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A Grande Ownership report-the 2012 Punto Dynamic

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sidindica, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi Sid, excellently written with the breakups about different car experinces and finalization.
    This is what is really essential for people buying the car to judge what a car is and to be able to choose based on real value of the vehicle not the so called resale value!!

    Happy puntoing wiating for the the next chapter to unveil :)
  2. gvikram7969

    gvikram7969 Timido

    MH 42
    Thanks patchyboy, but can u suggest any other way to increase GC?
  3. sidindica




    Excess applying of mind-o-logical formula to understand the logic behind the illogical heading can lead to some mind-o-logical squeaks and rattles, not to mention late night disturbances.

    Some from the middle of nowhere...I spot something coming screeching towards my house. It's my one of the friend's "uber cool" I-Gen I20.

    The Bonus contender: Hyundai i20

    Here I have, a snow white wonder trying to cover my 7 signs of aging through its 7 grizzly dwarfs...with a cool jazz blue cockpit...this supposedly I-genified gizmo geek is making my mind aghast with a lesson in science. This thing is loaded....man, its overloaded with every gizmo possible, here a gizmo...there a gizmo....its..a...gizmological hatch. Here I have, sportz at 8L and asta at 8.5L....luxury sedans in disguise of a hatch. This gizmologic on wheels feels super premium inside and out....is so damn spacious, but below average on rear comfort...good boot, and the U2 inside, just made me aghast.
    Its silent. Ultra refined, ultra cool and FAST.
    This 1.4L, U2 16V DOHC all aluminum FGT CRDI motor has 90PS ans 227 nm torque and that too, paired with a SIX SPEED transmission. 6th gear..hmm...is it the sixth sense of a car which promotes an inside sex between the sixes? Lol no.....This thing is a missile. Its stupendously fast, like 0-100 in 12 seconds flat.
    But, is being fast the only way on being furious?
    This car has no soul. Absolutely no soul. It just feels like an ultramodern ancient American car. Good in straight line, but bad in twisties. This thing has a steering so light, you feel as if the sun is rising from the south pole. This thing has suspension so clunky, you feel as if you are experiancing a ride in a blueline. This thing feels like a wind guided vehicle....and the highway stability is just strictly average.
    And then comes the most important nail in the coffin.....the service and maintenance costs.
    As an owner of a Hyundai for 6 years, I only know how much pains it takes to avail the perils of owning a I20. Labour is expensive. Damn parts are expensive and worst of all, should a thing fail (which is a very less possibility going by the way our cars are taken care of), it would burn a hole deep in our pocket, as deep as a Russian nuclear submarine. Hyundai service quality has fallen, and the dealers make every possible way of looting customers through useless value add ons. No value whatsoever.
    Make no mistake, the i20 is the best diesel supermini in terms of refinement and aesthetical feel. Its well built and finished inside and out, and goes like a stink. And to top it all, it has refinement and speed, and good space and comfort and loaded to the gills with gizmos. But this gizmological approach comes at a soulless price. 8,50,000 for the asta (only this model has a rear wiper).
    Hyundai, are you kidding?Gimme a model without the useless antics and just an engine, ABS, all round discs and RR wash wipe and defogger.

    Status: Eliminated.

    But, somewhat, spare of thought for my mind...I was thinking to wait for the popeye the SAILor to get launched so that I can atleast get a bluto with a soul?
    But...it looks so simple. Just simple, plain simple. But, this car has one big problem. It lacks flair. It was not launched back then, but looking at the pics, I thought...imagine if this car carried the badge "Toyota Etios Liva premium platinum package plus", what would I be driving. And the reviews only turned out to be true. Its an expensive version of the most boring washing machine.

    Answer: Forget about it, else someone back there will faint.


    A confused rotton soul with a situation like of a rice being cooked inside a pressure cooker, only to be added with a pressure of weight put on by parents, is at a no man's land. But that's not all, till one fine day....

    Its the perils of understanding the eternal value.

    To be continued in Chapter 7, coming up in the next few days.....
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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Reading this thread makes me to feel like seeing Quentin Tarantino's movie. :D

    Great narration.
  5. sidindica



    img (58).jpg

    'Nuff said....its now decided.
    Gonna be getting the Punto.
    "Point noted, right dad?"
    Ok...now lets decide on the variant.
    90 HP sport is out of the question. Way too expensive, and usage requirements doesn't warrant the extra power.
    Emotion 76? To buy or not to buy?
    Dad says...be practical and buy something which has a combination of features and value.
    Time to check out he dynamic.
    Has Basic safety kit (ABS plus EBD, RR wiper/ defogger), simple manual but powerful AC and almost all features except airbags. Increased sense of responsibility.
    But this thing has a ghastly prehistoric audio with no digital music port. I think...hmm. There's a point. Simple opportunity for a planned upgrade, maybe after a year or two?
    Cosmetically, too its simple. I can personalise it the way I want.
    But, therein comes the problem of funds. With all my savings going behind this, I will be left begging to get the things done.
    Step by step.
    Its the way it works.
    Life is,
    an art of living step by step.
    A step further needs a hard work.
    And hard work involves step by step.
    Step by step we started to accumulate money an work out on payment modes.
    And then, we hit a roadblock......

