic and the soild steel vault like body structure cocoons you in the world of safety, in fact, the attention to detail WRT safety engineering in this car is top class. What does need improvement, is the build precision. Compared to 2009-10 models, overall quality control is tightened but still, it needs to be "right in there" compared to the hatchback which exudes quality-the skoda fabia.

    v (2).JPG

    Now we had a look at the car outside, how well does it feel inside?
    ind out all about the inside story, coming soon in the next chapter.
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  6. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    Is this a review? Or a poetry.
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  7. mvb4u

    mvb4u Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    May be both!
  8. sidindica



    img (26).JPG

    img (27).JPG

    Like the outsides, the insides form a combination of flair and functionality and define the limits of imagination. The dashboard is logically laid out, and is simple and easy to understand, even for oldies working in PSUs. A point to note is that India is the only country in the world where the grande punto got the linea dashboard. It looks old school and works surprisingly well, the wraparound effect and size make it feel from a class bigger. It falters in execution, though. More on that later..

    img (28).JPG

    The instrument cluster is simple and legible and the orange lit backlight looks charming, straight out of the 80s. retro theme works perfectly well here in a sea of blues and whites. The cluster houses a speedometer, a tachometer, and shockingly a temperature gauge plus , read this, an analogue fuel gauge. Great job fiat in keeping my self dignity else the world is getting smaller and cars of today are like invisible devils with hidden lights invisible even to the naked eye. Teeny weeny gauges and for those who'd rather have an "aftermarket looking" IPs with LED swimming dolphin graphics and chiclet buttons, good for them. Else I would have fainted from the shock. The MID shows the following data while on the move:

    • Trip distance A
    • Average consumption A
    • Travel time A
    • Instant consumption A
    • distance to empty
    • Average speed A
    • Travel time A
    • low fuel warning
    • specific door open warning (active intelligence to make women swoon)

    img (29).JPG

    img (30).JPG

    and the same for its twin, the B. Because its always better to have two, for the price for one, ain't it so? Because, your other half is priceless.

    Rightward moving towards the steering wheel, we find the menu buttons for the "my car" interface.

    • speed limit setting
    • trip and activation
    • clock setting
    • date setting
    • radio display
    • automatic door lock
    • setting units for distance, range and temperature
    • selecting from 9 languages
    • button beep volume adjustment
    • check service reminder

    The menu buttons are easy to operate and make the car easy in home, as in India, and so as in the land of MPG and miles, namely the Americas and some other countries.

    img (106).jpg

    The steering boss is quite big and has a tilt adjustment, but shockingly not telescopic. Else the purpose of the hubble space telescope will be failed. It does create some havoc in finding the best driving position, which itself is the beginning of the ergonomic quirks.
    The grip is just plain awesome, and the thickness is just rich. The car has a neatly laid out centre console with plain jane AC controls sans volume adjustment (stone age), a well laid out stereo with AM plus FM plus MP3 plus WMA plus CD plus buttons plus a display, which shows some absent mindedness called "no source available". In other words, if you are a fan of today's digital world, buy the emotion variant else change the HU, simple because this thing does not have the goddamn digital music ports, something even the factory fitted stereo of the santro GLS is having. Talk about living in stone age. Below that, its so a refreshing change to come back to rotary knobs for AC controls.
    The HVAC is simply the best I have experianced in this car, it will chill you to the bone in minutes or it will heat up your glowing skin in a matter of seconds. Take care before putting that overdose of makeup in the name of maskara masakali. Just a plain dose of pond's cold cream is enough, or else the olay will do to reduce the 7 signs of ageing.

    img (108).jpg

    The car has twin gloveboxes and both of them are mediocre. Upper one is small but useful, the lower one is medium sized and can store some small items, not a laptop which a vista can do.
    The biggest weaknesses of the interior execution are:
    First, the storage spaces are small, in fact they are perfect fit for the items of a great grandchild, not a teenager. The cupholders are small and the door pockets are even smaller. Umpteen times it has been posted hence, no comments.
    Secondly, the ergonomics are pretty weird, the window switches are placed far and the finding a driving position is often tricky. The steering, if it had telescopic adjust, would have been greatly helpful.
    Third, the precision of the execution. Workman like plastics and the ill fitted ignition console needs improvement. A 90 hp sports costing 8.6 lakh OTR Delhi ought to have these things, which a similarly priced skoda fabia has. What I really like is that the feel and finish of the interiors have improved a lot, but still, more efforts need to be made.

    img (122).jpg

    img (125).jpg

    The front seats are optimally sized and very comfortable, with just the right amount of thigh and lumbar support. Long journeys have always been comfortable and so is the legroom, very spacious at front. Lower back support for me is just over average, though many people find it better.
    The rear seats are too comfortable, with just the right height (they are low and good for my mom) but lack width for 3 people, which the vista and fabia have. Legroom to is pretty cramped as compared to these cars and even the jazz and the front seats have to be moved to get some good space.

    One thing, which scores for my requirements, is the huge boot of 280 plus litres. November we had a marriage in our family and the car was used as a quasi truck for load lugging and ferrying people and relatives and their luggage to and fro from the airport, railway stations and back etc etc, it served the purpose of a tourist taxi. Jokes apart, it performed its task really well and the metal back at the rear seat is just an engineering marvel WRT safety.

    My car came with plain jane interior colours, so after much thinking and brainstorming I decided to jazz it up. Got the steering wheel, gear knob leather stitched, seats covered in hand made art leather, 3D Kagu max spider mats fitted and later, got the punto sport pedals done.
    Good thing about the perils of buying from a dealer which is shutting down Fiat operations: Just got those pedals for 2700 against a price of 9950.

    img (128).jpg

    Here's me signing off with an evil grin,
    as the next chapter will cover all about its heart, the multijet, to be put up in a few days time.
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  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Just awesome thread, speechless.
    So much details and so well pictures enriching it, lovely.
  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    This is interesting information. I wasn't aware of this and i guess most others also wouldn't know!! thanks for pointing it out:)

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