    Because..sometimes, taking tough decisions in life was never easy...

    img (59).jpg

    Maybe was it time to get ACTIVE-ated?

    Find out all about it in the next chapter....
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  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Lol sid, i like the way your mind swings between russian submarines to cockput to sex to popeye. :D
  7. sidindica



    img (47).jpg

    I had always maintained that I wanted to make my car look very unique. Simple yet restrained yet different. Because I love simple aesthetics. But, the money factor was proving to be a big hinderence.

    Option 1: Buy the active and get the grille changed, add fog lamps, pillars blackened, handles and mirrors painted and upgrade wheels and tyres; OR
    Option 2: Buy the dynamic and upgrade the wheels and tyres.

    Choosing the former would meant a reasonable spending but latter meant an overshoot of 60K.
    But, therein at places or at sites people were voicing different opinions, and I was on work, I decided to wait further till dad tells his opinion.

    He chose the latter.
    Pin drop silence.
    Safety should be paramount.
    Creature comforts can come in later.

    Maybe later you never know.
    Its all about just ONE chance.
    Just ONE chance to become two from one.
    Just ONE chance to become three from two.

    Its all about never ending repercussions.

    Leaving all the worries aside, I called up oberoi cars, maybe because I thought that someone maybe keen on selling me a Fiat.
    Took like 3-4 test drives, again and again.
    Early the FTA punto at the caffe.
    Later the dark blue at their area in Noida
    And later, the bruised white one at my house. There I scared the hell out of heaven's arse.

    Because, it was all question of chances.
    Remember, only one chance.
    And therein I went Fida.

    Booking amount paid, and vehicle ordered.

    And then, the wait started, and I was, here, there and everywhere, thinking of realizing a new dream, of making my new car....
    ....one of a kind.

    But, before the vehicle arrives, I had to use my creative mind in designing it.

    How did that happen?
    And what was the final outcome?

    Find out all about it in the next chapter.
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  8. Sunith

    Sunith Amatore

    Sidindica reading thru every post of yours is like reading a good novel.. Waiting for the next Chapter.. :)
    BTW which is the horns that you have put??
  9. sidindica



    img (114).jpg

    Fast Lane fashion.
    Sports stars.
    And sporty cars.

    Italy is known for its creative best.

    Time came to dress her up.
    I worked with many people in taking the opinions on customising the car. But first up, was to redesign the wheels and tyres.
    I wanted to buy a car.
    Not a goat.
    And that was what the biggest problem my car had.
    It had the body of a beautiful whale.
    But the legs of a goat.
    It was decided the minute I took delivery, the goat like crappy 14" JK tyres would go out and michelins would come in.
    But, therein the confusion started.
    Or wheelcaps made-to-look like alloys.
    Going by the usage this car will see and patterns available, I decided to chose the latter.
    Plain and simple.
    Linea rims and linea wheelcaps and 195/60r15 michelin PLCs.
    I got a car designed from my friend in photoshop.
    and stared aghast at the result, man...shes come out to be perfect.
    But, the car had the linea emotion wheelcaps with less spokes.
    Somehow later in that week I went to oberoi and enquired about the linea wheelcaps, which they had in stock. I showed them the design and they suggested to take a look at the active model wheelcaps. Rims were ordered, but I again thought-was I making the right decision?
    I sampled one specimen on their demo car with the stepney removed and swapped with an alloy and OMG!
    It looked purrrfect!
    Just the combination I wanted.
    Immediately I ordered 4 pieces and took them home, paid some 1300 odd. Rims up next.
    Comment passed-gaddi nahi aayi, purze pehle aa gaye.
    Because, it was a time for a piece by piece striptease.

    Next in line was other personalisation items.
    Audio was last priority.
    I decided to make hard negotiations. Punto branded classy door sills was thrown in for free.
    Next in line was chrome exhaust tip. I somehow badly wanted the T-jet tip but i had a different design and could not fit. So opted for the 90 HP sport tip.
    No tips, please, it was thrown in for free.
    And last, but not the least, the branded carpet floor mats. Not convincing, but still, given for free as part of the deal.
    And finally, the insurance and other discounts.
    The sleep leading to the next coming days was perhaps, the most difficult times ever.


    And then, finally.......
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  10. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Chalo Join kar hi Lia aapne huh!?! :D Vadiya! Sorry missed your thread..And i'm very happy that Punto remains forever with you!!! :)

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